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Cali Swag Victim's GF: Jealousy Triggered Murder

5/17/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Murdered Cali Swag District member M-Bone was being threatened by a man who was insanely jealous of his success -- this according to M-Bone's girlfriend who spoke with TMZ.


M-Bone's girlfriend -- who lived with him for more than a year -- says a man living in their apartment complex was obsessed with the rapid rise of Cali Swag, and overtly hostile to M-Bone -- aka, Mante Talbert.

The girlfriend -- who is scared and does not want her name used -- confirms M-Bone was in a Twitter war with the jealous man, which we previously reported.  We're told the jealous man made threats of violence.

The girlfriend tells us ... on Sunday ... she picked M-Bone up at the airport at  12:15PM and took him back to their apartment.  Later that night, at around 10PM, M-Bone took her car and said he was going to the studio to record.

She tells us soon after she got a call from another member of Cali Swag with the devastating news her boyfriend had been shot.

As we first reported, the gunman fired shots as M-Bone stood near his girlfriend's car which was parked outside an Inglewood, CA liquor store.  The shooter drove a short distance, then made a U-turn and came back, presumably to see if he had hit his target.

Inglewood Police are currently investigating the shooting -- so far no arrests have been made.


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I am Spartacus    

shouldnt have been talking ****

Yea someone lost their life but thousands lose their lives everyday. I'm not going to act like i care about this one any more than the others just because he's on TMZ and is a 1 hit wonder.

1193 days ago


You'd think that the pathtic Californian police would have jumped on this to provide the illustion that they actually enforce the law instead of beating people up... and their notrious internal investigations that always exhonorate the cops.

Can it get worse... a gossip site gets what appears to be a lead, meanwhile the Californian Keystone Cops can't take a break from shoving donuts down their throats and at least knock on the door. Maybe they need a camera following them like 48hrs. Then they can give you a guided tour of the witnesses, exposing them to danger, breaking the bad news to the family -IN FRONT OF A CAMERA- and finally make an arrest... pat each other on the back, then go back to shoving those double chocolate donuts down their fat azz mouths.

1193 days ago


Bitch he get paid more then your ass so kick rocks.

1193 days ago


even tho these ignorant comments are making me want to track down every last HATER nd kill them I'm going to keep this about M-Bone R.I.P.

1193 days ago


wow iim tiight ii loved him nd for his girlfrend sorry for yhur loss nd yea people are jelouse exspecially da guy who made da first comment yhu are not rite love yhu cali swaq

1193 days ago

Shana Benson    

I think all these gang bangers that kill and get caught should automatically get the death penalty, NO QUESTIONS asked, don't even have a trial, just kill they sorry,punk scared to fight heads up asses. This is really ridiculous why this man died. Young Black men, get a life, education something, you just can't go around taking what other people have worked so haard for. COWARDS!

1193 days ago


Am I the only one that noticed M-Bone is soooo successful that he's living in an apartment in Inglewood? What's wrong with this picture???

1193 days ago


A lot of rockers kill themselves . Overdose, drugs, etc.

1193 days ago


What an idiot the killer is. Killing him is not gonna get you the girl nor the success, if anything you just threw your life away, rot in hell.

1193 days ago


How sad and pointless. My God, to kill a young man because you begrudge him his own success? Just horribly, horribly sad. RIP, M-Bone.

1193 days ago


Was his studio inside a liquor store. Must have needed a 40 oz

1193 days ago


The killing took place in Inglewood, California. The LAPD does not have jurisdiction over this matter, the Inglewood Police Department is handling this matter.

1193 days ago


Please remember, and I have learned this from working in the corporate world. Most people who comment like this are LIGHT SKINNED. I am 29, African American, stable career, and I hold my own. I notice whenever there is a crime amongst our Black communities, the LIGHT SKINNED people are always commenting, making negative remarks that are so degrading and hurtful, and are cyber freaks. I work with many of them. They get up and read the news only to comment about what happened in our neighborhood. How about the little boys you so love to touch, or the little girls that you have stored in your Jdrive on your laptop. The money laundering, tax invasion, killing the whole family because you are SICK, or going into your job after being fired and going Postal on the whole place, or better yet the LIGHT SKINNED PRIESTS!!. I try not to comment on blogs because it is ignorant but please have empathy for those who have lost their lives in violence for no reason or for the family, his mother, no his grandmother. It is truly uncalled for.

1193 days ago


mother ****ers leave the man alone you guys ar ****ing jealous of him i knew him if you cant be ****ing real get the hell out they jealous cause my ***** could dance better live better and get good wemen

1192 days ago


Man, I Understand I Didn't Know This Guy At All; But Situations Such As These Make Me Mad ! A 22 Year Old, Rising To Fame Lost His Life All Cause Of Hate ! Ugh ! When I Hear They Songs All I See Is Cute Lil Face Doin The Dougie ! Dang Bro ! To The Rest of Cali Swagg Ya'll Keep Ya Head Up && From Now On When Ya Gig Don't Do It For The Money, Don't Even Do It For The Fans, Do It Cause Ya'll Know Ya'll Can; I Mean Obviously Ya'll Can Right ? Ya Got Guys Hatin This Hard Off A You. Rest Easy Mantae Talberts. Man, I Love Ya'll.

1192 days ago
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