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Arnold's Baby Mama

Baby Shower

5/18/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama had a baby shower before his kid was born, and some of Arnold's staff were front and center.

Apparently Mildred "Patty" Baena knew the sex of the baby because the color scheme at the shower was blue. 

Among the 15 guests at Patty's home ... Alicia, a cook who worked for Arnold and Maria.  She's wearing gray sweatpants.

Among the gifts for Patty -- who was 8 months pregnant at the time -- a baby stroller.

We're told Arnold and Maria sent lots of gifts for the baby.

The boy -- now a young teen -- looks like the spitting image of Arnold.


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i don't get it. reminds of how prince charles cheated on a beauty like diana with a like parker bowles. but at least charles and parker bowles truly love each other!!

1217 days ago


Thought you guys would love this contest! It's all about celebrity baby names!

1217 days ago


Arnold is seriously mentally ill.

1217 days ago


Ummm....I hate to inform you that a woman's looks have nothing to do with whom a man s@rews. The va-jay-jay is va-jay-jay is va-jay-jay ALL DAY LONG. If the child looks so much like Arnold, Maria must have just turned a blind eye....

1217 days ago


Frank R......did you read the article? She's Guatamalan

1217 days ago


Most men will cheat when a woman asks for it. Lots of men are chased,so its the womans fault. When a man makes a big pat check,and they see the wife is well tended,and the man is decent looking,these female preditors will attack. My husband left his job to avoid this homewrecker harriet Bou_R_AU,that worked for At&t used the back lot,in her car for 5 years of demeaning sex. She also had a husband and 3 kids whom she left for a woman when my husband left a job. I found out 5 years after the fact by a call from one of her At&t friends i tried to kill myself and ruined my health over this in a coma and came out sickly. So i need my husband to care for me. This bi sexual BIt-h is to blame and if I ever see her i will smash her teeth down her throat and kick her in the C as i did a lot of damage to my husband below the belt. yeh i was put on a probation for hurting him so bog fing deal. I don't care I will again after tis summer try suicide again Harriet is to blame

1217 days ago


He should have at least picked someone prettier to cheat.

1217 days ago


The kid looks just like a lightly tanned version of Arnie.

He'll be awesome in Terminator 8.

1217 days ago


this is whats wrong with our country now, what ever happened with the good old days when people were treated with respect and their privacy honored. TMZ do you even give a damn about this poor lady and her kids what impact this may have on them. this is crossing the line!

1217 days ago

Lynn Daykin    

Having worked and lived with the many A list celebrities for over 20 years, I’m appalled by this news. Many employees who work in the homes of the rich and famous end up with delusions of grandeur and want to be in their employer’s position so badly that they'll stop at nothing - including trying to seduce the celebrity. In my book, Work and Live With the Rich and
Famous, I tell a story of a personal assistant who 'impersonated' her famous actress employer in a big (and stupid) way. Common sense seems to suddenly fly out the window. Arnold isn't the first person to sleep with his housekeeper/assistant/nanny and he certainly won't be the last. Some get caught, most don't. Fortunately, many of us celebrity employees have morals and ethics and would never over-step our boundaries. We
abide by our confidentiality agreements and would never divulge what we have seen, heard and know. We are actually in a very precarious position. If we know the boss is having an affair and don’t speak up it prays on our conscience and we feel like s***. On the other hand, if we DO speak up, we are considered to be ‘problem child’ and are in violation of our confidentiality agreement. We can’t win for losing. Kudos’ to all the hard working celebrity employees who realize they are paid very well and have the common sense not to overstep their boundaries. It’s a good thing Mildred is now ‘retired’. She’d never find another job in this industry again. Lynn Daykin

1216 days ago


Men donot care about your body shapes unless you are obese. They let us women think they care about our looks truth be told they donot care as long as you are gladly available to have sex without any pre condition. Pls European women, be careful when you marry outside your comfort zone, the men in this intercontinental marriaged for some reason tend to have mistress. And most European women are always blindsided and nobody will ever alert you and donot expect that, cause most of the time these people who come from outside feel some sort with togertheness. I am quite sure Anord was more in tune and could relate with the maid more than Maria. He was just a fake self with Maria and just hope that Maria divorces Arnold.
people cheat on their wives all the time, and in most cases women knows about these cir***stances and sometimes women choose to stay for economic reasons, in Maria's case she suspected cheating and because nobody around her was willing to give her any hint, she just was in denial all the time.

1216 days ago


He can't have sex with any women. The only women who allow anything on top of them after the age of 60 are the Mentally/Physically handicapped. Most people over 60 don't even have control of their own life and Money. The problem with men is they are always wanting to show that they can still get it up. This is why the little blue pill is sought. Once, you need a pill to perform, you are no longer self sufficient.

1215 days ago


As far as straight out looks go, Arnold is no prize by any stretch of the imagination and neither is this woman. That aside, the fact is that neither one of them has a shred of decency between them and now they have destroyed their families lives and nothing will EVER be the same. Was it worth it? Guess it was for them. When I read that she would crawl into bed with that lump of **** after Maria left for the day....well...that is just about enough to gag a maggot. These two pukes are made for each other and I have a feeling they will also burn in hell together. Maria will come out for the better when all is said and done, and Arnold will always remain the useless, selfish, arrogant, disgusting piece of trash that he is. Some say she should take him for all he has, but I'd have to say personally that I wouldn't want ANYTHING that was his and the less of him or his money I saw the better off I'd be. She will do just fine without his dirty money anyways Arnold is nothing but trouble and any woman who still wants to hop in bed with him deserves all the grief she gets, plus Lord knows WHAT diseases he has been carrying around. I cannot imagine that scenario, either, and how Maria must be scared to death that pig infected her with something. Gee, he's some kinda guy eh?

1215 days ago


she did something to him.... who would hit that?

1215 days ago

common sense    

Now, we know what Ms. Huffington was talking about !

1213 days ago
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