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Botox Mom

Loses Custody of Daughter

5/16/2011 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who admitted on national television that she injected Botox into her 8-year-old daughter ... has now lost custody of the girl. 

Child Protective Services in San Francisco launched an investigation last week after Kerry Campbell went on "Good Morning America" and told the world she gave her daughter Britney the anti-wrinkle injections herself ... to help her compete in beauty pageants. 

According to ABC News, Britney has been removed from the home by CPS and taken into their custody while an investigation is conducted.

Britney is reportedly "doing well."


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How the hell do u even get Botox to inject at home?

1264 days ago

Granny Linda    

That woman is really stupid. My granddaughter has CP and is getting ready for her next set of Botox injection therapy in her ankle followed by casting. This is done by specialists and while we know she needs it, we still don't like the idea Does this woman not realize Botox is a poison and that used in the wrong doses or in the wrong muscles (or buying the cheap "industrial grade" Botox over the internet) can have serious consequences or even death? What an idiot!

1264 days ago

Different Rules Apply    


Hmmmm... do we really need the law to tell us Botox should not be administered to minors??? Otherwise all hell will break loose and all our kids will be stabbing themselves with it! Give me a break - the law doesn't need to change because of one ignorant woman's abusive actions toward her child. COMMON SENSE PLEASE! Hmmm, the reason I don't give my 8 year old alcohol is because the Law tells me not to, grrrrrrr. Responsibility falls to the parent and their obligation to be vigilant and protect the child regardless of the LAW. Check yourself before calling others MORONIC AND STUPID in your glass house.

1264 days ago


This mother must be put in jail and the child never returned to her! How disgusting...

1264 days ago


Okay so the mom is in trouble. What about the DR.? Unless I am wrong, the DR had to give the Botox. They could have said no and refused to do it. I think they were out for a buck.

1264 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wait, what?? isn't that comparable with giving your own kids immunization shots???! if she were an rn, that'd be totally legal. how is is illegal to inject your child with botox?? what is the difference with parents who take their kids to some baseball of football practice, at age 4? intense training or workout are also not uncommon. i highly doubt that, even if it is not pretty, what she is doing is 'illegal' or child endangerment'. there is no way this mother can be prosecuted because of this. IMHO. she's not giving her alcohol, or taking her to watch porn. and surely, there are parents who do worse things to their kids, and call it normal...

1264 days ago


Poor kid. The mom is f'ing crazy but I'm not sure pulling the two from each other permanently is the answer either. More fun coming her seeing wealthy, spoiled adults wreak than a white trash, crazy mom...

1264 days ago


so these are the kinds of cases that keep CPS busy. No wonder real pyschos get away with raping, murdering/ seriously harming their children! Do some serious work CPS!

1264 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Wow what an F'd up world we live in...... The mother should be shot....

1264 days ago


GOOD!!! What a DUMB BITCH!!!

1264 days ago

Stupid cu*t.

1264 days ago


It's so sad to see a mother trying to live out her own personal dreams through their child.

Hopefully the mother will get some much needed help and one day be reunited with her child. This separation will be very difficult for the child.

1264 days ago


The mom was a professional qualified to administer the botox. There is currently no law requiring a specific age to receive botox.

This is a matter of common sense and healthy mothering. Thus enters CPS

1264 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

CPS should have been notified the day the footage was shot. The production crew should all be held partially accountable if they didn't report it and it took airing it on national television before CPS was notified.

1264 days ago


Where did she get the Botox?!?! Some doctor or pharmaceutical employee is in big trouble!

She should be in prison, not be a parent! If there was an IQ test for breeding, she would definitely fail!! She was stupid enough to tell the media about what she was doing to her daughter. Now, the taxpayers have to take care of her dumbass while she's in prison. Maybe those futuristic movies, where you have to get a license to reproduce, do make sense after all.

1264 days ago
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