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Charlie Sheen

Borrows $10 Mil

from Warner Bros.

5/17/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen -- who scored the biggest paycheck in TV before getting the boot -- had to borrow a huge amount of money from Warner Bros. during his last season on "Two and a Half Men."

TMZ has obtained Charlie's contract for Season 7 (2010 - 2011).  The document -- dated May 17, 2010 -- requires Warner Bros. to pay Charlie $10 million within 10 days of the date Charlie signed.  Charlie was then obligated to pay the money back during the first 13 episodes.

To repay the loan, Sheen -- who was getting a base pay of $1.25 million a show -- had $769,230.77 deducted from each paycheck for the first 13 episodes.   But then there's this pesky issue of interest.  Under the deal, the interest -- calculated at the prime commercial rate -- would be deducted from the 14th paycheck.

Charlie was fired after the 16th episode, so Warner Bros. got its $$$ back.

As for why Charlie needed the money ... unclear.  With his profit participation, Charlie was raking in more than $2 million an episode, but it seems he was still burning a hole in his pocket.

On the bright side for Charlie, he was doing really well.  We got a copy of his original contract, and in Season 1, he made $160,000 an episode, and under the original deal he only got a 4% raise for additional seasons.  That contract was renegotiated after the show became successful.


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@SIM - Well I agree that Charlie likely was depressed when the divorce happened - and I can even understand to a point acting out - as far as his girlfriends goes -to re-assert his manliness to himself - that he was still an appealing guy that sort of thing - I'd guess this particular divorce hit him hard - part of that is age and part of that is his twin boys - I'd guess he has some real affection for them whereas his lack of respect for women means he likely isn't that good with his daughters.

As for his acting out at work - he felt he was invulnerable - and he was greedy - he's not a good money manager so he didn't calculate the cost of 200 salaries, equipment, space rental, legal teams that monitor everything, in other words the cost of doing business - so he felt he was being short changed and wanted more pampering -

Of course his throwing his money away on drugs and their affects on him and playing the high roller with the hookers didn't help either - so now he has to dig himself out of a big hole - But no one but him dug the hole so it's up to him to figure the problem out -

He's a bright guy - so like I've said before Warner Bros. likely saved his life by firing him - now that he is clean he can figure out a way to survive like everyone else does.

1196 days ago



That largely sums it up.

My further thoughts are: He may have always had a tendency towards depression or have been actively suffering bouts of depression well before this recent divorce. He may even be bipolar. There are different types of bipolar disorder and not all have the stereotypical mania we tend to think of with bipolar. He may also have a personality disorder.

So, it remains to be seen if he will make the best of this opportunity that he has now. He does not have a history of making the best of opportunities or of making good decisions, at least in many if not all instances. His impaired judgement was likely due to drug use. But, that's a chicken-egg situation. Poor judgement also leads to drug use.

He has surrounded himself with questionable advisors. So, it will be a process of figuring things out largely despite his current associates. His brother Emilio is reaching out to him, which is a good sign. But, as far as I can see they haven't actually managed to physically connect as yet - which is not a good sign.

Charlie is referring to this current quiet period as the calm before the storm. I'm not planing to hold my breath or to watch too closely. I'm sure that TMZ will be watching for us.

1196 days ago

Green Fairy    

@SiM & angeleyes

Good comments, well thought out & presented. I don't think he ever saw the end of the last marriage coming, especially not on your chidren's first Christmas Day! I don't know the truth , obviously, but wasn't the wife the one who was 'legally' drunk when the police arrived and not Charlie. There are press reports that he found her using drugs & drinking while pregnant, and put her into rehab. Also, weren't the twins born early (induced?) due to damage to her liver / kidney's resulting in, at least, one of the boys being hospitalised for a while after birth. To tell someone with a known volatile temper, on Xmas Day, that the marriage is over and your taking his children away seems a trifle strange to say the least. I'm not sure about this woman, she says he threatened her with a knife, and then goes back to him, she leaves again but returns to live in his house - with the twins - after he says he'll buy her an expensive house! She goes on a trip with this man & his girlfriends, when she later states that she's frightened of him, only to be dumped . Whereaupon she comes up with statements of him yet again threatening her etc etc.......
I'm also think that he's beginning to realise that his financial position isn't looking good, that the people around him are only there to hold out their hands, and the reality of his position is starting to sink in (even if he won't publically admit it) especially with Kutcher replacing him in the series. He's admitted that the company behind his tour knew "they were dealing with a rookie" & intimated that he knew they were just making money out of him & that he would've liked to have done things differently. He spoke about changing the name & format should he take the tour overseas. Hard to guess at his state of mind at the moment:
The tours finshed - time on his hands
No word on any of his charitable concerns
His website hasn't been updated
All the 'projects' he spoke of seem to have fallen through
He's lost his children
What's going to happen next is anyone's guess.
Again aplogies for running on again - it's been a long, hard day!!

1196 days ago


@Green Fairy,

Again, no need for your apologies over here - and thanks.

About his marriage to Brooke, some things are public record and some things seem to fall into the "he said, she said" category. Whatever the truth is, it appears to have been a volatile, chaotic relationship. And, its hard to know how much the publicist cleaned up the story.

If we believe what Charlie's mother Janet said in her email about Donald Trump she at least seemed to believe the story that Brooke used during pregnancy. She didn't indicate whether she had first hand knowledge or was just told by someone else. Brooke's mother protested Janet's suggestion that Brooke was a bad influence on Charlie. I never found any instance where she discussed Brooke's drug use during pregnancy, one way or another. That might simply mean that she didn't discuss Brooke's personal business with the media.

What's in the public record is that Brooke had a gallbladder operation while she was in the first trimester of pregnancy with the twins. There is risk to the developing fetus from anesthesia and other aspects of that situation. Brooke had a history of premature contractions in the last trimester but managed to carrying the twins past at least one serious false alarm. The twins were eventually born prematurely and spent time in the hospital before they gained enough weight to be discharged. Bob went home before Max.

As to them going back and forth in and out of relationship. Well, they BOTH seemed conflicted on that issue. Given the supposed misery they each caused the other for either one of them to give it another try seems at the least ill advised. But, they had always had a chaotic relationship, they had children together, and they had the whole co-addict thing going on. Plus the financial and control issues and so forth and so on.

I'd think you are right about realizations dawning on him about his financial situation. IMO, he needs to seriously regroup now and not worry about what the public expects from him. Now would be a good time for a vacation away from as many of his people as possible.

About his statement regarding Live Nation, it sounded to me more like blaming them for his own mistakes with the tour. In reality, some of the responsibility may have been theirs. But, if you research Live Nation they are a successful International production company that has a history of producing successful tours. The more money he made the more they made. If his US tours had been a success, they could have followed up with European tours. I think that they gave him artistic license and he bombed. They did what they could to salvage the tour. They didn't want to re-sign him for additional tours.

1195 days ago


P.S. About the tours, Charlie mentioned doing an "Evening with Charlie Sheen" format for future tours. If he can't get another production company to bank roll the tour, then he will need to bank roll it himself. That's one of the reasons that I believe that he needs NOT to liquidate his assets that are held by his production company for meeting his personal expenses.

1195 days ago


SIM/GreenFairy & others - All good points - Thx! I guess if I was Charlie I would now have to decide what "brand" I wanted for myself. So far his "brand" is BAD BOY - so I would likely put my extra house on the market - sell it off - one less debt to pay - likely trade down in my cars as that Maybach costs around $400 G's - sell off my watch collection and totally re-group my finances - likely also go to court and reduce my child support payments.

If I chose to retain the "bad boy" image - I'd likely work with some company to produce a line of perfumes/after shave, either with the Bad Boy brand or Goddess brand if he's been smart enough to copy write either. Perhaps a line of energy drinks since he lost the Tiger Blood one - Perhaps get a writer and cartoonist working on a comic book or children's book line - and work with writers to produce his own show for a tour. Of course I'd also want a publicist/manager who would be working on getting me movie roles

For sure it's a time to re-group and if he is truly clean and thinking rationally his family will be his best support group IMO.

As you mentioned SIM he may have some personality disorders or be bi-polar so those things would need to be addressed but can be done out of the limelight -

Hopefully all this media thrashing is now over and done with and he can settle into developing a healthier and more stable life for himself.

1195 days ago


Further thoughts SIM - Likely a comical board game might work also, videos games that sort of thing perhaps a liquor that could be branded - wine or some such thing - LOL....a line of bowling shirts? There could be quite a variety of things he could endorse to make residual income from since his recent notoriety produced a number of followers that would purchase one thing or another to support "their" captain.
I know he had the t-shirts and ball caps but there's a lot more stuff other than the electronic cigarettes he could be endorsing.

1195 days ago



Yes, he does have plenty of personal assets that he could liquidate if he wanted to - even if the majority of his money was secured in the production company. If it were me, I'd have started that process as soon as I was terminated. Then again, I would have done more to avoid being terminated in the first place - but whatever.

I agree that his family would be the best folks to make the core of his social network. They will likely encourage him to get the professional help that he needs, whatever it is. If he plays those cards right, the public need not know unless/until he wants them to know. But, I have to tell you that with PD and mood disorder its not a matter of cure. Its a matter of symptom management. Same for addiction disorder but he never accepted that perspective.

He needs to settle on a brand or public persona. He had been working both the "bad boy" and the "family man" angles before. He needs to choose and to be consistent.

He's actually owned/endorsed a number of product lines in the past, such as bowling shirts. But, he has lost a number of endorsements recently. I don't think he ever really paid much attention to his other businesses like his children's clothing line, so they aren't very productive. His A-List publicist dropped him well before the tour debacle. So, he will have to earn back and rebuild what he's lost, IMO.

Basically, Charlie grasshopper's days of max play and little work are over.

1195 days ago


@SIM - Well perhaps if he did hire an intern that person is looking into these various venues for cash flow revenues. I have a friend who is bi-polar and had two psychotic breaks - I visited her in the psych ward (scary place in lock-down mode) She's been fine again for the past couple of years but of course her meds are monitored. I've also had an associate - lovely young man, 39 when he had a bad experience with cocaine and has since lost his memory, his motor skills and is in a long term care facility - very sad for his family as he had been very successful in his field, but now has no memory of them nor his friends.

Thx for the info - I wasn't aware he actually had endorsement deals previously nor that he had much money in his production company. Nice chatting with you - enjoy your summer - I've been out planting flowers all day - my favorite occupation! :)

1195 days ago

lady dee    

I love Chalie and think he was the glue to the show. I still watch re runs. But let's face it, Warner Bros put up with a lot of crap im sure because they knew how good Charlie was. Charlie knew it too,he just thought he could not be replaced. Bull......He started to damage the image. It's gonna be hard to see someone else in his spot, but I love Ashton (although it don't think he can pull this off), i will give it a try

1195 days ago


He has been that way AND WORSE for years, so that hasn't been damaging "the image" then? I think they have no right to throw a hissy fit now, after BEGGING him to stay when he had a domestic abuse case pending in court. Talk about damaging the image. LOL

1195 days ago



What he advertised for was a social media intern for the summer. Don't think that job description would cover all these venues - but maybe a few.

Mental illness can be scary - for everyone involved, including the mental health pros. But, as you point out, with the proper meds and other treatments can be manageable.

Your associate's unfortunate experience is the sort of thing that I was referring to when I wrote to @pegnew that Charlie is lucky not to be recovering from a stroke - or worse. He really might consider being grateful for not having such experiences given his history, rather than stating that he plans to resume banging rocks when he has won his custody battle. Not that making such statements will help him win custody anyway. He just seems self-defeating to me, which is why I wonder if he really will make good on this opportunity.

You're welcome - and thank you. And, btw, if you didn't read the article on the prenup, the NInth Step (how's that for irony) Production company was formed to shield the bulk of his money from his ex-wives. I don't know what if anything he ever had planned for the company beyond contracting out his services to WB's - and Live Nation now, I assume. His lawyers will have to sort that out with him I suppose.

Anyway, I've enjoyed chatting with you, too. My gardens are calling as well. For people who actually enjoy gardening there's nothing quite as restorative as getting their hands in the dirt.

1194 days ago


The term for what Charlie did was "going rogue".

[usu. as adj. ] an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies : a rogue elephant.

• a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way : he hacked into data and ran rogue programs.

Or, as Lorre put it - not sticking with the program.

"The moral of the story? Stick with the program or be stuck with bottom-feeding crabs." Vanity card #346.

As long as Charlie was willing to (1) complete his civic duties i.e. probation (2) to continue with professional rehab, (3) to deliver the same level of performance that had helped to make 2.5 Men the success that it was, and to (4) retain an A-list publicist to clean up his public messes, then the show went on.

Then, Charlie began to systematically destroy his chances of keeping a job that was like "winning the lotto", to quote Ashton Kutcher.

First, he had the meltdown in the Plaza Hotel while he was still on probation for the Aspen incident. He narrowly skated on that one - and in fact that situation isn't as yet closed.

Next he went on a major bender over the winter holidays that resulted in his losing enough weight (~40 lbs) to substantially alter his (and thus Charlie Harper's) appearance. His performance was also degraded - misses mark, forgotten lines, etc. - all do***ented on film/video. These issues are in direct violation of his contract.

WB's tried several times to get Charlie the professional help that he needed, including agreeing to his at home rehab - up to the point that Charlie fired his sobriety coach and stated that he had cured himself.

Finally, he began making such outrageous and out of control public statements that his publicist quit. These statements included the demand that Lorre - the show's creator and main writer - be removed from the show (see below). From this point on Charlie's mouth has largely been out of control and he has been an embarrassment to himself and to others, including WBs.

"But there came a time when the wolf decided he didn't need the turtle anymore and could swim to the island on his own. After all, he'd been watching the turtle make the daily journey for a long time and it certainly didn't look very hard." Vanity card #346.

"The moral of the story? Stick with the program or be stuck with bottom-feeding crabs." Vanity card #346

1194 days ago


SIM - I related to vanity card #347 - where Chuck Lorre is sprawled out on a couch totally exhausted! Writing for and producing 3 shows didn't leave him a lot of downtime so this drama from Sheen was an unexpected trauma to work through -
Hope he gets some R & R so he can write some real good stuff for us for the fall.
I didn't follow the prenup all that well - read it and catalogued it but didn't make notes. Hopefully Sheen will get with the program and rebuild a life for himself and his kids - time will reveal what happens.
YES! Gardens are a passion for me - I've done two full days of planting - my arborists were here trimming the trees, the lawn service does the lawns, the weed service does the fertilizing and weed control BUT I do the flowers!!!!:) After 8 hours of planting I am dirty, exhausted, back aches, feet ache and I am sooooo happy! Go figure huh? Well the birds and squirrels are happy too and it's all good! Happy Memorial day!

1194 days ago



Yep. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Seems like Charlie is in a definite transition period. Times of great opportunity are also times of great risk. It may be interesting to see what path he takes at this point.

I run my household pretty much like you do your yard work. I do the parts that I enjoy and have help with the rest of it. The only problem right now is that I enjoy doing heavier work outside than I am able to do myself at the moment. Re-landscaping the entire yard, including new architectural features like stone walls and pergola style arbors. In the past I have done that sort of work myself but not this time. A bit frustrating, so I content myself with doing the design work and learning about gardening in a new zone. That's a handful anyway.

Life is all about changes and how we negotiate them. We'll just have to wait to see how Charlie negotiates his.

1194 days ago
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