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Mel Gibson -- Booed at Cannes for Something New

5/18/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was booed like crazy while tooling around the Cannes Film Festival -- but it's TOTALLY not for the reason you would think ... or the OTHER reason you would think. Or the other ...

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Mark Proctor    

Sugar tits baby... sugar tits... lol.

1253 days ago


Oh freakin' please, TMZ. Grasping for straws much? He didn't want to pose for pics or sign autographs, why? Because he didn't want to put up with the papasleezerazzi who'd be asking him personal questions which is "NOT" a right as much as you'd like to think it is.

Where's the big THREAD for Brad Pitt being booed at Cannes, and that was after his movie finished? You people really ARE biased in the news room, aren't you?

1253 days ago

Ms Thang    

What's the deal with his nipples being hidden? I would lick them.

1253 days ago


I love beaver!

1253 days ago


I was with Mel all the way about that big lips character but come on Mel .. posing for the photogs is what made you rich, it's da show business

please don't do that again. pose like everybody else. as a way to thank the people working to make your image known, no?

1253 days ago


I guess Sugar Tits is too busy to make a little time for his fans, even if he is at a publicity event.

1253 days ago

Tom L    

He was booed for going topless on the street which was tacky to the French. Both men and women can go topless on the beach in France which is considered acceptable.

1253 days ago


Another Pot Bellied Pig, right up there with Arnie.

1253 days ago


Aw come on TMZ. Do you really think it's nessary to cover Suger Tits' man nips?

1253 days ago


Must celebrities always be reminded that if it were not for fans, not for publicity, they would not be celebrities?

On the one hand, you can understand how annoying it must get, the public is very demanding. On the other hand, if they didn't want the attention, would they have gotten onstage?

1253 days ago


Give it a break on Mel, that TMZ staffer was right, they Boo 'anyone' that doesn't stop.

And whats wrong with Mel's ta ta's? They look alright to me. Dude looks pretty decent for his age.

And one big reason 'The Beaver' isn't doing well in theaters is it's in only 22 theaters, 105 at it's most when the average opening theater count 2,800 to 3,900 theaters. Reviews... one of his Best roles and a highly rated (outside the hollywood yahoos) by your average viewer.

1253 days ago

Mel Gibson is a madman. Boycott him.

1253 days ago


The image is worked over in photoshop.

This one looks nothing like the other shots which don't show the same visual aberrations or the man-boobs. It's a poor quality image which helps hide changes but it still shows several sections of altered pixels.

I have enlarged a portion that shows one definite square of flesh that is sticking out into the wall and wood trim behind him as TTT59 noticed.

Look at the strokes along side the string. There are many indications of patching after stretching the flesh in the image. The string's shadow is missing on one side where it should have one. The string is distorted and even changes direction a little where it shouldn't which would have happened from the same stretching.

If you drawn an imaginary line from the patch of flesh in the circle to the string he is wearing, you'll see that is right where the string is distorted.

His rib cage juts out unnaturally then comes back in to where the horizontal balcony edge meets with his real shape because too many elements would have been involved. It would have taken too much time to change the whole balcony edge. Perhaps they wanted their payday before someone else sold similar images. The whole area looks very altered.

There are obvious clone tool and "paint brush" strokes showing and this is just a small section.

It is difficult to alter parts of an image and not have nearby objects affected. There is frequently repair work to be done after any edits are made, as anyone who uses Photoshop or other raster-based image editing software. The pixels always show manipulation (repaired areas are often less pixelized unless the clone tool is used carefully) although it can be minimized if one takes their time. Not a lot of time was spent on this image because it is all very visible.

1253 days ago


Just shows Mel isn't going to cave to the "celebrity" status quo. I love it! Way to keep it real Mel.

1253 days ago


TMZgossip 3 hours ago
he's slated to headline Free Willie 3

meanie lol... Tmzg its up to Free Willie 5 now anyways, remember
Bindi Irwin was in no. 4 that went straight to dvd.

1253 days ago
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