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Botox Mom

Loses Custody of Daughter

5/16/2011 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who admitted on national television that she injected Botox into her 8-year-old daughter ... has now lost custody of the girl. 

Child Protective Services in San Francisco launched an investigation last week after Kerry Campbell went on "Good Morning America" and told the world she gave her daughter Britney the anti-wrinkle injections herself ... to help her compete in beauty pageants. 

According to ABC News, Britney has been removed from the home by CPS and taken into their custody while an investigation is conducted.

Britney is reportedly "doing well."


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Uh there was a little better way to handle this situation. I think a warning would have been better. Traumatizing the child is not good. Why are you punishing the child? The mother is the idiot.

1203 days ago


thank the goodness!! that mother was MESSED UP, feel sorry for everything that sweet little girl is going through, hopefully she will be ok.

1203 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

Child beauty pageants should be outlawed and counseling for the parents should be mandatory. The mothers of these girls are pathetic and have obvious mental and emotional problems.

1203 days ago


hooray for cps!!!!!!

1203 days ago


If you are 10 minutes late to your curfew in rehab, you are not "unfairly" scolded. It is called consequences, and it is something that Lindsay and the rest of the Lohens need to learn. Rules are rules, and yes, even celebrities have to abide by them.

I thought she may be doing better, but now I believe there is just no hope for her. I can't wait until she gets out now to see how things unfold.

1203 days ago


If you watched the interview, she says she got the idea from other pageant mothers, I think the whole way pageant are done need to be investigated, the pageants allow and also condone this kind of behavior, you have girls, getting spray tanned, false teeth, contacts for their eyes at the age of 5, hair extentions, etc. there needs to be rules put into place to make sure these kinds of things are not happening.

1203 days ago


disregard, old comment saved in form filler..duh on my part

1203 days ago


good. this woman is crazy!!!! i just hope cps never gives her custody back. if she is giving her 8 yr old daughter botox, then she is liable to do anything to her!!!!

1203 days ago


The root of this problem is not this woman there are thousand more out there, fluffing , and painting and puttin fake teeth on little girls to make them look like mini street walkers so they and live their dreams beauty and fame thru their little ones in those degrading childrens beauty pageants...they need to be banned or at least restricted to naturel beauty only with no artical enhancements and redicluous costomes for the grafitcation of child pedioficalics in the audience... I watched that life channel show Tots in tiara's and was literally sick to my stomach at it....

I don't feel sorry for the mother but for what that little girl will have to live with for the rest of her life....

1203 days ago


Good, now put the stupid bitch in jail.

1203 days ago


It's about time!!! I felt sick for this child. Mind you I watched Toddlers and Tiaras ONCE, and was sickened to see little girls screaming when having their eyebrows waxed and shoved into dresses two sizes too small so they could look slimmer. These so called beauty pageants for little children need to be banned. The Mothers need to go get some counselling. Most of them have issues of their own and just want their daughters to be something they weren't.

1203 days ago


Thank goodness

1203 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Hopefully, it's not too late for this kid. I say beauty pageants for minors should be banned - they should have these kids compete in sports, or academics or art/music or something other than sexify them so young. Here we will condemn pedophilia, but allow our minor girls to be dressed as adult women in a sexual aspect and paraded around in a public environment. Ludicrous! Protect your children - don't exploit them.

1203 days ago


I agree with @charlie sheens watch. I'm a mother of 3 and I think what this woman did is moronic and stupid. No one argues that fact! I do think however, there was a better solution than taking the child away. She should be issued a warning or something. This poor little girl is already going to hve issues...lets not add to them. Botox should be outlawed for people under 18!

1203 days ago


so much for fame

1203 days ago
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