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Camille to Kelsey -- The Kids Want Me, Not You!

5/17/2011 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is privately blasting her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer over his bid to get sole custody of their children ... telling friends the kids have already made it clear ... they want to live with her.


Sources close to Camille tell TMZ ... after Kelsey filed the legal papers today in L.A. County Superior Court, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star called the move "another act of creepishness and chutzpah."

But we're told Camille ain't worried -- because she strongly believes their 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter are on her side. Camille has also told friends she will "fight like hell" to keep her kids with her ... "exactly where the children wish to be."

Our sources say Camille is ADAMANT Kelsey shouldn't get sole custody because he "abandoned his family and fathered a child out of wedlock … which speaks volumes about his parenting."

As we previously reported, Camille had been open to the idea of shared custody before Kelsey filed the docs today -- but now ... the gloves are off.


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Kelsey, dude, stop...just stop, already. You have no reason to be punishing the mother of your freaking KIDS like this. Just end this. You're disgracing yourself.

1256 days ago


What is it with these guys ? Stunning women in their lives . Got the world by the tail and they just have to screw it up .
He has no cred any more . Would not waste a second watching any thing he has made since Frasier . Hell he bailed on that too . Ditched his cast and crew. What a dope . Hope she kicks his dumb ass round the block !

1256 days ago


What kind of jackass tries to take kids away from their mother?

Kelsey, you made this bed yourself... now you decide you don't want to sleep alone? Should have thought of these things BEFORE you humiliated your wife and children in front of millions of viewers on television when you up and left to quickly marry someone else leaving your stunned family to readjust on their own. These are your consequences for abandoning your family. You lose.

1256 days ago

Cory Roberson    

Kelsey, not a smart move. The courts never side with the father, if the mother has been the responsible parent and raising the kids. Didn't Camille help Kelsey through his rehab period. She could easily use that, his infidelity, and the fact that the kids wanna stay with her to get sole custody herself. He should of worked an agreement with her, because she holds all the cards and child support.

1256 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I am not really a fan of either of these people. But regardless of your problems with your spouse the children must be your priority. Maybe take a step back and make decisions that are best for the children and not yourself. That goes for both of these people. You are their parents, put the fighting aside and act like it.

1256 days ago


Giudice told People Magazine she “totally blacked out” after her brother, Joe told her to get out of his face and called her garbage. The fight was revealed on Monday night’s show during their 90-minute premier of season three.

1256 days ago


What started out as an exchange of words between bro and sis, quickly turned even uglier. The best part is that in addition to family, children and friends witnessing the immature event, now the whole world has been privy.

1256 days ago


Really Kelsey. You left the kids mother in the most hurtful way. Declare your love for another woman, did not bother to see the kids. Now that the other woman had a miscarriage, she has decided that she wants to be a mommy. So of course Daddy douche bag wants to give her what she desires so the bedroom can be fun again. Camille, do NOT give him those kids, he is an unfit, incompetent father. Fight like hell for your kids. this is just kelsey being Kelsey after you made him what he is. He is an always will be a lout. You were always too good for him anyway. Those kids should run from him. He wants to be in the tabloids trying to be seen as a good daddy. No way! let his pretty young thing give him kids or would that spoil her figure? She tries to look all innocent but kelsey's new wife knew exactly what she was doing when she went after a married man. Shame on her. As for those who say that Camille wants more money if the kids live with her, so WHAT! She deserves every penny. She was the one who made the fortune after the douchebag snorted and drank it all away.

1256 days ago


I am sick of people siding with Camille. She's an ex porn star, she's a gold-digger, and her raising the kids is really her having FOUR nannies to do it for her while she just hangs out with her friends.

1256 days ago


Good luck Camille. But, California family courts don't seem to care if the dad is even having sex in front of the kids. They give NO credit to the mothers of the world who actually carry the children, nor to the fact that a child NEEDS its mother! In Britain, the child is NEVER taken from a mom, not because of drugs or drink, because there, they KNOW how important a mother is to a child. We are so ignorant here and this campaign that fathers are equal to moms is nonsense. Biologically, children need their moms! Children are being damaged every day in California as judges give control over to the fathers. It is a horrible thing.

1256 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is a creep. In what universe does he live in that he thinks he could or should get sole custody? Please. The man is a former(?) alcoholic and drug addict with how many DUIs on his record and he did in fact, abandon these kids and his wife and started an affair in New York and just never came home. Sorry, this does not get you custody. This gets you visitation if you're lucky!

1256 days ago


Camille is just worried about her meal ticket, she is so "FAKE"!!

The kids would have a better life with Kelsey

1256 days ago


I was wondering what happened to ADAM ANT.

1256 days ago


I wouldn't give that creep Kelsey custody of a dog! Celeste is right - Camille made the fortune for the two of them - prior to that Kelsey was just a broke, drunken slob - So he bails on the marriage all the time assuring her he's working in NY while he's out hunting for the next conquest in a LONG line of failed relationships - He's definitely not "father" material in my book -

1256 days ago


They need to put it to rest already. She's a fame whore and just grabbing for more attention. She's a slice of bread short of a full loaf. She put herself out there to look like a complete idiot. I hope he does get sole custody. She would just use the children to her advantage. Not like she took care of them anyways. Her nanny's did. Pathetic. Next subject please.

1256 days ago
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