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Danielle Staub


5/17/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that she's no longer a "Real Housewife of NJ" ... Danielle Staub has picked up a new career as a fully nude, reconstructed, 48-year-old STRIPPER ... and for better or worse, we've got the photos to prove it.


TMZ has learned ... Staub recently signed a 3-year deal with the people at Scores Gentleman's Club in NY -- in which Danielle agreed to do one live appearance and occasionally appear on

Of course, Staub is no stranger to public nudity -- who can forget her infamous sex tape ... in which Danielle erotically advises her partner about the perils of downing an onion and cheese bagel ... and some broccoli ... right before boom boom time.



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It's been several years since I saw a stripper who was closing in on 50, but hey, if that's what she wants to do, who am I to judge? I've never watched the show, so if all I know, she might look great.

1258 days ago


Does anyone have a hot poker I can borrow?...or better yet a memory eraser? How could you spring that on the unsuspecting TMZ viewer Harvey?
aghaghagahagahahhhaahghgggagaggaga....MY EYES! MY EYES!....

1258 days ago


I bet she gives backroom service too. Shes gotta keep up with that run down Jersey mansion somehow.

1258 days ago


Her daughters must be so proud!

1258 days ago


Sooo now that we know what she is it's just a matter of negotiating price. lol

1258 days ago

Production Assistant    

She doesn't have a c-section scar, so the guys on set are giving her a thumbs up. Apparently that's how you separate the classy strippers from the not so classy.

1257 days ago


It's too bad she isn't on that Jersey housewife show, it sucks without her.

1257 days ago


I have no idea who this woman is, but she looks completely out of it in those photos. Totally wasted.

1257 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth a little.

1257 days ago

Black Tigress    

This is actually a smart move on her part.

She recently won the yet-to-air VH1 show called "Famous Foods" (actually she co-won with DJ Pauli from Three 6 Mafia)... but seeing as the restaurant won't be open past New Year's Eve (if lucky) she will never see a return on her "prize"... then again has any investor for this restaurant group in the past few years???

You're better off investing with Mr. Madoff than with The Dolce Group...

1257 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Oh Man!! Please take these photos down!! My retinas have been ripped from my eyeballs. She should be collecting Social Security or something.

1257 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth so hard some of it came out of my nose....And a little part of me died inside after viewing those pictures.
Theres are some things you just cannot "unsee".

1257 days ago


@dimes I completely agree, she looks like she is under influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If I was to choose I would say drugs, probably cocaine, because her bones are sticking out and if alcohol was her drug of choice we would see more of a beer belly.
Either way this should not be legal, I don't care if she is a grown woman but people should work while they are sober.

I really don't care for her bc I think all real housewives are pure trash and this is not different. I don't care if you are a stripper, a model or a sales associate but if you are hired to do a job do it sober. What message is she sending to her kids? Hey look at mommy, she is anorexic skinny, taking nude photos in a strip joint in her late 40s and is fu*ked up on drugs?

I don't get is being skinny really worth doing drugs?! WTF is this society coming to?

1257 days ago

Gloria Unread    

EWW! EWW! EWW! You really need a big warning on these pictures for their graphic and disturbing content!

But, I'm laughing my ass off at pics 7 & 8 because the right red star covering her breast is much bigger than the left one!! o_O

TMZ - I love how beautifully cruel you are to people who absolutely deserve it!

1257 days ago


I call dibs on her for the death pool....

1257 days ago
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