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Camille to Kelsey -- The Kids Want Me, Not You!

5/17/2011 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is privately blasting her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer over his bid to get sole custody of their children ... telling friends the kids have already made it clear ... they want to live with her.


Sources close to Camille tell TMZ ... after Kelsey filed the legal papers today in L.A. County Superior Court, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star called the move "another act of creepishness and chutzpah."

But we're told Camille ain't worried -- because she strongly believes their 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter are on her side. Camille has also told friends she will "fight like hell" to keep her kids with her ... "exactly where the children wish to be."

Our sources say Camille is ADAMANT Kelsey shouldn't get sole custody because he "abandoned his family and fathered a child out of wedlock … which speaks volumes about his parenting."

As we previously reported, Camille had been open to the idea of shared custody before Kelsey filed the docs today -- but now ... the gloves are off.


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She is not a mother! Her children are being raised by nannies while she's out partying a filming her show. Kelsey's kids are happier when they're with him. She never even wanted kids she just was advised by her parents to have them (via surrogate so she wouldn't ruin her body) so that she could use them as pawns in case of a divorce. He knows how to parent and now has a wife who would be happy to have those children in their home. They need nurturing and security which is something Camille just can't give them. Did anyone watch her on The Real Housewives? She is exactly that way!

1253 days ago


Everyone needs to cut out ripping on her having a surrogate. You don't know what the reason could be, there is nothing more personal that birthing a child. I know there are a bunch of gung ho moms out there, I delivered my child vaginally (tons of fun), but now that I have dealed with ovarian cancer, I would not knock on anyone who tried it.

1253 days ago


Wow what a bunch of man haters. Camille is a money grubbing psyco and ANY man deserves more. I don't agree with cheating on a spouse but I also don't believe that it makes you a bad father. Some men are terrible husband but wonderful fathers. Camille just wants $.

1253 days ago


Never commented before on anything but I think he is a wing-nut...let the kids stay with Mom in Lalaland

1253 days ago


People do need to chill out about her having her children via surrogate. Many couples do that for various reasons. Do we really truly know she did it for vanity? And if she did, that does not make her any less of their "natural mother" or make her love them any less! Not many people posting know either of these two people personally, we base our opinions on what we read about them and how they come across on our television sets. Let's face it - regardless of which one has custody they are both going to be using nannies! Better to not uproot the children from their home, schools, friends, familiar surroundings, and most of all - their mother. 50/50 custody would be ideal, as both mother and father are important in their lives, but for him to seek out full custody after abandoning them like that? What planet is he on?

1253 days ago


Kelsey raped his daughters babysitter and then paid handsomely to make her go away. Now he wants custody of their children, lol! He shouldn't be left alone with children. He should of also thought twice and kept his tiny weenie thing in his pants and not abandon them to get laid.

Right Wing racist pig. Above the law or common morality? I think not. Bad enough he thinks our President only got elected because he's black, he muses running for office! How's the Right Wing Network going? Heard it did as well as his last two sitcom bombs. The confused man is clearly using again or simply out of his mind. Yeah, that's all this country needs, a coked up alcoholic who fancy's underage sexual partners and wearing women's clothing. You can't make this stuff up.

1253 days ago


I have to side with Scotty and Kelsey here, just because you suck a few male organs doesn't mean you're homosexual, though the butt plug and getting strap-on pounded sure does. Scotty are you giving it to him right now or taking the wee one?

I'd rather have my children with 20 nannies instead of a known pedophile-drug addicted-alcoholic-cross dressing-republican-racist-sociopath-5 times married-who has abandoned wives and children in the past. He and his new alcoholic wife will not nor can make good parents. Any woman who drinks while pregnant and loses a baby because of it isn't someone who shouldn't be raising children. Sorry but it's the truth.

1253 days ago


Camilles a loser. Another one who is famous for being a sleaze. As for Kelsey he got his girl friend pregnant before he was did Brad Pitt. Hollywood is cheap.

1253 days ago


Camille is a typical unwanted, rejected scorned sorry excuse of a woman who has nothing better to do than try to make life miserable for the man that traded her old ice queen, over spending ass in for a newer version.

When will these sad and weak women learn that a bad relationship is not a gun and the children are not bullets!

1253 days ago


This guy's a real Byatch and a jerk to deny his children their mother and have his second wife take her place!! He's light years worse than his "Frazier" character!!!

1253 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

The kids need to be with their Mom period. Kelsey is such a loser.

1253 days ago


I hope they give the custody to the Mom that birthed them. Camille had a surogate! Unless Kelsey is the real Dad.

1253 days ago



you are quite the IDIOT. And no I DO NOT live in a cave. Do you? you totally miss the point.

1253 days ago


I really don't care who gets what ..... But, Plezzzz, just tell me that Camille WON'T be back on BH Housewives this season....... PLzzzzzz....

1253 days ago


Camille is just worried about her meal ticket, she is so "FAKE"!!

The kids would have a better life with Kelsey

1253 days ago
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