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Arnold Used Santa Monica Office for Romantic Liaisons

5/17/2011 3:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger had numerous, late night rendezvous with various women at his Santa Monica office building ... and some of the women were mysteriously carrying legal-sized manila envelopes ... sources who were present tell TMZ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Affairs

Arnold has now come forward and revealed he did indeed have a baby with a member of his household staff approximately 10 years ago, and finally revealed the secret to Maria after he left the governor's office this past January.

TMZ heard the story of the baby last week, but members of Arnold's team threw up a wall and claimed ignorance. 

Now our sources say there were other women -- at least two of whom repeatedly came to his office at around 1 AM with manila envelopes and would spend hours there.  Sources familiar with the office when these women were coming in -- approximately 5 - 7 years ago -- say there were several bedrooms in the suite where they would go.

People familiar with Arnold's operation tell TMZ ... Arnold kept his home staff and business staff separate.  The woman whom he impregnated was a member of his household staff.

Arnold's Oldest Daughter -- Dad, Let's Take a Walk

Out-of-wedlock baby-making ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spent some quality time with his legitimate oldest daughter Christina in L.A. yesterday ... hours before Arnold publicly revealed he had been hiding a secret child from his family for nearly a decade.


Wonder what they talked about?

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A tearful Scotty McCreery returned to Garner, North Carolina on Saturday for his bash and visited Lowe's, where he used to work as a cashier, before putting on a mini-concert for fans at Lake Benson Park.

Lauren Alaina had an emotional visit when she visited Rossville, Georgia, which was recently hit by a devastating tornado. Alaina visited a shelter at Cherokee Valley Baptist Church before a parade ending at Fort Olgelthorpe Lakeview High School.

Lastly, Haley Reinhart had a rainy visit to Deer Park, Illinois, hitting up Wheeling HIgh School, her alma mater.

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No Avatar


This punk had the nerve to run as a Republican.
He's no more a Republican then Obama. He is even a friend of Obama, been to the White House many times.

He is a friend of Meg Whitman also ~ can you believe that Meg Whitman hired a women like that to take care of her kids and drive them around............The s*** can hardly speak English. Can you imagine the people Whitman would have appointed to office.............forget about it.

1220 days ago

jon cromer    

So now he'll be known as the Sperminator

1220 days ago


This punk had the nerve to run as a Republican.
He's no more a Republican then Obama. He is even a friend of Obama, been to the White House many times.

He is a friend of Meg Whitman also ~ can you believe that Meg Whitman hired a women like that to take care of her kids and drive them around............The s*** can hardly speak English. Can you imagine the people Whitman would have appointed to office.............forget about it.

1220 days ago


What a DISGUSTING, FILTHY thing to have UNPROTECTED sex with some skank and then go home to his wife! UGH It's bad enough he was having an affair but if the pathetic pig he fooled around with got knocked up to secure some kind of financial gains for the next 18 years (8 left if the kid is 10 now) It's obvious he was screwing around without protection. THAT is worse than cheating. He could have come home and given his wife ANY number of diseases! What a pig! This isn't some teenager that made a mistake. This is a grown ass man that needs to finish GROWING UP! YUK It's very hard to gain acceptance and trust after showing his true UGLY colors. How low class....I feel for Maria and their kids.

1220 days ago


Politics as usual.

1220 days ago


Articles state this happened "a decade ago". That only puts her at 10 yrs. old. Geez, in the photo, she looks like she's old enough to drive.

1220 days ago


What people fail to realize is that these "public servants" handle our money and our business everyday. If they'll lie and cheat on their own wives and put their lives in danger (ie diseases and fatal attractions etc.)and deceive their own friends and families and pretty much destroy their own family just think how they are putting it to us. It's not just "their" personal business it's a reflection of their character and whether they can be trusted to represent the citizens that gave them their jobs. TRUST and RESPECT..... if you don't have that in a relationship you have nothing. I'm a CA resident and I'm glad he's gone. You see the shape he left US in!!!

1220 days ago


It begs the question, how many other kids did he father?

1220 days ago

Katherine Marie     

My comment,is towards that of the govenor,it really is sad to hear that so meny of the Men in office or in our churches today are so easely controled by their pants,and us as women are now in position to take on the responabilitys of our offices and churches ,the woman have no Men to look up to or respect any more and the men perioed us the men in office or churches to hide behind and say well they do so it must be ok and they get away with it meny woman today are very torn at the very fact that their husbands think they have a right to just freely go behind the wifes back and commet adultry,I know there are some Men in this world that are loyal and I think maybe they should speak up and teach other men who are easely controled by their pants NOT TO BE,and truely learn the term of being the preist of the home..It really is such a shame that this is what this world has become a world moved ,controled by the lust of the flesh,and to the women you so easely go with our leaders and husbands shame on you ,you will reap what you so,am i angry oh you bet,it is sad ,hurtful to keep hearing about our Men in leadership are being suedused by your eyes do you really think that doing what you do will gain you anything less then what you do ?

1220 days ago


Arnold might be a pig but so are the women who slept with him..They knew who he was and that he was married but just didn't care..

1220 days ago


This, too, Shall Pass.

1220 days ago


I really don't understand why the media focuses on such trivial issues...Surely there must be something more newsworthy than this?

1220 days ago

People need to get over it. Breaking up a marriage over a child born out of wedlock 10-years ago should not be enough to destroy your relationship that you have built on for so many years. A time period that is less than what you have invested in your ligimate relationship. People need to wake up, a man or woman is always going to drift if things not good at home. The "Wednesday night thing" does not work any more.

1220 days ago

Duff Meister    

Arnolds creating a new master race.....

1220 days ago


this is karma at its finest arnold the lecher and maria the stuck up snob i had the misfortune of waiting on them maria must be smarting OMG Arnold banged the hired help Well Maria here is a word of consolation Atleast he wasn't banging an ''equal''

1220 days ago
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