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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Being STALKED!!!

5/16/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims she has footage and text messages proving she's being stalked by a person who has been "threatening to kill" her  ... and she's now going to the cops for help.

Lilo went on Twitter today and posted a photo of the man allegedly posing the threat -- saying, "This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me- while he is TRESPASSING! I'm actually scared now."

She continued, "all my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. g-d bless xxL."

We're told LiLo believes the man has been obsessed with her for nearly 4 years ... frequently dropping by her home and leaving weird gifts for the actress.  We're also told he's been sending her "insane" text messages for the past few years.

Sources tell us Lindsay does not know the identity of the alleged stalker -- but she wants the cops to help keep the mystery man away ASAP.


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Hot Farts    

I am tired of this bs. Going to enjoy my beautifully normal children...smith, go work on getting rid of your man boobs so you can visit LL in county without too much shame.

1223 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

john smith about an hour ago

So the stalker most likely is posting on here, any guesses, don't say me.....

it's Lumpy or Brad Rock

1223 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Health never answered me and I answered heath. Am I invisable??? First no Nicole, now health doesnt anwswer....sigh

1223 days ago


Why would a stalker be posting here?? I mean, sure he might come in every so often to staunchly defend her... but wouldn't he be oh i don't know STALKING HER?????????

Still waiting to see ANYONE cover the fact that she tweeted that poor girl's number. Damn all that hush hush money.

1223 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

it is 2011 every stalker worth his salt bloggs on TMZ,Facebook and twitter..
sorry I can't break through the bomb shelter.
The Lohans have this under a tight lid. me if u have a day soon ;)

1223 days ago


Eh, I guess you're right HB. I wouldn't know since I'm not a stalker lol

Still nothing on any of the other stories HB?

1223 days ago


Wondering if the paps are respecting the Judge's wish that they stay away form the Women's Shelter?

1223 days ago

Red Cloud    

health dept.,

I'm away all day and pop in and go to the last page and you mention me!!!! I'm flattered. BTW, I would never contact the authorities, just blowing off steam. I get pissed when I read comments wishing harm to Lindsay.
The stalker is from YOUR side(haters) of the debate.

Red Cloud:


1223 days ago

the Seeker    

Seek and you shall find In life, it should not be about our differences, but about they way we use our gifts and talents to help one each other

1223 days ago


Poor Lindsay, you will need to create some new drama in your live to take the tabloids away from Arnold and his illegitimate child. Good luck with the way, how did she know her stalker was a "freemason"? I am sensing a lot of BS here, because if someone was really stalking her and she posted that message on twitter they would see it. Hopefully, it is just made up mumbo jumbo, because he (the stalker) may turn into the big bad wolf and blow your house down Lindsay. Just saying...

1223 days ago

john smith    

Blood Red Witch........"Is anyone else a tad bit concerned for Nicole? I mean no tweets, no alerts??? Not on the boards??? Shhhh I think the freemasons may have her!!!" The stalker uses three or four explanation points at the end of his tweets or three or four question marks. The stalker always includes "I" at the beginning or middle of his tweets. ..... BRW "I mean no tweets."........"I think the freemasons" Lindsay said she received an occult book with blood on it.. Any guesses who the stalker is?

1223 days ago

john smith    

Blood Red Witch......."Health never answered me and I answered health. Am I invisible??? First no Nicole, now health doesn't answer ......sigh"......... sounds like a stalker to me, check out David Hilton's tweets ....... lot's of "I"s.................... BRW "I" answered health.... Am "I" visible??? ...stalker has short sentences...... small syllable words.....loves !!! and ???

1223 days ago


Don't worry people, she'll come down, get some food, sleep a little, and the mystery-men in the bushes will suddenly disappear... I know that's what gets rid of my mystery-men :)

1223 days ago

john smith    

Blood Red Witch ......... "Who am "I"?? "My" heart, "my" interests, "my" hobbies??? What Matters to "me" outside this playground??..........short choppy sentences, in this case using "me" and "my" instead of "I"

1223 days ago


LOL wow... never seen such drivel as i am reading now.

1223 days ago
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