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Stephen Hawking Declares

'There Is No Heaven'

5/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking doesn't want to rain on your parade or anything -- but he'd like you to know there is no such thing as heaven when you die. Debbie Downer!

In an interview with the Guardian, Hawking explained, "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

If there is no heaven ... how does he explain bacon, Bar Refaeli, and the iPad?


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Stupid People Hater    

What did he do? What will he be remember for exactly? Are any of the theories he had even valid anymore?

1256 days ago


this falls in the "Well, DUH!" department for many of us. Apparently your followers are among the chronically deluded. Hello people, we're not in the Middle Ages any more!!!! (though some of us are middle aged). Humans are so species-centric if they feel they have some special place and are exempt from death, given that every other living thing expires. We're all just carbon atoms and water, folks! Castaways on a hostile shore, as Russell said. Embrace randomness! Embrace uncertainty. And remember, DO GOOD while you're here, not to buy a place in "Heaven" but because it's pragmatic.

1256 days ago


I'm surprised on 31% agree, then again, we all know TMZ is mostly patronized by black people and other trash. And for you black people, "patronizing" in this context means reading this site.

1256 days ago


Poor man, I have faith and am happier than Hawking will ever be. Faith is believing the unproven, but we know by the inner peace we feel.

1256 days ago


"He'll be so surprised."
No he will not...because he will be DEAD! You will not even be aware that your dead!
This life is all you get! Get on with your life and stop worrying about it!

1256 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    


clever stringing together of words .. but you have no idea what you're talking about. No one really does.

Where did the energy comes from? Where did the "vast universe" come from?

At least those who believe in an afterlife have SOME evidence to hold onto (historical books, religious texts, eyewitness accounts, etc).

All of the "scientific" theories which attempt to discredit a "creator" are fruitless .... there is no way to explain where all this comes from. None. Not one. It's all guessing. Big Bang? What caused the bang? Think about how silly your "superior" explanation sounds: "So there was this massive ball of mass and energy ... and it went bang". How the eff did that ball come to be? Where'd the energy come from. Oh, that's right .. you dont know.

The way my brain works, how my brain and fingerprints and eyes, etc are different than every other human being in existence. That isn't random. There's something much deeper behind our individuality .. the way we each see the world ... how we feel .. how we're able to process the things around us. There is no other creature like us. That's supposedly random?

Me thinks not.

Im not scared of dying anymore than you or anyone else is. Dying isnt in my immediate plans ... but im not scared of the inevitable. However, if I'm wrong about my beliefs ... I lose nothing. But at least I enjoyed a life full of hope and happiness ... not gloom and doom.

I see no reason to gloat about your agnosticism or atheism ... not believing in God doesn't make you more cool or more intelligent. It just means you're admitting you have no soul ... i cant do that.

1256 days ago


Dusty, so what does that make you?????

1256 days ago


Ellidegg 12 minutes ago

DUH THERE'S NO HEAVEN! NO HELL OR GODS EITHER. people stop thinking like medieval followers and go read a f*****g science article for once in your miserable ignorant lives.
yes an explosion happened and made a perfect area close enough to the sun so humans wont freeze and far enough so humans wont burn up.also the oxygen levels are perfect and food and so forth.but there is no god.a simple explosion created all are entitled to your own opinion but some times science is wrong.

1256 days ago

moe l.    

Bitter little cripple. I'm sure he thinks that if there was a God he wouldn't have made him crippled.

1256 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

when people have near death experiences and "see the light" and "talk with God", the are just having delusions. It has to do with the brain no getting enough oxygen and starting to die. The "energy" doesn't get transferred into another just stops. People try to comfort themselves by saying there is life after death, but really it just stops. It's sad that people can't accept death for what it is, and have to push their "beliefs" onto others. The easiest explanation is almost always correct, and when you die, everything just goes black and stops...unless you get those few delusions.

1256 days ago


I simply refer the reader to Alma 30 in the Book of Mormon.

1256 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    

Hugh Gentry,

the ONLY way you have any idea of what you're talking about is if you've previously died.

In that case ... a dead man is typing on TMZ .... SEE there IS an afterlife. Silly.

1256 days ago


Well, I said "mostly," didn't I?

1256 days ago


What do you expect from a man who claims to know the unknown and has spent his life be pandered to, stred at and pitied, as well as held up as some kind of physics-savaunt-god.
Don't's politically incorrect to argue with a handicapped person, however arrogant and condescending their comments may be.
Oh, and BTW, both Carl Sagan and Charles Darwin postulated, on their death beds, that they may have been mistaken about God.

Didn't "scientist" uased to insist that the earth was flat?

1256 days ago


Regarding an afterlife: there's no clear evidence either way. People of any religion can call their bibles proof, but how can any of them be proof when they tell entirely different stories? People can call near-death experiences proof but science has already explained the whole "light at the end of the tunnel phenomenon".

There is no real evidence of an afterlife. Yes, it would be nice to believe 100% that everyone good lives on after this life, I cannot be so naive. Faith can be bliss, since it only differs slightly from ignorance.

1256 days ago
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