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Arnold Dropped a Fortune On Baby Mama's Family

5/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger singlehandedly financed a super-expensive coming-of-age birthday party for his baby mama's niece in 2001 ... and all of Arnold's kids were there -- including his love child.

TMZ has learned ... Mildred Patty Baena has a sister named Mirian who also worked as a housekeeper for Arnold and Maria Shriver for years.

When Mirian's daughter turned 15 -- Arnold shockingly agreed to pay for her "Quinceanera" ... a traditional Latina celebration. Sources tell us Arnold funded the entire event -- including limo service to and from the party venue, food, entertainment, decorations ... the works.

Arnold -- who brought his wife and their children to the celebration -- agreed to speak at the party ... and told the crowd he wanted to "take care" of the family because they had all been close for so many years.

Mildred Patty Baena was also in attendance along with her young love child ... and during the party, the little boy spent time playing with Arnold's other children.

TMZ spoke with one of the partygoers ... who tells us everyone thought it was "weird" that Arnold foot the bill ... but no one could have imagined what was really going on behind the scenes.


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I'm sure he was banging the maids sister too!

1255 days ago


Clearly Tom is involved in his child's life and does not make him an outcast of his time or affections. He is a father at the end of the day. Is it wrong for him to be a part of his son's cousin's life too. He has known the mother of his child for over thirty years people or more. We all age. We all age. Get it. He knows her for thirty years. she cooks for him for what I hear, twenty. Hmmm, sounds like a wife to me. The fact he didn't deny the child means he stands by his lover too. He did not deny him his heritage. She, Patty, never betrayed Arnold no matter how hard it must have been to raise his son in secret. Is Arnold a terrible father? His illegitimate son may not think so, the other kids, the relatives, Maria, the Kennedys, all seem to be complete idiots or where they in the know. If they are in the know, then it was not a scandal! It is not knew to anyone but us. Maria may even have known hay I have this woman was before they got married. How can it be scandalous if no one was left in the dark except total strangers like us? Confirmed, Maria knew of this at least a year ago (assuming she was blind) she did not divorce? Why? Doesn't it sound so terrible for her to be in know or does it make everyone feel better that she didn't know because we don't live first hand fake lives for selfish self interests (contracts) with real family behind the scenes which but not for shallow people would fore fill one's life?

1255 days ago

Truth Hurts    

What a f**king joke!!!!!!!!

1255 days ago


After seeing a picture of the maid, I've concluded that Arnie will stick his **** into just about anything!

1255 days ago


Maybe the niece is Arnold's love child also?

1255 days ago


Wow! Looks at this post over on TMZ
written by
nora 30 minutes ago (8:37 am 5-20-2011)
Mildred his a gold digging whore even as a mother in law who has 5 kids Jackie Rozo who was on meth when she gave birth to gloria who is 5 yrs old when she was born and also was commiting welfare fruad while she lived in El Salvador with her husband Marlon who got deported years ago Mother( Mildred) would collect her food stamps for the address under 6517 Kester Ave Van Nuys . When she had up coming appts with Welfare in Van Nuy she flew back w money mom wired to her. Jerry Rozo who is blind in one eye is a pot head and has problems with alchol. as well ..he is a real winner .... John Bernard Rozo my ex-husband who lives at 6517 kester ave #6 Van Nuys California who also has a history of drug usuage and alchol. Plus a DUI that was dished out April 2009 is on Probation now until 2012. Roger Baena is also another winner bcuz he was accused of oral copulation when my son was 4 yrs old and I left John bcuz he didnt believe me . Roger was never prosecuted bcuz my son brushed his teeth I was told by John Bernard Rozo that Arnold would go after me SO not to say a word. There is a police report at the Northridge police station in regards to this 2004. Files were never charged. Still have the paper trailon that. John Bernard Rozo was physical, sexual abuse , verbal and mentally through out 4yr our marriage. When it finally came to a stop in Grants Pass, Oregon when he picked up a knife and tryed to assault me after sexually trying to pin me down by my wrist and I fought him as usual as he ripped off my clothes. the week before which I have do***ented also by a wrist injury by the Asante Medical Group in Oregon(2006) . I fought back and it has been a bitter custody battle with the two kids I had with him. My kids have so many memories of Mildred being nasty to them and me also of having getting daddy to stop hurting mommy. Or watching daddy hurt mom instead of them. I am not perfect I am just a mother who waits and see's how life and god hand out JUSTICE TO ALL. JOESPH BAENA is a great kid he really is he isnt to screwed up yet!!! I have all my do***ents in case JOHN trys to mess w my life again for protection THANK GOD FOR DIVORCES........... GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ SHE REALLY ISNT A NICE PERSON BUT SHE IS REAL ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS ONLY!!!!!
NORA I say the truth becuz I am tired of being stepped on by his threats. OF ARNOLD WILL FIGHT FOR HIM.

1255 days ago


Arnold final deserves to be judged by the Divine Justice to the full extent of the law, care if the girl's sister is his tambie'n. Mildred sorry that your child is teased practice where you go and you're the only q guilty about your brazen, being married and sleeping with another man

1254 days ago


Maybe the niece is Arnold's as well? Ha!

1254 days ago


Well CA, there's where all your tax money went to. To fund a freaking Quince, how original! He's banged the maid, screwed California, and his careers been in the tank since The Terminator. Let's just vote this as**** off the island?!? True story.

1254 days ago


I guess the sisters had to close their eye and pull a straw to see which one of them would get banged in the morning and who would get banged in the evening.The biggest prize who would get pregnant by this candy slick atm sugar daddy. The other women he messed around with should feels real cheap for sleeping with him for so cheap. If an illegal posing as maid caan make away with this much loot from Arnold well as Americans hotties should have a lot more to show for sleeping with him than they got.

1253 days ago


I would agree Arnold's probably banging the neice and what ever female family member is within his sight.

1253 days ago


When you truly love your husband, you don't expect him to cheat on you. My heart goes out to Maria. I do believe she did not know about the affair at the time nor later. Sometimes we may have doubts but there is a denial attached as well. The worst to deal with now for Maria, may be the fact that all those years she did trust Mildrid? to clean and cook for the family -- and gave her gifts without knowing anything about the cover up and the secret life of her husband.

1253 days ago


she is nasty!!

1252 days ago


omg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

arnold is such a creepy s***bag.

1252 days ago


Seems he's moved on and seems happy!

1252 days ago
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