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Arnold vs. Mel

Who's the Baddest Bad Guy?

5/18/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's worse ... Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering an illegitimate child -- or Mel Gibson's infamous audio rants? Kinda decision that leaves you needing a shower, but still ... CHOOSE one! 051711_TV_arnold_still

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matilda osborne    



1252 days ago


The good names are starting to roll in.

"The Impregnator" - credit Matilda (G'day!)
"The Sperminator" - credit Blogra in Vancouver Canada

Maybe Mr. Harvey can do a poll on that?

1252 days ago


They're both slime.

1251 days ago

Candy Adams    

The real crime these men have committed is they are human & **** happens. They weren't the first to make serious mistakes in their personal lives & they sure won't be the last. The shame & heartache they have had to suffer is much worse than any punishment the law could impose. All humans make decisions they have to pay consequences for during their lives, it is very sad others find it entertaining. Society needs to get a reality check on what is truely important, it isn't these issues.

1251 days ago


Patty thought she was actually Maria. Oksana thougth she was Robin. Both Patty and Oksan were wrong, wrong, wrong.

1251 days ago


Who cares if he fathered a kid out of wed-lock?? Whoopee! That happens all the time.

He's a s***bag for cheating on his wife. THAT'S why he's a s***bag.

1251 days ago


No contest Arnold takes the prize for biggest douch of all time. The hurt and feelings of utter betrayal that his wife must be experiencing having them carry on in her own home year after year. Now the woman even says she was wearing the wife's clothes and jewellery as well around the house. Gross!!!

1250 days ago


Put in a third option ---- TMZ is worse than either Mel or Arnold. What happened to the quality of your reporting? I used to check in for valuable (I thought) legal takes on celebrity situations. Then you sold out on Mel and, shortly after turned into slimebag pigs --- what's the matter Harvey too much pressure from the Hollywood goons? Or have you just let the young, clueless, low class punks in your office take over with their lame nonsense reporting? If you not going to present anything valuable to the show beyond crass reporting, then give it up --- go back to something decent like Judge Judy.

1249 days ago


Rumor on the internet is that Arnold's son just found who is dad is! How awful for the little boy! He will need some counseling to adjust to this. On the hand Mel does seem like a good father. He took responsibility when he fathered Lucia out of love. He told his wife, kids, the world about his 8th child. Mel's kid will know that daddy loved her. Arnold's son, I presume, will wonder why his dad waited 10 years to acknowledge paternity! I thought Jon Edwards was a coward for waiting, what, 3 years before admitting paternity! Arnold is the Baddest Bad guy. He made a victim out of one of his kids because of his career? Maria? Both, I assume. Mel yelled, violently at his mistress/girlfriend for reasons we will never know. Mel did make Oskana a victim of verbal abuse. She was 40 years old when that happened, not an innocent child. She could have hung up the phone and ended her verbal assault. Arnold's son didn't even know that mommy's boss was also his daddy!

1249 days ago
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