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Cali Swag District -- We've Got to 'Stay Strong'

5/17/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two members of Cali Swag District already have a game plan when it comes to handling the aftermath of M-Bone's murder -- telling TMZ they've got to "stay strong ... stay safe ... stay out the streets."


TMZ spoke to C Smoove and Jay Are Monday in L.A. -- where they wanted to make one thing clear ... M-Bone was NOT involved in any gang violence.

When our guy asked them if they had any words for M-Bone's family -- C Smoove replied, "We are his family."


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I'll make the 1st one gives a **** about these retards. I mean look at their names ffs. The guy thought he was a badass over the internet and someone ****ed his **** up who wasn't a ***** just talking **** like he was lol.

1253 days ago

Kimberly Wash     

That is truly sad any time america looses a Young MAN the world should stop and ask, " WHAT DO AMERICANS REALLY CARE ABOUT?"

RIP: M-Bone...

STL shows much respect & sorrow to his family & friends..

1253 days ago

bay area    

how did i know that even with the 4 comments by the time i checked this story, there would be atleast 1 racist comment? can any of you be proud as Americans that this is so blatantly represented on American blogs? literally every story referencing "celebs" of color are flooded with racist garbage. I very very rarely see this on international blogs. you guys wonder why minorities in America are paranoid about what you really feel about us as we interact with you day to's because we read how you really feel in every comment box across the web. Granted, some are trolls...others are college educated, everyday people who use this as a forum to spew hate. ugly. RIP to the young man who never did anything to any of you.

1253 days ago


WOW, With names like Mr. McNasty, and She IS A Lezzie, how you could you expect anything other than trash to come out of their mouth. So some respect, his family is going through a hard time right now.

1253 days ago


Damn. When you watch this video you see these are really just kids. They don't seem like thugs. The racist comments are from ignorant "people" who know nothing about humanity, compassion or this band. I loved the song and I'm glad this young man got to experience some success before he passed. May he rest in peace.

1253 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Just when their 15 mins had run out this happens. Sad that someone died but who really cares about this group? 1 hit wonders if you can even call that a hit because the song sucked as does the stupid looking dance to go along with it.

1253 days ago


"stay out the streets."


How about "stay in the school"?

1253 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

Harvey, c'mon man. Have these brothers on TMZ live. What's wrong with you.

1253 days ago


I have no idea who these kids are but It was a little heartbreaking to see them talk about their dead friend. I feel sorry for them, it's hard to loose somebody.

1253 days ago


god bless

1253 days ago


bay area:
one racist apple doesn't spoil the bunch. Don't assume that a select ingnorant few speak for the rest of America, lest you become part of the that ignorance! Color IS NOT an issue for most of us.

1253 days ago


I didn't say anything about their race u pricks...jump to conclusions much?

1253 days ago


people think they can say whatever they want from behind a keyboard and get away with it... this just proves that isn't true. If he didn't trouble why was he talking **** and hanging out in compton and inglewood and ****?

1253 days ago

Physics Geek    

I completely agree with bay area.

Of course not everyone in the world is racist, but when you see it on the Internet REPEATEDLY you tend to start bringing your guard up.

1252 days ago

lady t    

Stop bein sooo negative n show some respect to cali swag district n M-Bone's family. Stp talkn' **** about him for at least 2 minutes n say sumthin nice.

1252 days ago
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