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Katt Williams

Hawking is a 'Cripple with a Bad Idea'

5/18/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Stephen Hawking does not believe in God ... then he's "just another crippled guy with a bad idea" ... so says comedian Katt Williams.

Katt was out in L.A. last night when we asked about Kirk Cameron's pro-afterlife response to Hawking's suggestion that Heaven does not exist.

Williams explained, "Kirk Cameron is brilliant" ... adding, "God still runs this earth, Satan's breath still stinks."


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and katt william is a drugged out braindead idiot.........he is not relevent to anyone but his retarded stupid idiotic self! dumb as dirt b'stard!

1218 days ago

Mother Nature    

Katt is a bloody twit.

1218 days ago


Love Katt,wish he would get it back together and some out with some new material. He's hilarious!

1218 days ago

Brian Scott Miller    

Kat is the KING of bad ideas, so he must know a bad idea when he smears one :)

1218 days ago


"Bottom line, existence had to start somewhere. It didn't just come from nothing. That would be impossible..."

And so where did your God come from? Because according to your position, he can't have existed from nothing, he had to start somewhere from something. What came before God? How did God begin? How do you know God isn't a middleman and there's something that created God? Like glitter unicorns.

1218 days ago


@elpablo, you stated that "It didn't just come from nothing. That would be impossible"

Where did your god come from?

1218 days ago

Will E    

QueenBoudica Did UU actually read the Bible? Ya know history proves the (STORIES) Accurate. ? Once I was drunk and I spewed s@!t out of my mouth also.}p

1218 days ago


It is 2011 and I cant believe people are still clinging to an archaic book written over 2000 years ago in order to control the masses. Why do people need promises of an afterlife to enjoy or be good in this one. Amazing.

1218 days ago


Good for him!

1218 days ago


Like I'm going to listen to advice from Kat Williams. He's probably broken all 10 commandments personally. I'm sure he asked God to forgive him though so yea it must be all good right? Love how religion rationalizes being a bad person and it's ok as long as you say you're sorry.

1218 days ago


wtg KW so very true

1218 days ago


dumb ****** with money has to run his mouth, ****ing jungle ape

1218 days ago


Will E 42 minutes ago

QueenBoudica Did UU actually read the Bible? Ya know history proves the (STORIES) Accurate. ? Once I was drunk and I spewed s@!t out of my mouth also.}p
Damn so the world started 2000 years ago AND dinosaurs never existed? Glad you and your people exist Will. I get to sell bridges to you.

1218 days ago


Amazing how many of you, even with the headline in front of you, don't know how to spell the man's name. It's Hawking!! Not Hawkins, Hawkings, Hawken........ Hawking you idiots!!!

1218 days ago


DatDogBitez and Fred,

Your position is intellectually bankrupt. We exist right? Where did the universe come from? Whatever has come into existence was caused to come into existence by something else. The universe came into existence, so what caused it to come into existence?

1218 days ago
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