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TMZ Live -- Who Was in on the Love Child Secret

5/18/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than just Arnold and Mildred knew of the love child -- who else helped keep their secret?  Plus, what's revealed in candid photos of Arnold, Mildred and their son...

25 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) We got our hands on a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his baby mama posing in front of a Christmas tree ... how sweet.
(1:20) Patty Baena's divorce docs -- VERY TELLING.
(2:50) Patty and Maria -- pregnant at the SAME TIME. Disgusting.
(3:50) Our photos of Arnold's love child ... you can SO TELL they're related.
(8:40) Did Maria have any idea the affair was going on? Evan weighs in.
(12:30) Will Maria and Arnold end in divorce?
(16:30) Why do famous guys have affairs with women who are less attractive than their wives?
(19:50) Patty and Octomom ... the comparison.
(28:35) Can wives sue husbands for cheating? Jason knows.
(32:50) Nina's opinion on Rihanna following Chris Brown on Twitter.
(37:55) Charles is being honored in the Bronx Hall of Fame ... and Harvey says we're going to do a piece about it on TMZ TV. Naturally, Charles disagrees.
(39:24) Webcam question -- how does TMZ break so many stories?
(43:00) Stephen Hawking doesn't believe in heaven ... what do the guys think?


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its not about the woman or what she looks like. its all about him and his ego. to be wanted, desired, and that need, for the cheater, to know he can be powerful enough to satisfy. sick. its almost sociopathic. (from this female's point of view)

1261 days ago

Shena Barnes    

Has Maria denied knowing about the child, maybe she has always known???? Remember this is just noe unfolding.

1261 days ago


Why are all of the women on your staff so fat and ugly? You have NO hot chicks working there Harv!!

1261 days ago


So he slept with the same women at the same time and they both got pregnant around the same time? gross they should go get checked.

1261 days ago


Marie new 10 years ago she wanted out of this marrage. She look awful back then. She was not happy person, She should have stay with dateline.

1261 days ago


seriously, Arnold is considered good looking and this lady is the "ugly one"? wow. Why are the women the ugly ones?

1261 days ago


Remember, Maria worked for Dateline NBC. She may not have immediately known about this child and she may have been in denial for a long time, but she knew.

Both Arnold and "Patty" would have behaved differently when around Maria at the same time. As the boy got older and his features would become more set I'm sure it became more difficult to deny. She stayed perhaps for all the typical reasons - kids, to avoid scandal, hoping he would change as promised. Possibly religious reasons which Joe Kennedy Jr. so famously struggled with.

Her parents were not initially accepting of Arnold the Kennedy family says, but I'm not sure they ever truly accepted him. Perhaps now that they have both passed had something to do with her decision. Cousin, RFK Jr. filed for divorce last year. For Maria, now was the right time.

Regardless of what she knew and when she knew it... I would love to see her return to doing news. She was so great.

1261 days ago


WHO really cares about Arnold and is their business...We don't know why or what was on his mind..I take that back we know what but not why...

1261 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

An alienation of affection claim was won by somebody in North Carolina in 2010.

1261 days ago


Only a few states in the United States still allow alienation of affection lawsuits.

These states, as of 12/2009, are: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

1261 days ago


Alienation of affection is still viable in N. Carolina and Mississippi

1261 days ago


Why does Max sound like he was partying all night??????

1261 days ago


This woman may have pursued him, but he is responsible for pushing this woman's advancements away. He is a much larger person than she is, I have a hard time believing he could not have just stood up and walked away. Despicable Arnold !!

1261 days ago


Notice how all those people who ask questions on Skype use the Osama Bin Laden background - can't identify anything identifable about them!

1261 days ago


One thing that impressed me was the fact he admitted publicly what he had done was wrong and apologized. I have more respect for him now and as far as I am concerned,its said and done and he and his family should be left alone to work through this time alone. It would not change my opinion one way or the other.

1261 days ago
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