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The Ladies in 'Bridesmaids'

Who'd You Rather?

5/16/2011 1:16 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne all star in the hysterical comedy "Bridesmaids."


Question is ...


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How about "none the above"? They look like a snarky bunch. A big mouth 'pain in the ass' isn't attractive!!! Classy and temperate is a lot more attractive in a woman.

1222 days ago


Rose Byrne is a babe, I'd pick her even without looking at the picture or the competition. Hope to see more of her.

1222 days ago


I would do them all. One at a time, but not on the same day.

1222 days ago


I picked #3, because gingers intrigue me (exception: L.Lohan & C.Hendricks). I've tried'em all, except gingers and asian (I want a Cambodian).

1222 days ago

Pete Beau    

Piglet #1 is fairly teetering on those cloven hooves
but big girls are usually bigger pigs than all the rest b/c the wait between slops is longer than the rest, so they have more energy stored up from all those Totino's.
The rest all need to be fumigated.

1222 days ago


Ellie is pretty damn hot...depends on your taste. Yes Rose is hot as well, but Ellie has that look like you could teach her a lot of new things and she'd be down with them; Rose comes of as more practiced and might lack that organic reaction that more innocent ladies reveal as their ambitions get peeled away and ripped. And what fun and great moments those are when a shy, reticent woman is properly mentally banged out of her shell to transform and reveal her true nature, as an erotically spirited sex heroine, such as Ellie Kemper!!!!!!!!!!!

1222 days ago

Clay the don sippin Dom P daily like John.    

Man, ya'll really slippin on Maya, she is really sexy. I can't believe you idiots have her very last!! She should have at least 3 movies by now. Bump my rap at DEM DAM KEYIDS.

1222 days ago


Oh and for Melissa to be #2; beating Ellie, Kristin, and generously I'll say tying with Wendi shows there is at least over 12% of ladies as large or bigger than our so far runner-up, Ms. McCarthy. I'll say generously, again, 4% of the may be fat dudes. So, that's still over 4,000; probably more like 6,000 of a lot of overly stuffed fatties voting on the bout that Harvey!?!?!?! Come on let's set the tone and raise the bar for all your fans and followers of your excellent work!!!!!

1222 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's not even a choice, even a blind man would choose Rose.

1222 days ago


Last place for Maya? Really?? Like, after numbers 1, 2 & 4??? Y'all are wack!

1222 days ago


#6 definitely looks like she would give it up!!! =P

1222 days ago


Yeah, . . . Rose Byrne is definitely a "Hottie", and she can actually "act" quite well, also. She was tremendous in "Damages" (first season was brilliant), and I also really liked her role in the Sci-Fi movie "Sunshine" (check it out if you haven't). GOOD TIMES . . .

1222 days ago


I'm in the minority, apparantly. I twice chose Maya.

1222 days ago


I voted for Rose twice: whoever that is. I can't figure out why Maya is coming in last. Is it because she is pregnant? She does not look pregnant in the picture. She is hot. Maya is the 2nd hottest of the group. The group has an obvious fat and ugly member, so Maya should not come in last. Wiig and the chick from The Office may be better than Maya, but they aren't. Wiig might be. No. Maybe. I love The Office girl. Maya is better. She's a F.O.G. for Christ's sake!

1222 days ago



Chip on your shoulder much? I cannot stand it when people whine about oh there's too many whites on television and movies etc.. TMZ reports on ALL races in case you haven't noticed.

1222 days ago
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