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Arnold's Baby Mom & Maria

Preggo at Same Time

5/18/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver and Mildred Patricia Baena were both pregnant with Arnold's children ... AT THE SAME TIME.

Maria Shriver and Mildred Patricia Baena

And get this ... the two kids were born less than a WEEK APART  -- Maria's son Christopher was born on September 27, 1997 ... and Mildred's love child was born on October 2, 1997.

The two boys are now 13 years old.


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Sounds like a lot of cuchi cuchi was going on in Arnold's and Maria's home. I think Maria knew all along and kept it a secret until Mildred decided to go public. How could Maria not suspect the Arnie was getting it on with Mildred and others. She looked the other way as did Elizabeth Edwards did. What a shame.

1251 days ago


Wife AND jump-off pregnant at the same time....

Arnold, you are truly a PIG!

(My apologies to swine...)

1251 days ago


Calm down, pyrochick. I don't know who made you mad but getting made at Mexicans doesn't make sense. Arnie would have cheated with ANYONE who made it easy for him to cheat; for him it's about opportunity, not about face.

Stop drinking your Hater-ade and pour it down the sink. You've had enough.

1251 days ago


Arnold must have been really drunk! Or has a total lack of standards. If he was willing to hop on the one on the right, he must have climbed on almost ANYTHING!

1251 days ago


Arnold has no class. Anyone with a brain would want his offspring by someone with an IQ and attractive like his wife, not some low class ragbag like the one on the right.

Maybe he was trying to do his own "Twins" experiment. What an idiot!

1251 days ago


OMG PIGS mildred!!! JFC and arnold!!! disgusting PIG
she looks like chuy from Chelsea and he is just FUG they both are

1251 days ago


Garbage and trash go to the same landfill. They are two of a kind. He's going to need a lot of cash though. Child support will very costly to him....he might be able to cut himself a break and marry the cleaning lady or whatever she is and cut some of his expenses there. Marriage doesn't mean anything to their kind anyway, so neither will have great expectations

1251 days ago


That son of a gun makes me ill. And I DO mean Arnold. 2 womens lives ruined as well as the children. Selfish pig.

1251 days ago


Do the math - must have been ONE HELL of a New Years' Eve party!!

1251 days ago


It is truely disgusting news. How could Arnold like the maid and have sex with her? She is so fat, ugly face and body. Her appearance looks like a cleaning maid type. She must be a very tricky lady and set a trap for Arnold'd money. She has cheated Maria for over ten years, Maria should sue her.

1250 days ago


Mildred Patricia looks so ugly, low class and disgusting. She just looks like a Mexician maid who cleans hotels and houses. How could she can be Arnold's mistress? How could Arnold have sex with such ugly woman and produced a baby? Mildred Patricia had deceived Maris for so many years, she is sneaky and should be criticized.

1250 days ago


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww to being pregnant at the same time.

1250 days ago


My God! Arnold does like his women FONDILLO-UGLY!!!

1250 days ago


And this women will get NO CRITICISM for her actions! She KNOWINGLY slept with a married man repeatedly. SHE IS A HOMEWRECKER! But our society never criticizes women who cheat with married men. Only MEN are criticized for cheating. Just like all the skanks who slept with Tiger Wood knowing he was married were not criticized but instead were rewarded with TV interviews and book deals and reality TV show offers.

1250 days ago


I just don't want this crap to ruin future Terminator movies. o.O

1250 days ago
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