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Mel Gibson -- Booed at Cannes for Something New

5/18/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was booed like crazy while tooling around the Cannes Film Festival -- but it's TOTALLY not for the reason you would think ... or the OTHER reason you would think. Or the other ...

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And since you feel production studios should take the risk of hiring recovering / relapsing drug addicts instead of more stable actors, i'm sure you feel Charlie Sheen "deserves a break" too, right? lol

1199 days ago


Lorica 10 hours ago
The image is worked over in photoshop.

This one looks nothing like the other shots which don't show the same visual aberrations or the man-boobs. It's a poor quality image which helps hide changes but it still shows several sections of altered pixels.

I have enlarged a portion that shows one definite square of flesh that is sticking out into the wall and wood trim behind him as TTT59 noticed.

Look at the strokes along side the string. There are many indications of patching after stretching the flesh in the image. The string's shadow is missing on one side where it should have one. The string is distorted and even changes direction a little where it shouldn't which would have happened from the same stretching.

If you drawn an imaginary line from the patch of flesh in the circle to the string he is wearing, you'll see that is right where the string is distorted.

His rib cage juts out unnaturally then comes back in to where the horizontal balcony edge meets with his real shape because too many elements would have been involved. It would have taken too much time to change the whole balcony edge. Perhaps they wanted their payday before someone else sold similar images. The whole area looks very altered.

There are obvious clone tool and "paint brush" strokes showing and this is just a small section.

It is difficult to alter parts of an image and not have nearby objects affected. There is frequently repair work to be done after any edits are made, as anyone who uses Photoshop or other raster-based image editing software. The pixels always show manipulation (repaired areas are often less pixelized unless the clone tool is used carefully) although it can be minimized if one takes their time. Not a lot of time was spent on this image because it is all very visible.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I got lazy. However, I did show the image to a friend that works in Photoshop and he said "It's been manipulated and went on to explain where and how - pointing out many of the same things you did and a few others. I don't think Gibson looks as bloated in any of the other shots in the series. Just this one that's be reposted all over the internet.

1199 days ago


Gibson video interview with Variety from Cannes.

1199 days ago


"The Beaver" is a cursed little film.

Its star, Mel Gibson, has managed to offend just about everyone in the past few years, with his erratic hateful rants and domestic disasters. So much so that Summit Entertainment delayed the release of this film in hopes of dodging some of Gibson's toxic PR. It also suffers from a lousy title and a heavy theme, and is anything but a "crowd-pleaser." It's the kind of loopy enterprise -- a deeply depressed man speaks through a beaver hand puppet -- upon which critics prepare to pounce, sharpening their most stinging collection of adjectival invective.

But here's the kicker: "The Beaver" is actually a terrifically well-made, well-acted film from Jodie Foster, a director who always embraces dignity and quality. It's a funny, weird and startling psychological character study, written by Kyle Killen. And if not for Gibson's poisonous personality and chronic TMZ appearances, he'd be looking at an Oscar nomination.


1199 days ago


No. I don't think I will.

1199 days ago


A snip from Variety. The bold font is mine:

"On Tuesday, Mel Gibson flew into Cannes for less than 24 hours to push "The Beaver." His presence inspired the DH headline "Exclusive: Mel Gibson Finally Talks." In fact, the press-shy Mr. Gibson did give one interview to a U.S. publication in Cannes -- and that was to Variety. (And let us quickly point out to you shameless readers, he spoke only of his work. TMZ does an excellent job at what they do, but that's not what we do.)"

The item that heads this thread is a great illustration of what TMZ now "does": uploads stuff that even Radar Online would find too juvenile to use. Ah, for the good old days (like even a year ago), when TMZ had an interest in investigative journalism.

The Variety story contains a link to the video of the interview and an (unintentional) explanation of why Tree of Life got booed:

1199 days ago



Sorry. I read your posts and failed to realize I was looking at the same Variety piece. I clearly need coffee after another sleepless night.

1199 days ago


mel mel mel, what were you thinking? please, put your shirt on and button those pants.

1199 days ago


Maybe we should follow some of the posters on this site around and have a camera on them 24/7 and see how they like it. OH NO, don't take off your clothes for a shower because someone might be hiding there ready to film you. Don't go swimming because you will be called a whale or worse if caught in your bathing suit. Don't eat while out in public, you might get a picture of yourself splashed on the cover of every magazine with the caption oink oink. Don't let any child sit on your lap or you will be called a pedophile. Don't talk to a person of the opposite sex or you will be labeled a cheat.
If you wouldn't like it happening to you, don't do it to others. If it would hurt you that something is not true and someone puts it out there that it is, then don't do it to others. If you find pleasure in causing pain to others but don't like it in return then just keep it to yourself and stew. The pain you cause someone will come back at you two fold. Because Karma is a bitch and she will come looking for you.

1199 days ago


@Firefly, good post. I watched the interview with Variety. He was bouncing that cigarette like he really wanted it. I'd say that's another thing to blame on Ox. He started back smoking and I know he wasn't because in the tapes he said he wasn't going to smoke because he knew she'd get satisfaction out of him smoking again.

1199 days ago


New pics of Ox buying cans and not in Cannes:

1199 days ago


@Tell I sure see what you and Lorica are talking about. It's obvious! It's not that any of us care if he has boobs and a paunch, it's just that the image was doctored. It wasn't TMZ it was x17 FWIW

Funny how the moronic trailer trash who are always foaming at the mouth defending their right to have an opinion (even when no one has said otherwise) are the first to attack others' opinions. And that's just the way I see it.

@Firefly Well said! It's so transparently ridiculous and hypocritical. Add to that the spins and lies to the point of adding to images things that aren't there and their agenda is even clearer.

BTW, WTH was Arnie thinking??? ROFL!!! He's making anything Mel look downright angelic. Like you said, KARMA is a BITCH
Remember this, Arnie?

The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger took shots at his old movie rival, Mel Gibson, comparing him with the BP oil leak yesterday.

Arnie told a group of utility commissioners in Sacramento that while BP appears to have contained its well in the Gulf of Mexico, “no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson,” reports the Associated Press.

The Terminator actor also told participants to turn off their cell phones “because we are expecting a call from him,” referencing Mel’s profanity-laden and hate-filled rants to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel’s spokesman Alan Nierob says he is happy to hear Arnold has a sense of humor, adding, “He’s obviously paving the way for a return to showbiz.”

1199 days ago


The news pics of Ox came from this site. If you read the article there are some other pics of her in white under it but if you click on them it says page not available.

1199 days ago


@Tell Look at her hiking up her unmentionables just like MamaChernuka! She looks more and more frumpy. Miss Sweden must be beside herself with laughter

1199 days ago


Frieda, Ya beat me to it. Pic #4 is hilarious. Did you notice the grey hair?

1199 days ago
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