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Arnold Dropped a Fortune On Baby Mama's Family

5/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger singlehandedly financed a super-expensive coming-of-age birthday party for his baby mama's niece in 2001 ... and all of Arnold's kids were there -- including his love child.

TMZ has learned ... Mildred Patty Baena has a sister named Mirian who also worked as a housekeeper for Arnold and Maria Shriver for years.

When Mirian's daughter turned 15 -- Arnold shockingly agreed to pay for her "Quinceanera" ... a traditional Latina celebration. Sources tell us Arnold funded the entire event -- including limo service to and from the party venue, food, entertainment, decorations ... the works.

Arnold -- who brought his wife and their children to the celebration -- agreed to speak at the party ... and told the crowd he wanted to "take care" of the family because they had all been close for so many years.

Mildred Patty Baena was also in attendance along with her young love child ... and during the party, the little boy spent time playing with Arnold's other children.

TMZ spoke with one of the partygoers ... who tells us everyone thought it was "weird" that Arnold foot the bill ... but no one could have imagined what was really going on behind the scenes.


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How Arnold told aria he was leaving her...

Arnie: "Maria dahling, I'm leaving you to perform on Broadway as an 18th Cencury classical composer"

Maria: "Arnold my love, will you be Mozart?"

Arnie: "No, I'll be Bach.."

1217 days ago


I think everyone knew. How could you miss it and footing the bill. Maria had to know! Come on now!

1217 days ago


He probably did the sister too.

1217 days ago


The best lesson is usually the bought lesson. Arnold has bought and will continue paying for this one. I have a feeling Arnold paid for all of this stuff to keep her quiet and I do believe she was planning to go public since she openly posted pics of her kid on Myspace(I mean really myspace?!!!). I think he may have purchased that home for her last year in an effort to help her move on however she wasn't hearing it. She may have been the one to tipped off the NY Times off after all of these years. Think about it, this secret had been kept for all of these years by these two and all of sudden someone gets wind of it? Nah, something doesn't add up. The mere fact that some of her "friends" are supposedly cooperating with the press is another red flag. I remember hearing GMA from the author of The "Governator" that Arnold could no longer do damage control so he spoke up. I think this chick probably was holding it over his head and overplayed her hand. Notice how he asked the press to respect his wife and children...not Patty.

Anywho...I don't think this chick deserves anymore press unless she is issuing a public apology to Maria (yes she should apologize!) I think some of the news stories. That's my 2 cents.

1217 days ago


She probably has been blackmailing him for years. It was probably easier for him to just pay up than deal with worse potential consequences.

1217 days ago


he is not German he's Austrian there is a difference

1217 days ago


So what, if he had sex and got a baby! All those people spouting here are likely themselves plugging away on the office table. I have been a traveling adjuster for twenty three years now and I have not seen any one who didn't fall to temptation at least a few times while on trip away from their spouses. Most just apologize in the morning and get the hell out of each others way and spouses never find out about it. I really don't see the harm.

1217 days ago

Big Tool!    

There's a piece of advice to women, take it or leave it. When a man doesn't get something of his partner, he will get it elsewhere. I see Arnold very happy with this ugly woman. Obviously she was better than maria shriver in bed. Some women just lay there close their eyes make some noise and do nothing else and say "no" to many things, then they are surprised when men cheat. I'm no saying Maria Shriver was a bad person, of course not, like Princess Diana and may be Sandra Bullock they are good looking women, excellent mothers, good friends but bad lame very lame lovers. So for me it's no surprise this happened. Seriously women no offense at all, I know you will say "oh it's because your tiny-tool doesn't motivate me to do more" well it up to everyone to find happiness, Arnold find it with this ugly woman, will you find it just lying in bed doing nothing else? It's up to you Hasta la vista Maria!

1217 days ago


Attention readers, Arnold is a prime example of the Alpha Male of the tribe. He is a mans man, and maybe while many women in our modern society view what he did as wrong because of moral factors, Arnold has always walked with his head up and faced up to what he's done proudly, even if it wasn't acceptable. He handled his business when it came to taking care of what was his, plain and simple. While the action may have been morally wrong to many, it is nothing that hasn't happened before in the history of man and even men in power i.e. Thomas Jefferson fathering a slaves child. So before anyone crucifies Arnold for this, they need to walk towards the nearest mirror and look into it and realize all the mistakes they've made first and dwell on that. We would all be a better society if we understood our behavior better and stopped putting superhuman expectations on people that are after all...just human.

1217 days ago


Due to heart problems 10-15 years ago, he had to stop taking his former "muscles" have all but disappeared,
leaving only his inflated ego. As a governor he failed miserably.
He needs go go back where he came from and spend his remaining years hugging himself. Terminator? Wuss.

1217 days ago


The party was actually for the benefit of California Taxpayers! By the time this story runs its course, Tiger will look like an Angel. Ahnold is a pig and so is his baby mama. She knew what she was doing all of the time. Are the Sisters illegal immigrants?

1217 days ago


The saddest part or one of the saddest parts is this whore is glad the cat is out of the bag. In her sick twisted mind, Arnold is hers and she'll replace Maria

Im sure Maria hates both of them by now. What he did is unforgivable but the poor child will always be frowned upon due the sins of his parents. smdh

I wonder if Maria never suspected anything because she viewed that bitch as the "housekeeper" I feel such hurt for the family

1217 days ago


First of all Arnold Schwarzeneger was Austrian Born and Now he is an American Just Like all of you out there So His Penis is American ,Second of all this can happen in life and he made sure they were financially taken care off .....and no he is not a Pig for wanting sex with a woman he had a moment of weakness and he wasn't acting responsibally....that is all there is to it maybe you should look at your voting system in california and the media that helped him to be elected...try hanging those guys by How did you say it?!should be strung up by his tiny, shriveled genitals...they are the cowards hiding behind the freedom of the press so they can manipulate the whole scenario ...Baaaah! Baaaaah ! Baaaahhh! am of to my grass patch to ruminate!!

1217 days ago


hopefully laws were broken while he was in office and he gets charged.


1217 days ago


@dandmb50 - What's the big deal TMZ, when are you going to have the 'balls' to show the picture of Arnold's lovechild 'heir?' We count on you to come out first....

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA

1217 days ago
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