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Botox Mom -- 'It Was An Acting Job'

5/19/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheena Upton tells TMZ she only agreed to go along with the "Botox Mom" story because she viewed it as an "acting job" ... but now insists she knows it was all a "bad decision."



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Enough of this bitch.

1223 days ago


This STUPID & unintelligent B!tcH needs some physic help STAT! That kid should be taken away from her because she is immoral, unethically and mentally challenged to be a sound-minded parent. Plus the hag looks like Fiona (with downs on crack) from the Shrek movie!

1223 days ago


Ok, enough of this story. What I want to know is: is it true that Jimmy Fallon likes to dress up like a woman and have sex with men? Heard some people talking about it yesterday at the dog park and it got me to thinking. I'm watching his show now and I could kinda see him getting into something like that. Just wondering. Anyone know???

1223 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad 30 minutes ago
She seems very low income and willing to do almost anything to make a buck. There is no way this woman could afford to send her daughter to beauty pageants and inject her with botox - that is REALLY EXPENSIVE to do. Even if she got the botox cheap....pageants are SUPER EXPENSIVE. And she just would never fit in with the pageant crowd.
Good point, if she did this all for only 200 bucks, she must be hurting for money. $200 is a pathetic amount. But, botox injections are something like $10-$15 per unit, which isn't too expensive I suppose. She totally would fit in with the pageant crowd, most of those mothers are fugly as hell -- living vicariously through their botoxed-cootchie-waxed-pancake-makeup'd daughters.

1223 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Does anyone see something weird about this fat pig when she talks?Is there something going on there? Look at her mouth when she's talking. Maybe she injects herself with Botox at least.Is it a problem with her tongue as she talks or something else.It is driving me crazy trying to figure it out..Sorry just would like that mystery solved..

1223 days ago


Auntie Lu about an hour ago We WATCHED you inject her. Your child SAID IT HURT. So she's a phony liar, too? You're an idiot and a liar

Actually they did not show her give the botox. We saw pictures which could have been photo shopped or staged. What I noticed is they do not show any lumps on her face which always happen when you get botox. They conveniently have the needle to her face then ice packs.

Also the little girl says it hurts sometimes but I get use to it. You never get use to it. Botox hurts like hell, women endure it for the benefit.

Another thing is when they ask her where she points to the side of her face near her mouth. Her mom has to correct her and say lower. You don't get botox there. You get filler. You get botox along your forehead. It is pretty clear this subject was something the little girl and even mom didn't know much about.

As far as her going on GMA, they paid her 10K. Of course she will continue her lie/act for that kind of money.

1223 days ago


This is who you need to talk to: the so-called reporter who packaged this story. Note on her website it says: "...Got a story to tell and sell - you could earn between £300 upwards - the sky is limit depending on type of story and demand."

1223 days ago


Well... the jokes on us. Wha wha whaaaaa

1223 days ago


OMG!!!! Using a lie to attempt to cover up another! I'm sorry I've looked at the pictures I even took out my magnifying glass and you can clearly see in the one that the needle is definately in that poor little girls eyebrow! Look above you can see the needle imbedded and a bulge from the botox!!! So because CPS stepped in now she's trying to BS her way out of things because she knows she has done wrong! What a wonderful example she is setting for that little girl!!! She doesn't deserve this child let alone to even be a Mother!!

1223 days ago


What an idiot she is!
Is it worth losing custody of your kids?
Time to grow up, be responsible and be a "mother".
In case you forgot that one.
What a shining example to show your daughters.

1223 days ago


OMG! Over 200. dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Lard!!!!!

1223 days ago


this bi*ch is a complete LIAR! from those fake glasses to that whole story about her daughter Mykala being in beauty pageants. this girl is total trash she has been a lying piece of dog crap since her sorry ass mother birth her..& now she is teaching her poor child how to lie to get what she wants i know them & this is not surprising to me considering she has been arrested several times been on welfare for several years & has doesn't even know who that child's father is. she tried her best to blame it on 2 guys at one time. playing both of them. she has another child where is she? child services have been apart of their life since that kid was born..if they did their job right & took a look at the evidence they would how Mykala has been hospitalized multiple times for neglect. when she was 2 or 3 the girl almost lost her fingers cause her mother wasn't paying any attention to her. & had to rush her to the e.r.due to a kitchen glass table top fell on her but considering her back ground & her whole families life style things are only going to get worst...who would in their right minds lie on their child & make her tell stories & then have her friends & family narrate this whole story there is some truth to this. do some research!!!!!!! her whole family is a bunch of lying criminal. just trash

1223 days ago


Typical single mother trash. Always blaming someone else.

1223 days ago


Keep your day job - oh wait isn't that being a mom - and kid's been taken away, so guess you can't do that either.

1223 days ago



1223 days ago
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