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Charlie Sheen

Borrows $10 Mil

from Warner Bros.

5/17/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen -- who scored the biggest paycheck in TV before getting the boot -- had to borrow a huge amount of money from Warner Bros. during his last season on "Two and a Half Men."

TMZ has obtained Charlie's contract for Season 7 (2010 - 2011).  The document -- dated May 17, 2010 -- requires Warner Bros. to pay Charlie $10 million within 10 days of the date Charlie signed.  Charlie was then obligated to pay the money back during the first 13 episodes.

To repay the loan, Sheen -- who was getting a base pay of $1.25 million a show -- had $769,230.77 deducted from each paycheck for the first 13 episodes.   But then there's this pesky issue of interest.  Under the deal, the interest -- calculated at the prime commercial rate -- would be deducted from the 14th paycheck.

Charlie was fired after the 16th episode, so Warner Bros. got its $$$ back.

As for why Charlie needed the money ... unclear.  With his profit participation, Charlie was raking in more than $2 million an episode, but it seems he was still burning a hole in his pocket.

On the bright side for Charlie, he was doing really well.  We got a copy of his original contract, and in Season 1, he made $160,000 an episode, and under the original deal he only got a 4% raise for additional seasons.  That contract was renegotiated after the show became successful.


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And Charlie's haters are still delusional enough to think he's a no talent hack who is replaceable. Sure, everyone is replacable. Doesn't mean your replacement is going to do anywhere near as well as you did at the job though. ;)

Warner Bros. paid him mad amounts of money because he deserved every penny of it and they knew damned well he was worth every penny of it.

Lorre finally pushed things too far and killed the goose that laid Warner/Lorre/CBS's golden egg.

1263 days ago


Puckett, listen to kooky and balls.

And Charlie Sheen is a replaceable cog in a money-making machine.

1263 days ago


Mind-boggling amounts of money. Just ... evaporated.

1263 days ago


@Cartman, yeah that's why they choose to keep uping Charlie's salary to insane and here to unheard of levels for a television role, instead of just replacing him with some who could do just as well, for far less money.

You know what's funny? The same people who say Charlie has no talent and is easily replaced, are the same ones who point to the fact you CAN succesfully replace an actor and go on to great success, and their example is "Spin City", which ironically brought Charlie in as the replacement lead actor.

These tools need to make up their minds. Is he an untalented hack that's easily replaced, or the talented actor who seemlessly stepped in on "Spin City" and went on to great success with the show? If he's a no talent hack why in the world would "Spin City" execs have brought him in as their new lead actor to save the show?


They can't answer those questions truthfully because they hate Charlie and can't bear to give him any credit whatsoever. It's personal for them and has nothing to do with his work.

1263 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Booger sugar ain't cheap, even by the kilo.

1263 days ago


Wow, that's quite the "Can I get an Advance on my pay Boss?"

What a toadie Chuckles is...what was his last stab at WB? Oh, that's right, something about "Loyalty" what a jerk off.

1263 days ago



Can we get a detective in here to check his nose?

1263 days ago


Sorry Lori, i don't think there's anything god like about Charlie. He's a talented actor who has his demons, just like many other actors. I don't hate him for it, nor do i try to take away the fact that he's a truly talented actor that's all.

But i don't expect TMZ's haters to notice such things. For them the world is black or white. you either despise Charlie and refuse to give him any credit for anything, like they do, or you must be some idiot that adores him and worships him like he's a God. :rolls eyes:

Needless to say that's retarded.

Oh and your comment that "that was TEN years ago..."

And? What's your f&cking point? Right up until a couple of months ago Warner was prepared to pay him close to two million freakin' dollars an episode for his services demons and all.

Over the last eight years they renegotiated his contract upwards and upwards and upwards to keep him on board until he was the highest paid actor on television, ever, twice over. Do you think those execs are stupid? That you and a bunch of idiots on TMZ know more about producing a successful television show then you haters? lol

1263 days ago


oh sorry how could i besmirch the name of someone who bangs hookers, beats women and brags about how great they are?

1263 days ago


Don't worry Puckett, I just reported Lori for her comment.

She will be dealt with.

1263 days ago


Wasn't he found recently with a suitcase full of coke in a hotel with a bunch of hookers -- uh, I mean "goddesses"? That's where all his millions went. Now he's broke. Tragic. Drugs will do that every time.

1263 days ago


@ puckett
I give Charlie a matter of fact sole credit. It was him and no one else that ruined his career.
I want you to know that I don't hate anyone, even you. I feel sorry for you, but I don't hate you. You shouldn't use foul language either, I know you put "&" in your dirty words, but I know what it means. It doesn't look good puckett. I'm ashamed of you, but I'm not rolling my eyes. No siree, I'm just shaking my head, that and laughing at your posts. You might want to check your blood pressure. It sounds like you might be about to bust a coronary.

1263 days ago


@ aldee, troll harder...

1263 days ago


@ puckett
Can't do any better than that? This time I am ROLLING MY EYES..LOL

1263 days ago


Oh Puckett, you poor fool. Chuckles will never want to hear you, see you, touch you, kiss you. You poor poor delusional ****. Open your eyes to the truth, chuckles is just one loser in an ocean of losers.

I reckon you sit there wan*king off at the thought of wearing his skin around your bare body HAHAHAHAHAHA sad that you think so highly of a f*ckwit like chuckles the clown

1263 days ago
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