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Kelsey Grammer Trying to Rip Custody From Camille

5/17/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed legal papers to get sole physical custody of the two children he had with his ex-wife Camille Grammer ... TMZ has learned.


Kelsey's lawyer filed the legal docs today in L.A. County Superior Court. 

Sources say Kelsey and Camille Grammer have been at war over the kids.  We're told the children have been having emotional difficulty dealing with Kelsey walking out and divorcing their mom.

Kelsey is asking for joint legal but sole physical custody, but it's not clear where he wants the kids to live.  Kelsey is currently in Chicago and the kids are in school in L.A.

Sources close to Camille are scoffing at Kelsey's move, saying she's been a full-time mother and he has been nothing but uncooperative in trying to work out a custody agreement.  She was willing to give him 50/50 custody, but now all bets are off.


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"She's been nothing but uncooperative." TMZ, have you hired some former E! online staffers lately?

1204 days ago


Shes far from perfect after all she married him. But Kelsey is a class A douchebag who is continuously seeking and trying to rekindle the spirited feeling of youth and fresh marriage with constantly marrying anew and having kids over and over again. Sad really. Kids should,if theyre happy there, stay there with their mother.

1204 days ago


He's screwed up so he is going to start making the kids accept his reckless behavior before they know right from wrong. that way they will make the same mistakes he did, and won't be in the position to judge.

1204 days ago


Kelsey is a horses rear end. I would like to appologize to all horses that I may have offended with my statement.

1204 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

He doesn't want to have to pay child support.

1204 days ago


What an ass. Guess what? You can’t have two children with someone and then try to switch out their mother for someone else and go off and live happily ever after. I can understand being unhappy in a marriage and divorcing but there is no excuse for trying to rip two children away from their home and their mother. I guess the whole midlife crisis thing isn’t just a myth.

1204 days ago


Nope u lose this one she gave you a well deserved quickie divorce, now you and your whore want the kids too..FOUL..u moved to New York u weren't missing the kids then. When they spent the weekend with you you acted uncomfortable around the kids.

1204 days ago


most of you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. kelsey is an alcoholic idiot..and way in over his head with his ego. camille has raised those kids while kelsey has been cheating, and then with this young bimbo kayte, who he had to marry right away, and, who was pregnant before he was even separated. she miscarried, but he is out of integrity big time. the kids want to be with their are all hating on camille. she was angry at kelsey, and had EVERY RIGHT. kelsey is a loser, and has millions and millions and needs to pay child support...gosh you guys are in left field with this one. he left here, and cheated, as he always he wants the kids...NO WAY.

1204 days ago


When he was on Broadway and having an affair, he was fine with letting Camille take care of the kids for months at a time and even allowing them to appear on the HWs. He shouldn't expect to get sole custody now. Money can't buy him this one.

1204 days ago


I cant believe the comments against Camille, Women should stick together a bit more. I bet kelseys new wife is behind this.Women love to get one over on another woman for some reason. Women should stick together, Camille isn't a bad mother and like someone else commented she has been a full time mum. Kelseys new wife and all women bitches with be happy when Camille has nothing. it makes me sick

1204 days ago


He probably just wants to get out of support obligations. They have always lived with their mother while he was free to come and go. How is living with wife/gf number what stable? It's not.

1204 days ago


This is a b#tch-move, Kelsey. You walk out and give your kids issues. Then, you knock up some skank. Now you try to get full custody from your ex so you won't have to pay child support and she'll have to pay you? Weren't you the same guy who essentially abandoned your first child with her mom because you were pursuing your career and an addict?

As much as I don't like Camille, I'm on her side on this one.

1204 days ago


Kelsey is delusional if he thinks he has a chance at sole custody. Talk about having zero empathy or understanding as to what is important to kids. What a JERK.

1204 days ago


Kelsey is an absolute PIG. From the cheating to getting another woman pregnant to trying to take Camille's kids physically from her, this guy is unbelievable.

1204 days ago


Team Camille. He decided to cheat, you lose. You want your own kids, have them with your latest love. I am so sick of hearing about cheating men with no decency. As if he hasn't caused enough upheavel to those kids. Straight men are losing everything they learned in the school of decency. That is, if they were ever accepted in to that school.

1204 days ago
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