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Arnold Dropped $65,000 on Baby Mama's House

5/20/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a $65,000 down payment on a house for his ex-housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena -- less than a year before he admitted to fathering her child ... TMZ has learned.


According to loan documents obtained by TMZ, Arnold made the "gift" payments in two installments from his own personal bank account -- one for $5,000 in April 2010 ... and one for $60,000 in May 2010.

According to the docs, the money was used to secure a loan for Patty's house in Bakersfield, CA -- where she currently lives with Arnold's 13-year-old love child.

The purchase price of the house was $268,000 -- so Arnold's down payment covered nearly a quarter of the total cost.

It's unclear if Maria was aware of the transaction at the time.


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now if this had of been black people .. folks would have said how low down they are,, NOW WHAT! low down comes in all races if you didnt know!

1254 days ago


Oh come on..a lot of posters on here just want to vent anger at anyone..this time its Arnold...I think Maria must of known,not saying that makes it right, I am saying maybe she excused it for too long, as do most women in the high society circles, from what I have read. I think Arnold has been paying this woman from the time he heard about the child, and is probably making the monthly payments on the house as well....we dont know what went with Mel Gibson, I like his acting and I will continue to watch his movies and Arnold's as well...neither did nothing to me!!!!

1254 days ago


The child is a bastard child so its not like he's entitled to receive the same things that his legitimate kids with Shriver would be. Its not like he was supposed to buy the maid a mansion in the Beverly Hills. Get Real. That being said, he has been very generous to that woman, buying her a nice house with a pool, paying child support, and he also in part supported the maid's family and relatives would also give them money and buy them gifts. I think that Arnold had help from his advisors and certain people around him to help him conceal this charade.

1254 days ago


average housekeeper salary in USA is
$20 000-25 000 a year
maid was paid $1200 a week X 4 x 12 = $57 600
so I think child support is in her salary...

she bought this house last year 2010
$5000 probably as an offer on this house
and $60... 000 in mortgage day latter

paper look like a statement that she did received money last year as a non returnable gift

who is paying the mortgage?
it could be Arnold right? we do not know


Bubbles 50 minutes ago
The gift letter is dated May 10, 2011, but she bought the house in June of 2012, so how could this loan have been used to "secure the loan" when she had already bought the house?

Arnold probably gave her this money because he knew the story was going public and he wanted her to stay quiet. I doubt he even pays any child support at all!!!!!!!

1254 days ago


Has anyone looked at the date of the gift letter??? (5/10/11) Isn't that like after the story broke?

1254 days ago


Gloria "There isn't a hooker I don't represent" Allred will be there any minute, and she will make sure that Arnie pays a whole lotta money to this crazy maid. I feel sorry for the boy, he is the victim in all this.

1254 days ago


65k is probably what he makes each day off his movie royalties alone, so its not a huge deal.

1254 days ago

CA Girl    

Mistresses and their offspring are not necessarily in line for inheritance money equal to the LEGAL offspring of a family. This is where lawyers come in. I have no sympathy for the housekeeper. She KNEW what she was doing and why she was doing it when she went after A.S. years ago. She KNEW what she was doing - a lot like Oksana Grigorieva did to Mel Gibson. If she's a practicing Catholic, that begs another question as well. Doesn't it? She wanted a chance at a big movie star (she sure got it), and by extension to his assets and promises. He'll wind up paying off her house and paying for the son's education and whatever else he needs. That's more than she'd ever have on her own and she KNEW it.... Love (oh puhlese) or no love.

As for A.S. and his probably soon-to-be legal ex-wife, I do NOT believe that Maria had NO IDEA any of this did or was going on. She'd have to be totally blind and stupid, and I don't think she is. Maybe there's something going on here we DON'T know about. Is that possible? Is it possible the public is not privy to every single personal thing about this story? Could that be? If my husband was "doing" my housekeeper essentially under my nose for YEARS, I can categorically assure you I would KNOW something was going on. Nobody, especially not my own husband, would have to tell me, even if I didn't have all the details. I would KNOW it. This whole thing stinks. I think all three of them are caught up in their own lies and denials between them. It can't be all A.S. by himself. There's more to this story than meets the eye.

1254 days ago


This maid is stupid! Only 65k down and she still owes a mortgage.
Arnold could have bought the house for her. She will probably lose the property in the long run. Arnold set the dumb chick up for failure on the house. $268k is nothing for Arnold to drop down and the maid took what he offered her.

Well, Arnold failed the people of CA, even though I never voted for his stinky butt, anyway, but I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED SINCE 2008,in Cali-FORN-YA! He screwed not only the STATE,BUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE and at the end of the day, this is entertaining and the Arnold is not putting any food on my table,paying none of my bills,or adding any jobs to my resume. He lied to CA the terms of his governship. What a mess. Maybe he should repay the STATE OF CALIFORNIA for his dirty about that SLEAZE BALLS, ARNIE!LOL!!

1254 days ago


Boo is clearly an idiot...." In other countries especially where the maid is from and most likely old Austrian thinking too, illegitimate kids are left nothing or a very tiny amount. They are not viewed as equals".

Well in THIS country, the court system doesn't play that sh*t with children. He doesn't owe the mother anything but the child is absolutely entitled to child support proportionate to the father's income...period.

1254 days ago


What is this BS? The hand written date next to Arnold's signature is dated 5/10/11. The rest of the docs are dated 2010. Is somebody doctoring these? TMZ????

1254 days ago


This cheapskate should have given her that crappy house in Bakersfield totally paid for. Instead he puts $65,000 down? Big effin' deal. That's nothing to this clown. His cheapness is coming back to bite him in the azz.

Mildred will be able to get big bucks child support now. Just think of that 50 grand per MONTH Charlie Sheen pays out to Denise and Brooke. I wouldn't be suprised if a judge ordered that amount or MORE for the support of this kid. Arnie is a multi millionaire and a judge will say that this kid deserves to be supported in the same manner as his other kids, plus Arnie will be on the hook for ALL of her legal bills, PLUS back child support.

I don't think Mildred was too aware of the way the American legal system works.

Sux to be you Arnie.

1254 days ago


I don't know which is more disgusting - him "hitting" that or her "receiving" the leeetle steroidal **** - ugh! And, something tells me, the keeper of the house will be seeing a bigger payday - hopefully she spends it on the kid and doesn't waste it on plastic surgery and lip cuz there ain't enuf money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1254 days ago


I'm sure he payed for the whole $268,000 all by himself but he made it in several payments. It would have been to obvious/suspicious for Maria if he would have taken out from his bank account all the $268,000 at once. I'm sure that the maid is happy with whatever arrangement that her and Arnold have. He probably has her back covered pretty well. She definitely hit the jackpot with Arnold. Reports are saying that there's 2 other bastards kids out there(which I'm sure he also supports), but its not like he can or should give all of them everything that he gives his own legitimate children at home. Just cause he's worth a lot doesnt mean they're entitles to mansions, hummmers and expensive trips to Europe every year.

1254 days ago


Arnold provides for his son: more news at 11

1254 days ago
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