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Cali Swag District Member Dies

5/16/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

M-Bone -- one the of the members of the rap group Cali Swag District -- died last night ... TMZ has confirmed.

Cali Swag District Shot

Earlier this morning, the group's leader, Smoove -- posted a Tweet saying, "Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone."

So far, it's unclear how M-Bone died.

0516-cali-video2Cali Swag District shot to stardom with their hit, "Teach Me How to Dougie."

M-Bone -- real name Mante Talbert -- was 22.

Just last year, M-Bone and the rest of the guys came in to the TMZ studio and taught Harvey how to "Dougie." He couldn't have been nicer.



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Miss Hunter    

RIP M-Bone. This is really sad, I am in shock. I wish I would have stayed to see you guys perform in Vegas last summer. I was sure that I would see you perform again, but now I can't. RIP.

1166 days ago


First i wanna say R.I.P. "Teach me how to Dougie" is one of my favorite songs still. It's the kind that gets stuck in your head and you'll catch yourself singing it without even realizing. His dance moves were awesome. Now Second, when two of you sit there and say Racist this and that,let the racist comments begin. I didn't see anything racist on here (until Carolynn popped up after the fact) so why must you purposely say something like that. That's one of many reasons racism is still going on today. You don't know how to just let it go, you'd rather add fuel to the fire. Third, Carolynn shut the **** up.. I mean really. You sound like a bitter old hag. You don't know who this young man was in his 22 years of life, so who are you to judge him. From the video i'd say that they seem like normal young kids who are just starting to become adults. They were smart enough to make a name for themselves in this world, who the hell are YOU? Don't judge a book by it's cover. What happened to this young man is an unfortunate event, and regardless of who he was the point is he died so you should show respect. He had his whole life ahead of him, family, friends. People in those types of neighborhoods need to do better by their kids and maybe there would be less of this type of **** going on. Anyone can pick up a gun and think that it's ok to shoot people and this and that when their parents obviously didn't give a **** about them enough to teach them any better. Yes i'm white, but before you say what the hell do i know, i've lived in the worst part of East Baton Rouge where someone gets shot every single night and most of the time it's just because they were walking on the street at night. If you're gonna run around acting like an uncaged animal then that's how people are going to treat you. Senseless violence needs to stop. Be a parent to your damn kids, so they don't grow up to be gang bangers. Half of their parents prolly thought that behavior was so damn cute when they were younger, then they grow up acting like that unleashed on the rest of us in the world. At least i can say that down here in B.R. most of the gang bangers are killing other gang bangers and crackheads. Rid the world of one less problem. But a young man that seems so well rounded, that was doing something with his life, he did not deserve this..

1166 days ago


Wow samira public education sure worked for you! LMAO Damn another moron rapper dead! Maybe the rest of them can get together with Whitney, Britney, and j-lo and lady gag gag and do all of us a favor. I'll buy the bullets for them!

1166 days ago


who cares

1166 days ago



1166 days ago


Why is this guy famous? Why do any of these no talent fools get press? It must be cool to be a thug and rapping makes you an artist I guess. Some record company exec. tells you that you have a unique skill and are a star and the mind-numb public buy into it. The media, trying to be him and "street" easily forget they are dealing with worthless gang banging baffoons.

I never head of this guy and I'm not suggesting his a banger but the pop and rap world is loaded with them. Wake up people and stop cow-towing to these psuedo celebs. All celbs for that matter.

1166 days ago


i am going to miss m-bone now that he is dead he use to be killin all the ppl that try to dougie .he seem so cool and respectful .R>I>P M_BONE >I WILL ALWAYS SEE U WHEN I SEE CALI SWAGG DISTRICT.U ALWAY 1 of them love always
fan pooh

1166 days ago


very very sad, M-Bone -- one the of the members of the rap group Cali Swag District -- died last night ... TMZ has confirmed.

1166 days ago

b how    

hmmmmm... if u want to prolong life after fame follow these rules"
1. dont come back to hood
2. dont come back to hood
3. dont come back to hood

1166 days ago


his name is Montae Talbert!!!

1165 days ago



1165 days ago


Wow... some of the tings i ma reading about this kids senceless death just blows my mind. all of these damn haters out here.. wtf r all of you born into money or something and have never done a wrong thin in your life.. get over yourself.. who cares what his past is.. he grew past it and made good music. i bet none of you have kids cuz they sure as hell would have known his music.. you people on here are pathetic and need to get lives you nasty ****s!! on a different note... R.I.P his music will sure live on... my heart goes out 2 his family and friends!

1165 days ago


This is ridiculous... too many racist remarks, but at the same time too many retorts from kids who take them personally. YOUR TIME WILL COME. its sad that so many people will say "racist" or "ignorant" about these remarks, when i myself ahve seen the most dire and extreme racism, carried out by BLACKS and LATINOS against whites... just sayin

guess ur only racist if you dont have colored skin, if you do you can say whatever you want and be ok.. pathetic... perhaps when yelling racist, you should first look in the mirror..

on another note, there is no "god", there is no "heaven" or "hell" its a crutch for the weak minded who dont understand how the universe really works, and cant cope iwth the fact that they, themselves, WILL die eventually and theres nothing they can do about it...

1165 days ago



1165 days ago


we all known the people who did this that in the rap world that you can't see.

1165 days ago
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