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Stephen Hawking Declares

'There Is No Heaven'

5/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking doesn't want to rain on your parade or anything -- but he'd like you to know there is no such thing as heaven when you die. Debbie Downer!

In an interview with the Guardian, Hawking explained, "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

If there is no heaven ... how does he explain bacon, Bar Refaeli, and the iPad?


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Jonas R.    

I´m even more convinced Hawking is a satanist. He said nothing about hell not existing.

1261 days ago


If there is nothingness after we die... if there is only blackness when we die, we see nothing, everything stops... then what the **** are ghosts? explain that.. they died.. but there still around.. they can still communicate with the living.. so there is obviously and afterlife.. and there is obviously a higher power. How can you explain the bible.. it been around for a loooooooooooooooooong time and Christianity hasn't changed since the first day it started. Obviously Stephan doesn't believe in it because hes a scientist, facts over belief and faith. And how can some of you people say we are scared human beings believing in something so pathetic? Some of the NICEST human beings I have met are christian and they are so happy of the life they live. We are not scared of dieing... its not something to hide behind, it's not being afraid of who we are and what we believe in. We are not scared because we know we will always be loved and cared for by god. When my Grandmother died everyone in the room heard a choir of 10,000 angels, no radio or anything on. So please explain to me why you are so sure about no god and or afterlife, whyyyy does it matter if people believe in god?

1261 days ago


Religion is bull**** ... and if there is a god he should strike the reader of this comment down ... now !!! :-)

1261 days ago

Vivi, The Original    

It’s so pathetic when someone tries to sell his partial truth as a totalitarian fact. Maybe Mr. Hawkings should speak to people who have had near death experiences, before he makes a blanket statement that is supposed to cover the whole truth of spirituality. We are all created equal but some have altered the playing field and loss a grip on their footing. Everyone has their own personal path to God, but maybe they willfully chose a different one. It is not nice to box your own reality over others heads. With all due respect, it is never too late, Mr. Hawkings.

1261 days ago


ALL PRAISE THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER. Only He is the TRUE GOD in all his delicious saucyness.

This is the Word of the Holy Bible of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

1261 days ago


People who announce their beliefs to the public, are usually trying to convince themselves. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system, even if they believe in nothing. If Steve hasn't conviced himself yet, there will be future "announcements" as he pontificates and tries to rally his own beliefs. Good luck buddy.

1261 days ago


It's unfortunate that Stephen Hawking has never had a spiritual experience. If he did, he would never deny the existence of a Higher Power or life after death. I hope he's not one of those who after death and laid to wake, he'll be all dressed up with no place to go. :(

1261 days ago


Just because Hawking says something doesn't make it true! He will find there are no atheists in hell. The brain is a computer and just like the computers Hawking uses, that computer,(The Brain), had to be designed and created. The brain is far more complex than anything man has made and it didn't happen by accident. Hawking is a genius but that doesn't make FROM GOO TO YOU any more believable.

1261 days ago

Scott B.    

If you think there is a heaven, you better enjoy it, because you are living it.

1261 days ago


Dr. Hawking is bang on (pun intended). While science is a work in progress, religion is not. Dogmatic beliefs based on stories written by men intent on controlling men. Given what science has credibly explained about what we are and how we appear to fit into the world around us, I laud him for his courage in voicing this assertion. Wake up people there is no God and heaven and hell are not places where "souls" go when our bodies dissolve into the elements that formed us. We are connected to the world around us by this not beliefs that have no more logical basis for them then Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny.

1261 days ago


Everyone in the world believe in different perspectives of what is heaven or not, included hell. We are computers but with feelings that real computer don't have it. Where we came from is a question just like thinking a color in the empty place for you to think a color in the empty place then is not empty. We came from a creation made from our God MOTHER EARTH that I know because she's not empty at all.Without Mother Earth we can't live. How God Mother Earth came from ? combination of energies from the Universe interlock with each other which created our galaxy but God Mother Earth is too small compare to other planets from other galaxies that exist in the Universe. This combination and expansion let me know we are inside of a God and when we die we all continue with all other energies that we start from and never to appear again on the same form but to the few of some. If we die and go to even? yes but not to the heaven like people think. We going start another chain of energies to the combination of new ones to the divisions from we combine during our lives. we all are gods because we all are separation of all these energies that form the Universe independent changing and taking forms but dependent from each other to maintain absolutely energies and God that also is the energy that created all of us from the empty and is the only one that have the key of the recipe. No one is allow to think where you start from or where we are going because no matter of our creation in our minds the key is only one and HE's the main energy holding us together called God. No way to go no way to stay is only way to be.

1261 days ago


@Jack, doesn't sound like you know anything about this thing called Science. You should check it out some time. It's a wonderful world, the world of Facts.

1261 days ago


unfortunately for Stevie there will be no heaven for him with his belief system, instead he will be buring in the lake of would think that a man who has spent his life in such pain and turmoil would jump at the chance to know Jesus Christ and go to heaven with a brand new body....just saying there is just no figuring out some people. Sad!

1261 days ago

Michael Delaney    

To "People are Silly": That's why it's called faith. I don't attend church and don't believe a priest can absolve me from my sins. I was raised catholic, however I don't feel anyone needs to attend church. I agree with you that churchgoers are some of the most hypocritical people around. God knows what kind of a person you are. Unfortunately there is so much greed in this world, you're probably one of the ones who will do anything to get what they want, no matter who you step on to get it. God knows a good hearted person. And of course all of the turmoil around the globe is a coincidence, right? If you really think that with everything going on in the world, that everyone isn't going to meet their maker, you better think again. Well you know what they say, "ignorance is bliss". To Kirk Cameron: Don't worry, you have a spot reserved in heaven. And your movie "Left Behind is a movie everyone should see.

1261 days ago


Hawking's statement is not science,and is of no more importance than mine in the field of theology. He is a bitter, egotistical old man trying to divert attention from his lack of achievement for the last two decades.

1261 days ago
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