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Arnold Dropped a Fortune On Baby Mama's Family

5/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger singlehandedly financed a super-expensive coming-of-age birthday party for his baby mama's niece in 2001 ... and all of Arnold's kids were there -- including his love child.

TMZ has learned ... Mildred Patty Baena has a sister named Mirian who also worked as a housekeeper for Arnold and Maria Shriver for years.

When Mirian's daughter turned 15 -- Arnold shockingly agreed to pay for her "Quinceanera" ... a traditional Latina celebration. Sources tell us Arnold funded the entire event -- including limo service to and from the party venue, food, entertainment, decorations ... the works.

Arnold -- who brought his wife and their children to the celebration -- agreed to speak at the party ... and told the crowd he wanted to "take care" of the family because they had all been close for so many years.

Mildred Patty Baena was also in attendance along with her young love child ... and during the party, the little boy spent time playing with Arnold's other children.

TMZ spoke with one of the partygoers ... who tells us everyone thought it was "weird" that Arnold foot the bill ... but no one could have imagined what was really going on behind the scenes.


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Did he bang the Quinceannera girl,too?? After all, this rancid custom did originate as a fertility ritual that the Spanish took from the Aztecs. Seems pretty appropriate under the cir***stances.

1200 days ago


Look at the group photo where out of all the dark haired, brown skinned Hispanics, you see this one lone Sandy Blond, white boy. Now Keep in mind, that Maria was in attendance, as were THEIR children. Then how could Maria have not noticed Arnold's mini me in a suit?
If the Schwarzeneggers were so close to their household staff, close enough for Maria to allegedly talk girl talk with Baena about love and men, and to attend this event. Then how could she not have known?
To hear Maria tell it, she didn't know until Arnold told her recently. This coming from a Georgetown University graduate/reporter/journalist?
I just don't buy her act. She knew, and as long as it stayed hidden, she may have stayed with Arnie. However, Arnie was scheduled to return to acting this year to make a movie, and it is just strange all this came out as it did. The timing is strange. Could Maria have planned the timing of all this to coincide with Arnie's return to the Movies?

1200 days ago


I agree with everyone that Arnold is a cad for what he did but at the same time wasn't the woman married? She was "doing the dirty deed" to her employer so what a low life s*** sucking dog she is too. Both of them are obviously on the same level of self absorption and self importance.I hope Maria can find the strength she needs to hold her head up move forward and take that egomaniac Arnold to the cleaners for all he is worth!!!!! Let the fug faced baby sitter baby mama have him!

1200 days ago


@Styx --"White men beware... this is what happens when you involve yourself with a Latino woman!"
LOL u keep saying that to yourself while hordes of white men keep lusting over Sofia Vergara and Adirana Lima videos LOL

1200 days ago


Halloween - check
Christmas - check
Cinco De Mayo - check
Quinceanera - check
Easter egg hunt - check

1200 days ago


Arnold paid for that line up? LOL Old, stupid men.

1200 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Another big nonsensical stage show. Meanwhile backstage, the maid is screwing Arnold, & the relatives are drunk & fighting over ancient family history. Hypocrites.

1200 days ago


I bet miran's daughter is arnold's too. he was double dipping probably having a 3 some with the 2 sisters. how grose.

1200 days ago


These people all look like black haired, oily MESSYCANS so of course that kid stood out and looks nothing like that gorilla maid's husband. This was all a plot by that MESSYCAN family to blackmail Arnold into paying hush money for the rest of his life.Miranda

1200 days ago


Three guesses...the caller from S. Africa's guess is as good as any!

1200 days ago


First of all not all Latins we celebrate the 15 year old this way, it is more a Mexican way.
The family of the Guatemalan maid that is real name is Mildred Patricia Peña, Baena is her married name, were pimps, a woman with no skills and education saw a way to have $$ for life.
This are people with no morals or values.Teaching the niece how to sell yourself. Did she have legal papers? Did they report to the IRS the gifts, did Arnold used tax peoples monies?
This are the most disgusting and ugly people , she looks like Arnold.

1200 days ago


Shes from GUATEMALA which is a country dumb low educated white fu**s, most central american woman are taking over the housekeeping/maid industry in California. This is to prove the ignorance of many of you who call every hispanic "MEXICAN" when they're from El salvador, Guatemala etc. Which are not places located in Mexico but separate countries ok!

1200 days ago


@anen87--Adriana Lima is Brazilian and mixed race and has nothing to do with this wetback whale. Culturally or racially so leave her out of it.

1200 days ago

who farted    

Tam ax was there.

1200 days ago

who farted    

Tampax ws Here. Stupid parties and a waste of money these people pay.

1200 days ago
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