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Miley Cyrus Is a Marked Woman

5/17/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen phenom Miley Cyrus commemorated her trip to Brazil by getting some wrist ink the other day.

So far, we haven't seen a pic of the design Miley had inked on to her body.

Her back tatted winged mom must be proud.



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She's endorsing her trashy behavior with a tattoo. Goes with the territory.

1253 days ago


Miley's Mom is a real freak show with those ugly black wings and little Miley is following in her footsteps-- a-h-h-h. How about a large family portrait on your back. It will be quite a sight if you wear a strapless dress, all of your family members peeking out over the back of your gown. To compete with your mother, whatever you get, make it really big. What about an Iguana? If things get slow in the singing business you and mom can always get a job with the circus.

1253 days ago


KNIGHT about an hour ago
Is BRA'S'IL...why americans writer wrong have school in U'X'A?????

In Portuguese a "s" between vowels has a "z" sound.
That is why Brazilians spell their country name as BRASIL, but when they speak it sounds BRAZIL.
So ,in Portuguese it's BRASIL
In English it's BRAZIL
In French it's Brésil
In Spanish it's Brasil
In German is Brasilien



1253 days ago


Within the next year she will be busted for DUI, Drugs & have a sex video.

Mark it.

1252 days ago

confused in k-town    

Maybe she's getting the tats to detract attention from those protruding horse teeth?

1252 days ago


I have a high IQ, a very high-paying job, and also a visible tattoo. However, I do not have a hideous and trashy one and I have it in a place I can easily cover up if I want to (at work etc). I think it is more acceptable here in New Zealand, as that is where the traditional Maori tattooing is from (and most of those "tribal" tattoos you have are s*h*i*t versions of our ones). However, I do agree that Miley's ones are ugly trash and she is not exactly the type of girl who can shed that trailer trash image. There is a big difference between trashy Miley tattoos and artistic ones and, sadly, the trash ones are the majority.

1252 days ago

O-C Guy    

One objective accomplished, the skank tag. Now, on to being booked into a jail & the mug shot(s). Just in time when Lindsay, is getting her act together . . . (yeah, right.)

1252 days ago


She's gettin FAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

1252 days ago


RADIATE LOVE! Have you ever Miley say that? Because you haters are so low and need a life! If she wasn't famous, you wouldn't be saying these to her.

1252 days ago


WOW, such bitterness within every one of you giving your 2 cents! Tattoos are not for everybody, I get that however ignorant statements and ignorant opinions really show what type of LOW CLASS TRASH all of you are.
To say someone who has tattoos= trailor trash is by far the most ingorant comment of them all.

I know SELF MADE MILLIONAIRES who have TONS of tattoos and their IQ indeed has 3 digits and MENSA type, definitely not DENSA nor trailor trash.

In this world, you will always have haters and jealous people. When you drive a ferrari, people will hate. When you have a beautiful wife, people will say she must be a gold digger. Everyone always has a ignorant opinion no matter what you do in this world. In regards to "TATTOOS ARE FOR WEAK PPL", yeah sit there and get a full sleeve done,let me see how WEAK you are!

I cannot stand ignoran people who run their yap with no valid reason. A tattoo is a tattoo. Id rather look at a tattoo than some FAT AS* ugly mthr fkr filled with hateful, ignorant opinions.

I for one have a full sleeve, writing on my rib cage and im proud. Everything means something to me and never in my life have I had rude comnments made, in fact, tons of people who love the tattoos ( not that I care, theyre intended for me, not for society). Ppl get things because they want to.

All those fat ugly ppl out there, Im going to start judging you and throwing in my 2cents as well. Hit the damn gym, get some facial surgery. Too many fkn ugly bastards in this world. It pisses me off really it does how disgusting people have become. Most of you deserve nothing and I hope for your ignorant opinions, you have a life filled with nothing.

1252 days ago


sorry miss scott, you are simply wrong. tattoos are indeed the a dunce mark. if you watch any prison do***entary, you will see every prisoner has themselves covered in them.
they are a definitive mark of someone who makes poor choices.
i can see ms. scott is a very angry person. she has probably been a failure in life and is angry that things have predictably not worked out for her. too bad i guess.
tattoos are for losers.
miley's brother is a loser too. he is already covered in those things and look at where he is now. his former band metro station had their one hit and broke up and he is fading away.
she is next in line and fading away too. in 3-5 years, she will be covered in those things and no one will want her fugly little ass around. unemployable.

1252 days ago



Calm down people!

Those of you judging tattoos, good for you! Judging books by their covers is always accurate!

I don't care for tattoos. I will personally never get one and I believe Miley's personal ink choices are really trashy. But, wow!

All these comments about her appearance are really upsetting!
Those of you calling her fat, what the whatttt!

In the photo with her mother, you can see her ribcage! What is your definition of healthy? As for her face, she can't help that. Some of you are talking about her being fake, yet you expect her to do what...cosmetic surgery? There's nothing wrong with it. It's fine.

As for you "Brasil" xenófobo, vai tomar no cu. Por que os Brasileiros chamam "New York", Nova Iorque"? Mesma coisa, neh???

1252 days ago


Tattoos are not for everyone. Although I don't have any, alot of my friends and family do. None of them are unemployed and all hold good paying jobs. Every one of them were in their 30's when they chose to have tattoos. By that point they had all thought long and hard about what they wanted. They didn't go with the trendy tattoos.
That being said, I hope that Miley is not going with trendy tattoos that all of her friends have. That would be a shame and she'll probably hate them when she's older. I don't think tattoos are something a person should decide on when young.

1252 days ago


Must be smoking that funny stuff again. Has she looked at how ridiculous her mother looks? The next Lindsey!

1252 days ago


She is one homely looking broad!

1252 days ago
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