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Arnold's Love Child

Nicest Kid You'll Ever Meet

5/18/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child with Mildred Patricia Baena is a studious, athletic, fun-loving, charitable, yes-ma'am-no-ma'am kind of kid -- according to the boy's neighbors.

People who live next door to Patty and her son tell us, the boy "is the type of kid you just want to be around. He is so sweet, funny, and handsome."

But that's not it -- we're also told he is extremely well-mannered and smart, loves sports, and is even involved in door-to-door fund-raising for local charities.

The apple falls far from the tree.


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Con v de venegas    

I think,the kid,have his live solved ,maybe in 5 years him start Hollywood caret

1217 days ago


As discuss-ting as this latest incident with Arnold and his "Mistress", EVERYONE needs to leave the child out of it. He is an innocent child. He seems to be well adjusted, just like a "normal" boy his age. Why HURT HIM?

1217 days ago


The boy had no say concerning his place in the world; but the the world (press) WILL surleyplace him at the center of the scandle. What is quite perplexing is how this just know is being revealed. How does the house keeper hide a child who so resembles his father from the world much less Maria for all these years. Did she never suspect....or did she know and was just hoping it would not become public?

1216 days ago


Those little children has nothing to do with anything or their choice of who father them! People need to worried about what is going on in their own lives and not what is going on with the Schwarzenegger family! The truth will set him free it seem like he still wants his family back and love his wife!Takes a lot for a powerful man to admit he mess up so let it go and give his family and those children so space and peace!!!!!!

1216 days ago

Jägger Damachka    


The kid is handsome. I think the media need to concentrate on real matters. Tired of hearing nonsense and gossip. The people here act like he is the first man, that cheats. GET A LIFE!!!!

I want to hear facts about what's going on around the world or how we can improve our lives, rather than **** that does not feed any of us.

1216 days ago

Jägger Damachka    


The kid is handsome, live him alone.

The media needs to concentrate on better topics. I want them to show real facts on what's going on in the world and leave ppl live their life. don't judge until you see yourself in the mirror. Lets get educated so we don't post uncivilized comments.

1216 days ago


Everyone will hurt except Arnold who will travel around the world making movies and groping. Maria and her 4 kids the most. They were really used! Also the love-child who is a nice kid they say, and his life will never be the same as he is followed around by photographers and asked stupid questions. His childhood is over!!

1216 days ago


leave the kid out its not his fault his mother is a whore,money grubing slut,shes so nasty poor kid to have a mother like that

1212 days ago


Per the Bible: "And the sins of the fathers will be visited on his children for 4 generation." Daniel 9

Too bad Catholics don't read their bibles because you are responsible for the knowledge that you receive. But the Pope's don't want you to read your bibles because then you'd find out that "none is holy 'cept for God" per Jesus.

1211 days ago

runny roach    

They say that love is blind. Or do we have a blind supper hero? I greatly admire Mr. Schwartzeenegger. I named my boy after him. His personal life is his bussines, not mine. I can only worn him. Of what is yet to come to him. Knowing from experience how manipulative and corrupt many of those whom adminstrate the system are. He is lucky he hasn't been charged with sexual abuse and child abuse and soo on. DCFS, may soon step in to protect the child from the abuse of the media, and so on, and take him away. good luck Arnold. and prepair the check book. Out of all the women, could't you picked a better looking one? not that any other woman would be worth destroying your marriege for.

1211 days ago


We should think of the child here. Every person involved in this should put that child first.

1208 days ago


seriously....the maid...i think infidelity and having a mistress is somewhat genetic...

1191 days ago
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