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'Housewives' Teresa vs. Melissa

Who'd You Rather?

5/17/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Danielle Staub off the show and stripping, table flipper extraordinaire Teresa Giudice's new enemy on "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is her real life sister-in-law -- and new cast member --  Melissa Gorga.

Question is ...


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Seriously? Melissa is a troublemaking hypocrite. Joe Gorga is a joke, no wonder his father likes Joe Giudice better,(although he acts like a big ahole) who wouldn't? Crying like a little bit** to his dad. So sad. However, if there is any truth to the rumors that baby "Joey" belongs to Joe Giudice, then that would explain everything. Or is it because Teresa has had so much success even with all the financial trouble they've gone through. That "Im Italian" has nothing to do with anything...Im an Anglo-Saxon from the deep South and we take care of our men just like Melissa claims she does. If I lived in a house like that, had everything she had materialy, Id have his dinner on the table on time every night too..she does NOTHING. Now Teresa's bring home the bacon and Joe's tossing pizza's. So I have to go TeamTeresa, atleast, if she wanted to, she could tell Joe to hit the road. Melissa's gonna have to kiss her Joe's a** for the rest of her life ( I dont see a record deal for her anytime soon). If my family had acted in such a way at a Christianing, well, nevermind, my family would never act such a way. We Southerners wait until we are alone with the one we want to beat the crap out of, we certainly dont do it at a religous event, for crying out loud. NO Class, NO respect for thier parents and No respect for thier guest, that should never have been forced to witness such animalistic, uncooth, white-trash behavior. Joe Gorga needs therapy. Im just saying...

1219 days ago

Suzie Nakama    

Love you Teressa

1219 days ago


I do not know which is which...

1219 days ago

Tony Ramirez    

Teresa, your yesterdays news, your brother showed us what ur really like, and it seems he is the same f'up as u r...tell ur hubby to get a job... how are u bankrupt but have not one but 2 hairdressers for u and ur daughters..get a brush girl and do it urself. Geez i hope u get a taste of what bankruptcy really means!
bring back Dina!!! ,,,, and who the hell is gonna throw change at Danielle that body is trashed,, oh well the guido mafiosos will accomodate her im sure.

im just sayin..........

1219 days ago


HAHA Melissa Jesus oh Jesus baby's baptism line that bitch wouldn't miss a party!!! Melissa should be kissing Teresa's feet in Macy's window!!

1219 days ago


HAHA Melissa Jesus oh Jesus baby's baptism line that bitch wouldn't miss a party!!! Melissa should be kissing Teresa's feet in Macy's window!!

1219 days ago


Melissa is jealous and Joe has major daddy issues. Those Gorga's sure know how to beat up a table - flipping, pounding - it must run in the family.

1219 days ago


Millisa`s husband told her before they even walked in the place, "NO DRAMA" Clearly, HE CAUSED THE DRAMA HIMSELF...and He KEPT IT UP!! YOUR MY FATHER..YOUR MY FATHER> He could have said, thank you. T was being nice, cordial, polite, she was trying to congratulate them,but her brother and their table were trashing T from the get go...and we wonder why he was so eager to jump...and that other one...wanted to start it to , when T asked why she was invited then, Dang... I was so embarrassed for that poor father and mother. I think until those people, all of them, should have the kids taken until they all grow up!

1219 days ago


I can see Melissa and her sisters sitting here all day clicking Melissa..Sorry Melissa im from NJ and when im out in NY i have to deny where i live because of jersey trash like you..GUY..SO where you from??.. Me..Alaska..smh..Jersey is nothing like how you girls make it seem..AT ALLL!!!! For you girls it all about who has more money..soo sad!!

1218 days ago


Melissa is a try hard fame whore! She along with her pathetic sisters are **** stirring moles.

Theresa may be over the top Italian with her temper & taste; but she is a tradition mother who looks after her own children and house.
While that Melissa slag (who looks like she just got off working the streets of Bangkok) apparently has 2 nannies and a live in maid, and is more concerned with her music career than keeping her husbands family together.
And if she said her "Jesus' Kingdom" bull**** one more time, i would have kicked the telly in. So full of ****.

DEFINITELY rather Theresa.

1218 days ago

Onest Alanzo    

Joe and Melissa Gorga ought to be ashamed of themselves. Boy does Joe G have daddy issues, and his wife fans the flames of his insecurities. Wake up Joe G! Your wife has caused the rift in your family. She's a low down dirty dog and you know what they say... you lay down with dog's...

they take all you have, including your self respect. Grow a pair! or borrow your wife's strap-on. You're an embarrassment la vostre famiglia ed Italia.

1217 days ago


I don't think it's who'd you rather f. I think it's just who do you like better. I will say Theresa. Melissa does seem like trash and like she's purposely looking for a fight. And PLEASE, do not judge New Jersey by the show's out there. I've lived in Jersey all of my life and most of us are NOTHING like what you see on tv. I have no idea where they found these people. LOL.

1216 days ago


Did you even see the episode?!?!
Melissa and her brother were clearly the instigators! Teresa attempted to talk to them on NUMEROUS occassions, did the sister and brother attempt to talk to her?
And to make a scene in public, and for the brother to cry like a girl?! Come on...if Teresa is guilty, let them show it later on the show but on the first show it was the Stuck up ugly Melissa and the brother! :) Okay, I'm done. :)

1216 days ago


TEAM TERESA. She is soo her. GO girl <3

1216 days ago


Melissa you nasty person. If my husband was drunk at my childs christening I would leave him. Second, how could you just sit there and defend him while he called his sister garbage with her child right there hearing everything and crying. How disrespectful to your husbands parents. Especially his father who is sick. You are a sad excuse of a person. And I feel sorry for your children having to nasty people as parents. Honey, Teresa looks and acts a billion times better than you. You need to take your trashy husband and crawl back under the rock you came from.

1216 days ago
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