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Botox Mom:



5/19/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who went on "Good Morning America," claiming she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox, now swears under oath ... she made the entire story up for a few hundred bucks.

Kerry Campbell Botox

TMZ has obtained a sworn declaration written by Sheena Upton, who claims she was recently approached by the British tabloid, The Sun, and asked "to play the role of Kerry Campbell" for a story called "I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox."

Upton now confesses The Sun paid her $200 adding, "I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview."

After the story ran in The Sun, Upton says she was approached by "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition" and claims she was offered  "a large fee" to appear on camera.  She went on both shows and re-told her story.

After the interview, child welfare officials took Upton's daughter away.

Upton now admits in her declaration, "The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant."

Upton says professionals agree with her declaration, because on May 17, she took her daughter to the UCLA Medical Center and says, "After my daughter received a full medical exam, the results indicated that she has not ever received treatments including Botox or other such injections."

We're told the UCLA reports were forwarded to child welfare officials, who then returned Upton's daughter to her, with the provison that a cousin would stay with her and the child for the time being.

As for "Good Morning America" -- sources connected with Upton claim she was promised $10,000 to appear.  We do not know how much she was offered for "Inside Edition."

As for the declaration -- signed under penalty of perjury -- we're told Upton wrote it so her lawyer can secure full rights to custody of her daughter.

An ABC News insider tells TMZ, "There is no truth to the story about compensation, but they did pay a broker no more than $10,000 to license photos."

UPDATE 8:20 AM PT: An ABC News spokesman tells us, "We have just seen the sworn declaration on TMZ written by Sheena Upton, a.k.a. Kerry Campbell , and are vigorously investigating her most recent statement and rapidly shifting story."

The rep continues, "Good Morning America has repeatedly questioned Upton, members of her family, and other sources who again and again stood by the Botox story." 

"Good Morning America is solely interested in getting to the truth and will share with our audience any new information that we find."


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confused in k-town    

A few hundred dollars is not money, it's chump change. To put your daughter through that BS for chump change makes this "mother" a f u c k t a r d.

1252 days ago


Wow. As a mother myself. I could NEVER imagine making up such a stupid story just for money. Bitch needs to pay up a major fine and maybe serve some jail time. Keep her daughter away from her. She apparently has some major mental issues going on. I feel for her child.

1252 days ago


this is for 2 cents. i dont see how you can get on here and make a harsh comment about a young innocent little girl. regardless what you think about the mother that is still a child that does not deserve to be talked about like that. she is a very beautiful , smart and kind girl. if you only knew her then you would see what kind of girl she is. She did not ask for any of this. So if anyone should be ashamed of them selves it should be you talking about a 8 year old little girl that way.

1252 days ago


Well then, she is really stupid and STILL doesn't deserve to be a mom

1252 days ago


I did wonder why this mom had so many injection marks around the mouth and nose. Anyone familiar with Botox knows you never get Botox in those areas, especially the mouth.
And judging from the picture of the little girl all made up, it was obvious that this mom had no experience in the pageants.

How did this magazine pick this woman out to do this story???

1252 days ago


if that is true I wonder if she now thinks that her 15 minutes was worth it

1252 days ago


Then what's up with this pic? I still say she is crazy.

1252 days ago


I thought something was fishy when I saw the pics/vieos of the little girl in her "pageant wear" in the interview. She didn't look anywhere near the calibre of die hard pageant kids. That being said I don't know which is worse...... this woman injecting her child and no doubt fueling future self esteem issues or having your child LIE for a few bucks. How are we to believe that this new story is even true?? I mean, what is she doing in those pics then??

1252 days ago


She had to make money some how...she looks like she ate the botox, her meals and the kid's meals...

1252 days ago


So..........this idiot was just approached by a British newspaper? The tabloid just picked this random woman out of the America?

Am I the only one who thinks there is another truth to this story? I cannot imagine, for the life of me, why this cow would be sought out by a British tabloid for a phony story that only paid her $200.00.

1252 days ago

VyPeR - a metropolis for gangsters, s***bags, and criminals. You have limited time to earn as much power as you can. The one with the most power at the end of the game wins!

Every round prizes is over 150 EURO.

1252 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

LOL. Ruined her life for a pathetic $200. What a dumb b*tch.

1252 days ago


I don't think what she did is wrong.
She did a stunt that didn't hurt her child to make a point and a little money.

a child suddenly being removed from the home and questoned and placed with strangers is traumatic

lying and having your child lie and photographed and people pointing and staring everywhere you go with the child is traumatic-so I disagree-it DID hurt her child

and she did it for $$ and her 15 minutes-anyone who does that for $ isn't deep enough or smart enough to be doing it to make a statement about the excess parents go to for their children to win pagents

just my opinin however

1252 days ago


I found the key statement in all of this...

"As for the declaration -- signed under penalty of perjury -- we're told Upton wrote it so her lawyer can secure full rights to custody of her daughter."

She "lied" about giving the kid botox to begin with, so she could make a few bucks. Why wouldn't she lie "under oath" (who's oath, I'd like to know, by the way) about NOT giving it to her.

If this is true, and she lied to make a few extra bucks, that's just as disgusting as giving her kid botox and waxing. She still used that kid to make money, while exploiting herself and her daughter. She doesn't deserve to have anything, let alone a child.

What I'd REALLY like to know is... where the hell is that kid's father?

1252 days ago


How did the Sun just happen to stumble across her way across the pond?

1252 days ago
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