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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Staying Clean ... FOR LIFE

5/15/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan plans to stay on the straight and narrow for the REST OF HER LIFE -- telling friends, she's serious this time ...  no drugs, no booze, no breaking the law ... ever again ... PERIOD.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress had an epiphany after her sentencing -- and is completely at peace with the judge's decision ... community service, fines, counseling, shoplifters alternative class ... the whole package.

Technically, Lindsay is REQUIRED to stay sober during her formal probation -- which ends after she completes her 480 hours of community service -- but we're told, it doesn't matter ... Lindsay's committed to sobriety for the long haul.

One thing ... Lindsay does take issue with the three-year probation itself -- telling friends she doesn't think she deserves it -- but que sera sera ... she has learned to accept her fate.

Bottom line -- her friends are adamant ... Lindsay has learned her lesson once and for all.


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Blood Red Witch    

Only LieHo can spin "Her 7th mugshot into art photography"

1258 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Only LieHo can spin - her father visiting into a closet hiding pap emergency!

1258 days ago


It's a nice sentiment and even better if she's sincere when she says it. Hopefully she'll try her hardest to follow these words. It's just that she bullcrahps so many times about getting well that it's hard to take what she says seriously.

Also, what's the deal about 3 months probation not being fair? Well, she's right in that she should have gotten JAIL but I doubt that she would agree. Kind of odd that she thinks that 3 months probation isn't a fair punishment for her STEALING someone else's expensive jewelery. So I have to wonder if she's really sincere or not. We shall see.

1258 days ago

john smith    

Nicole, make sure to tell Lindsay to ask the LAPD to take at least a few mugshots so that Lindsay can pick out the best one, maybe half a dozen pic's. It's very difficult to take a great mugshot in just one take, look what happened to Nolte. I'm sure it will be her best one as she can wear what she wants and have her makeup and hair done professionally. I look forward to seeing "the best" mugshot so far!

1258 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Only LieHo can spin - That she is still a child at 24! (almost 25)

1258 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

@magmax "As long as her dinosaur mother (new species: Dina-Sore-Ass-Sex) is in the picture, there is no changing anything".


Sadly, you're so right. All of Lindsay's behavioral problems were learned while looking up to Dilo and if she want's to have any chance of improving herself, she's going to have to distance herself from her mom or those behaviors will continue to be periodically reinforced making change difficult.

I support Lindsay but the one thing that has to change yesterday is talking out every time someone says something funny or negatively about her on tv shows etc. Who cares that GLEE or SNL chose to do a skit around you? Roll with the punches like everyone else instead of making your situation worse by speaking out against it and threatening to sue. This behavior fuels some of the H* people have for Linnocence.

1258 days ago

Seal Team 6    

It is so cool that the Chateau hosts the neighborhood AA meeting! I wonder if this is a new trend?

1258 days ago


Hi, FUTMZ and Blood Red Witch!!! (Waves at both from across the country.)

1258 days ago

Joe Blow    

Another Lie-ho post bumped to the top since mommy DUIna demands nothing but the best for her child from Harvey and TMZ. Does anyone even believe this story anyway? Strawberry Snortcake was hitting up the bars not 2 weeks after getting out of jail the last time.

1258 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Only Lieho can spin - Falling face down drunk on a nasty NYC sidewalk into "I was making a joke"

1258 days ago


Good luck Lindsay, hope you follow through.

1258 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

FUTMZ kept his promise of thirty!

1258 days ago


I still think that she ought to have gone to trial . This conviction will be very hard to come back from . What she needed more than anything else was to get clear of her legal problems this year . Now they follow her until she is 28 , bad move.
That means she has the probability of opening up new court cases until then . Also it keeps her issues front and centre , people are not going to be allowed to forget and forgive .
Even in the worst case , even if she had maxed it out she would have been clear of it this year .
As it is she is an unknown quantity , desperatly trying to put her life and career together again but she is so terribly damaged .
I have no doubt that on some level she wants and desires the gist of this story more than any thing ,until the need to "ride the tigers back " overwhelms her again and it all falls apart like before.
She is still being used by those around her , exploited for what she can get them . She sees it as her place in life to be treated that way , used and thrown away . Her lows must be a terrible place to be. Even the latest glimmer of hope for her , the Gotti movie is playing games with her. She is in , she is out...but she got them publicity at the start.
I would really love to see her walk on that stage for her Oscar , victorious over all her demons and those who have abused her over her life. What true Hollywood story that would be But it will take more than press release from a spin doctor to do it .
Her best chance now is to get the CS out of the way and leave LA right after that . Go somewhere so she can follow her dreams and hopefully make it there.

1258 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hellllloooooo lou!

1258 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hi lou!!!

waves at lou!!!

I have missed you! Have you heard the lastest Lielo spin???

1258 days ago
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