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Springfield to Cop:

'I Will F**king Kill You'

5/16/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Springfield threatened to kill a deputy sheriff and the deputy's family the night he was arrested for drunk driving ... yet there is no mention of the incident in the arrest report -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


Springfield was arrested in Malibu on May 1 and blew a .10 -- above the legal limit. 

Sources tell us ... Springfield was extremely angry after the deputy said his $200,000, 1963 Corvette Stingray would be towed away. Law enforcement sources tell us, Springfield yelled to the deputy, "If you tow my car I will f**king kill you and your family."

Law enforcement sources tell us ... back at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, the captain who runs the station asked the deputy, "Did you really feel threatened?" Our sources say some of the deputies at the station felt it was a loaded question, trying to minimize Springfield's statement.

In the end, our sources say there was no mention of the threat in the arrest report -- the report merely says Springfield was "belligerent." 

You may recall, the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station is the place where the Mel Gibson 2006 DUI arrest report was rewritten to exclude Mel's anti-Semitic rant.

As for Springfield, his rep gave TMZ this statement: "Someone has leaked information illegally. It's a sad reflection on society today that people in law enforcement who we look up to, pander to the celebrity gossip channels."

LA County Sheriff's Dept. spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "It is rare when a drunk doesn't say something outlandish to police when they're arrested. I have no idea what went down with this one, I wasn't there, but drunks are notorious for saying stupid, outlandish things to law enforcement all the time. Law enforcement's job is to get them off the streets, because they're drunk."

The D.A. currently has the file and is deciding whether to charge Springfield with DUI.


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What a charming man. NOT. A drunk man is no man.

1255 days ago


How important could this car have been if you were willing to drive it drunk? You rant and rave about the cops doing their job by having it towed but you were the one that was drunk. Man up ya lush.

1255 days ago


Why is some alleged DUI an issue? Sorry for the alleged driver or potential lawsuit stuff, but is there an issue here?

I am confident that the law enforcement professionals will handle this just like any other alleged infraction and send it on.

Whaaaaat? Wonder if the squad car videocams and all the videocams from the station are working now -- just to make sure that any nasty bits will be public.


1255 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is this the same Malibu police force that said Mel Gibson was arrested without incident, when it later came out he went on a tirade about Jews? I think they need to fire everyone associated with this police dept and bring in new people that tell the truth.
What about the black girl Mytrice Richardson that they let go even though she had no car or money on her, she later turned up dead. If she was a celebrity you bet she would have been treated different, they would have driven her home if she was Britney or paris Hilton. Something is very wrong with this department.

1255 days ago


he must have been scared to have said something like that. you would think you can trust the police, but even they are too stupid and in-concise. this is about another level.

1255 days ago


He was a headliner at a local yokel music fest in northern NJ last year. He hit the stage extremely f'd up on something....I'm surprised he finished the set without falling over....after all we had heard that he had cleaned his act up I was kind of surprised that he is back doing stupid sh*t again. But then again, he appears extremely unstable.

1255 days ago

S. in Colorado    

He's a perv anyway. He was dating Linda Blair from "The Exorcist" and living w/her when she was 15 and he was 25. LOSER!!

1255 days ago


Are you people for real? Do you really think Rick Springfield is the only person who has ever made threats while intoxicated??? What world do you live in? My father was a police officer for many years - drunk ranting/threatening is par for the course. Drunken rant, perhaps. Terroristic threats - whatever - now you are reaching....

FYI, his car was not towed. Secondly, The first report TMZ made, TWO WEEKS ago, stated his blood alcohol content measured at .10 AND .08. Well, which was it?? Because .08 is not *over* the legal limit. So depending on which measurement this case is based on, one is not even officially over the limit. Doesn't take a celebrity lawyer to point that out.

Also FYI, he did have a song place on the chart off his CD Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance which was released in the last ten years. While it's really irrelevant to the topic, it really irks me when people make comments like "he hasn't had a hit since the 80s" when in actuality, they are just running their mouths and have no idea what he has been doing since the 80s. If you are going to make comments that appear factual, perhaps you should *check* your so called facts.

To the idiot who claims to know Mr. Springfield's political beliefs, if you could please point me in the direction of your proof? Because I have personally had a conversation with him about politics and got the opposite impression from what he said.

Lastly, what I see being done special because he is a celebrity is making his arrest newsworthy. If your average Joe Smith was the arrested party, it would have never made the news. And we wouldn't be commenting on it like we know all the parties involved and were present. I agree with the spokesperson on the fact that our police should have higher standards then to pander to a gossip group. However, I also agree with those who feel Mr. Springfield should seek help for his drinking. The man spoke of his life long battle with Depression in his book. Depression and drinking are not a good mix.

1255 days ago


so he's a drunk AND a has=been? trick pony..

1255 days ago


oh good god. Here we go again. TMZ does not equal legitimate news. Serioulsy people, are we that stupid that we're gonna belive this crap? Do you think if you threatned to kill a cop and his family that he would back down and let you call your friend to drive your car home and then be released? NOT!!!!! You'd be sitting in jail and your car impounded. Think about it. Doesn't matter who you are, the pope, the president, a celebrity or a no body. I'm starting to think the Malibu police dept loves this type of attention. Talk about budget cuts. Maybe the state should be looking at them and getting rid of people!!!!!!!!!!

1255 days ago


rick needs to aact his age. and he looks ridiculous. i remember him when he was on general hospital.

1255 days ago


Everyone knows tow truck companies and be the saving grave or bureaucratic evil extortioners. They have been the 2nd more times then I can count... They are there to take the car away and are not responsible for taking care of property the way it should be taken care of. DUI or not, towing a rare, awd, or a car that takes special requirements are not always met, especially during situations like these. Despite the fact of the crime, belief, cultural motive, verdict, outcome, ect, companies like these should still provide a sound service based upon their expertise.

Short story. No one cares for your property like you or a professional devoted to quality. I would feel the same way, but not in tose same words at that time.

1255 days ago



1254 days ago

an honest liberal    

Rick buddy I can help get you put if jail of I dip onto the Hasbee
Fund. Call me.

Tommy Two-Tone

1254 days ago

an honest liberal    

Rick buddy. I can help you get out of jail. I will just dip into the has been fund.

Call me.

Tommy Two Tone

1254 days ago
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