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Arnold vs. Mel

Who's the Baddest Bad Guy?

5/18/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's worse ... Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering an illegitimate child -- or Mel Gibson's infamous audio rants? Kinda decision that leaves you needing a shower, but still ... CHOOSE one! 051711_TV_arnold_still

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Impossible to chose one or the other. They are two of a kind, both have children from affairs while married. And we are just beginning to hear about "Arnie's" affair, who knows? There may be a tape out there of him ranting to his mistress too. It's a fairy tale to believe this is the only woman "Arnie" has "been with" since his marriage to Maria. Nope, sorry, they are both equal d'bags.

1253 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

It's rly none of my business to judge EITHER man for what they've done to their PRIVATE lives, or to those whom they've affected by their indiscretions.. but out of these two stories I have to say ARNOLD is worse!
He treated his 10 year old child like a ghost. So he betrayed his WIFE plus ALL of his immidiate family. Having an affair IN his marital bed, and a TEN YEAR old kid is a pretty BIG secrets to keep! And I can olny imagine the therapy the child will need as they grow up!
Mel on the other hand had a PRIVATE argument on a CLOSED LINE phone, that an evil gold-digger manipulated, and ran to the bank with! His wife had already left him, and his other kids (no doubt un-happy about it) regardless he told them about the new baby. He's stepped up from DAY ONE with the baby and his PERSONAL sins. He only rly hurt himself by getting with the Octo-Sana. ALL that happened afterwards in NO ones business.!

I saw a comment on the first page of this post saying what Mel did affected ALL of us.. my follow up to that is - HOW? HOW did a p1ssed off ranting phone call (meant to be private, between TWO ppl) effect ANYONE ELSE? If anything it was the gossip shows, and site, (TMZ included) that shoved it down ALL of our throats and shoved our faces in it DAILY for what seemed like FOREVER! Mel will recover from those bogus tapings, he currently is doing FINE from what i've seen. That pic of his shirtless shows me he's still got it. He's a GREAT lookin man for his age, and for all the stress he's been through over the last couple years! EAT THAT OKSANA.. HER stunt was an EPIC FAILURE - she could've been sittin pretty on a stack of cash, and no one would've been none the wiser.. KARMA Bit that Beotch! Now she's publicly HATED, and reviled for ALL she's done!

Story headline should be "Arnold -vs- Oksana" who's the bigger phoney? Buncha shameless self centered ppl in Cali..!
God help'em all if we ever have class warfare (AGAIN!)

My vote is still ARNOLD'S actions are worse than Mels b*tchin!
(and NEITHER of these stories are ANYONES business!) Unless Arnold was using Cally-Forn-Neya taxpayer dollars as hush money for the love child.. THEN it's a DIFF story!

1253 days ago


Let's see, TMZ's staff of teenaged boys compares Arnold Schwarzenegger's behavior with Mel Gibson's "rants"? Why not ask an important question?

Who responded more appropriately to the birth of his child, Mel or Arnold? Mel acknowledged his daughter prior to her birth, loves her, nurtures her, and fights for custody. Arnold refers to his son as "this event, which occurred over a decade ago"

Sorry, TMZ, but your question says it all about the media's mission to take down Mel Gibson.

1253 days ago


There is no comparison between these two men. To even imply there is exemplifies a despicable form of yellow journalism.

Lied by omission about his 10-year-old son for a decade.
Had sex in his family home with an employee.
Betrayed his wife and children.
Permitted another man to establish a father/son bond for 10 years.
Denied his own child for 10 years.

Was legally separated from his wife when he began a relationship.
When Oksana becomes pregnant, he informs his family.
He provides for the child.
He is angered by manipulations and reacts VERBALLY in a PRIVATE conversation.

To believe Mel is worse than Arnold, one would have to think WORDS in a private conversation are worse than ACTIONS.

**I hope Arnold is prepared to pay for the extensive mental health services his son does or will require.**

1253 days ago


Both are a sad state of the human existence in today's world.

However, I believe Arnold's actions to be the worst. He knew from the beginning that he was hurting his wife, Maria and their children. Then after he found out about the child with his concubine, he kept hiding the secret. That not only hurt his current family but also hurt the concubine and their child by denying that child a father and a family. His actions were pure dishonest, hateful, and self-serving. That eats away at the very moral fiber upon which our society was built.

Mel on the other hand has been drunk during his anti-semitic rants. While that is really no excuse and people say alcohol just makes people show their 'true self.' Even our legal system looks at intoxication as a lighter crime in most cases than if the person was not intoxicated. For example someone DUI/DWI hits someone and kills them will usually get less of a sentence than if someone is not DUI/DWI and hits and kills someone.

And finally, the ultimate weigh in on this argument is our constitution. While Mel's rants were hateful, anti-semitic and just flat out wrong. They were just his opinions. While I as a fan was certainly put off by his remarks, he as an American has the ability to think, feel, and say what he wants (no matter how distasteful or Politically incorrect it was.) Even those Westboro Baptist Church idiots have proven that in the supreme court. So Mel may be an idiot, but he has the constitutional right to be an idiot. Who did he hurt? No one really but himself.

Arnold, on the other hand, committed adultery, which in most states is grounds for divorce. It some states it is still considered illegal and the police can lock someone up for that action (though rarely done in Today's world of promiscuity.) But regardless of that, he knowingly set out that he was hurting his wife, his relationship, and his family. Eventually he let down this other woman and her child too. His actions were totally selfish and were not in a drunken rage. Arnold is not guaranteed by our Constitution the ability to abandon his children and screw other women and make illegitimate babies.

Even though I highly disagree with Mel Gibson and have lost much respect for him, I have to respect that that is his own opinion and his own ignorance. Arnold on the other hand threw away his love for his family for a 'quickie' while Maria was away from home. Abandoning your wife and kids for a tryst is based on choices, lack of real commitment and pure abandonment of his family. To me that makes Arnold's actions much more despicable.

I only wished this news had come out before he was elected as Governor of California as he had no business running a state when he can't even manage his own life.

1253 days ago


ARNOLD is WORSE! That disgusting excuse for a man fathered a lovechild with a woman who continued to live in his home [with his own wife] for years! Repulsive behavior.

MEL's rants were those of a drunken, mentally ill tirade. Actions speak louder than words! Far less harmful person. And, you, blacks and Jews, get over it, you're just as racist as you believe Mel to be (would love to follow you racist haters around for a day and hang out with you and your friends and see what racist hate you spew). Friggin hypocrites!

1253 days ago



1253 days ago


@Paigehop - It doesn't seem to be Blacks who are pushing the anti-Mel hate. Have you seen any Blacks coming out slamming him? I have not. It seems another group is unhappy with Gibson and going out of their way to try inflaming the public. Some of the silly talking heads can't even get the facts right. After all, the facts make him look even less horrible.

1253 days ago

confused in k-town    

Mel is a vulgar, woman-hating racist. Horrible. Arnold had unprotected sex with another woman other than his wife, potentially transfering to her (Maria)a deadly disease, such as AIDS. This is a far worse crime hands down no debate.

nuff said!

1253 days ago


Arnold takes this one!! I suggest many more women will be telling their stories!! Arnold like Tiger has no moral decency!!

1253 days ago


Thinking Woman -
Good morning :)

It's the absurd hypocrisy of it all that irks me.

Ari Emanuel called for Mr. Mel to be blacklisted for being an anti-Semite. Yet he continues to promote his own client Michael Moore who has also come under fire for being an anti-Semite.

And for all the "shock" and "dismay" over the use of the "N" word, Time Warner apparently isn't that bothered by it since they just partnered a deal with rapper Rick Ross. He's good, but his lyrics also involve the use of the "N" word and various other goodies like selling eight balls ("9 Piece")

In the 90s, Warner was also producing artists like Apache, Brand Nubian and Dr. Dre. The lyrics of certain songs like "A Fight" (Apache), "Sweatin' Bullets" (Brand Nubian) and "The Day the N*ggaz Took Over" (Dr. Dre) all advocate killing white people.

I'm a 100% behind these artists and their right to express themselves. I highly resent the notion that it's ok for some folks to express themselves and not ok for others based on where the profit is made.

No where in the Constitution does it say "Freedom of expression is only allowed if it makes money".

1253 days ago


This is really a sad story. I feel so bad for Arnold's family. Do you think this woman's husband knew about it? Did Arnold pay her off? I am shocked he was able to keep this secret for so long. Was there a blood test to determine if the kid is really his? Was Arnold's father a womanizer too?

1253 days ago


@Curious, the hypocrisy of it all gets to me also. Will Hollywood now try to take Arnold down for far worse behaviors? I don't think I'll hold my breath.

The poll was bad enough, but this story is nothing other than trying to get the people all riled up against Gibson again. The problem is most people can and do see through the differences.

1253 days ago


Mel, clearly, is ill. Arnold is just a selfish jerk.

1253 days ago


Thinking Woman -

I wonder - if The Beaver had not gotten a ten minute standing ovation at Cannes, would this story even have appeared?

1253 days ago
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