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Wanna Smell Like Joe Jackson?!!?

5/18/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever looked at Joe Jackson and thought, "How the hell can I smell like THAT guy?" ... well, fret no more ... MJ's dad has unveiled a brand new line of body scents.


Joe debuted a "Jackson" scent line for both MEN and WOMEN in Cannes, France this week ... with a cologne called, "Tribute," and perfume called, "Legend."

Apparently, "Greed" and "Abuse" didn't make the cut.

So what do they smell like you ask? The cologne is described as "heavily musky" and the perfume is a "floral harmony" combined with a "fruity note."

No word on when the smells will be available to purchase.


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The perfume smells like Assh*le. It was supposed to be named "Jackson Le Pue."

1253 days ago


Who wants to smell like sh*t?

1253 days ago


Joe is also endorsing Jewel Lines out of Canada to sell vodka.

Joe Jackson signed a marketing agreement with UD Group International for the Global Production of Joe Jackson: Champagne, Ice Cream, Jellys, Lollys, Cosmetique, Jewelry and Fashion (Children and Adult Clothing). They all display the HIStory MJ logo.

MJ lost his HIStory rights to the logo in Germany and a company affiliated with Weisner and Joe Jackson is planning on releasing several items with that logo on them.

The HIStory MJ logo is owned by TePax, so they may license it to UD Group International. According to the German trademark office, there was an attemtp from third parties, that was cancelled this March. Other than owning that logo they don't have anything else. They can't connect that logo to MJ.
This is another attempt (a careful one this time) to use MJ's likeness.

Above info provided from LeslieHu blog. Thank you Leslie.

IMO, if Joe is selling products his initials are JJ not MJ. Does Joe think the world population is ignorant?

1253 days ago


Like a child, I am running through a field of wild daisys to be Free.I feel your love, I feel your touch.How can this be ?? The smell of Spring all around me. The sun, the fields, the Sky, and the Trees.I take a ribbon and tie it around your loving heart so we never grow apart.Your Face so beautiful and Pretty, makes me smile and realise how lucky we are.Like a child, so free, running through a field of Daisys ...To Michael Jackson

As a child, I used to do that in Germany. Sometimes still today !

1253 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

Thank you for the poem, Eleonora.;

1253 days ago


You Shed a Tear before we Kissed,You showed me your Tenderness.Eternal is your love to me. We never knew what would be!I confessed undieing Love to you.I shed a tear before we Kissed.Ignore the Rules and let Love be.It is not impossible to Love forever and be Free.When I think what life could hold.You love your touch. Your tenderness is one of those moments for which our world was made for.You shed a Tear before we kissed. You showed me your Tenderness.Forever together Companionship.......

1253 days ago


Dearest Phantom, you're sooo welcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!With all my love, Eleonora.

1253 days ago


The night was cold and heavy, a musky smell in the air. A demon monster came out of nowere, a demon so nasty, so evil, so gross, a blood sucker of night. A monster a horror to all. She sleept for 1000 years in a musky cript beneth the doors of hell.Her demonly hunger for blood and flech drove her right out of the center of hell.Her fangs so white and shap, looking for fresh a neck. A Beauty to pierce. A Vampire held for centuries in a hidden cript.Once and always a demon Vampire with red in her eyes.Waiting silently and with out care, the vampire, the monster from no where. A beautiful prince, a perfect human being, just walking through the courtyard of Love.Her fangs without disgression, full of hunger, full of lust, her innocent victim draining him from loving life....Why, Why so cruel and evil???The prince opend his beautiful eyes to realise he, he was now a Victim of the Night. A Prince of Darkness to her delight.....

1253 days ago


He is a pig.

1253 days ago


A crunch, a bite, a drop of blood. A victim of undieing love. A Prince of darkness from over seas. A prince so beautiful to see. A Vampire full of old time grace.But with a hunger of fresh blood.A Vampire living in secret, in old ruins of an ancient past.Nothing to say, nothing to care.A Prince with fangs so cold as steel.He moves so fast, so quick to see.Now its time, now he hungers for the Beautiful maiden in his way.Poor Maiden doesn't see the Monster behind this beautiful being.A hello, a good night, a bite, a crunch, and she became a beauty of Night.....a Victim of the Prince of the Night.

1253 days ago


Is it me or does this dude wear the same tired outfit? Like damn!!!

1253 days ago


A Man we all so loved, the best of all.A king, a Man with undieing Love, a heart with a crown, a kind man, a simple man.Love for all.He tryed to change this world to give us Love.His Music made us fall into a dream.A perfect World with forever peace.He fed the needy, he dressed the poor, he gave to charities over and over.A Man, a kind and loving soul................Michael Jackson WE DO LOVE YOU.....

1253 days ago
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