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Botox Mom Docs -- Don't Talk About Getting Paid

5/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox mom Sheena Upton, aka Kerry Campbell, has provided TMZ with documents that she says prove ... her whole spiel about injecting her daughter with the wrinkle remover was scripted.


In the stack of documents ... there is a lengthy rundown which Upton says she was told to follow when she did interviews for "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition."

Among the instructions on what to say ... "She's [her daughter] going to be famous thanks to me giving her injections so young."  And there's this ... "I have found a clinic that will do boob jobs in Mexico at 14, so if she hasn't developed by then we're saving for that surgery."

And another passage reads, "I admire Lindsay Lohan's mum ... for turning Lindsay into a child millionaire." 

Upton used a broker to arrange the interviews with GMA and "Inside Edition" and the broker is allegedly the one who provided the script.  And Upton claims the broker gave her some pretty specific instructions about not telling anyone she was getting money from GMA ($10,000) and "Inside" ($9,500).

Upton insists she never gave her daughter Botox, but was merely following a phony script for some quick money -- and GMA and "Inside" bought it hook, line and sinker.

The reporter who brokered the deal for The Sun, which ran the first story about Botox mom, tells TMZ, "She has doctored emails from me.  She has lied about the Sun.  She is attempting to extort money.  I saw her give the child injections."

Oh, one final thing.  The funniest part of the alleged script:  "Make up and hair done at studio.  Please don't chat to make up people about your interview."  Everyone knows, they have such big mouths!


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The emails seem legit but I think she told the Sun she does the botox and they came up with a riveting script. I believe this crazy bitch did inject her kid and even if she didn't, she is messing that kid up.

1250 days ago


Anyone who uses their child in a lie and has the child lie also to keep their butt from being found out about the lie is a worthless piece of poo. Truth or no truth to the story, someone is lying and the child is right in the middle of it too. What a crap bag of a mother this scank is. All for some easy cash.

1250 days ago


This is what happens when trailer trash have kids. Just watching this fool in her "interviews" tells you she's a lowlife POS who'd do just about anything for a free ride. She says she was manipulated. No stupid, you sold yourself and your kid for a quick pay day and got caught being a douchebag. Looking for somewhere to blame... try looking in the mirror.

1250 days ago


There is a needle in this photo....

1250 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Yep, I believed her from the get-go. She's just a poor single mom, uneducated, bit of a hustler and willing to do almost anything for a quick buck. She's strapped for cash so ANYONE judging her who themselves do not have the misfortune of being strapped for cash needs to STFU. Do any of you know what it's like to be in her shoes? And none of this "well, if *I* was in her situation, bla bla bla".

Unless you personally have been in a situation where you are so strapped for cash you would do almost anything for a quick buck, then you have no idea the struggles this woman faces on a daily basis. So she lied about something...she's a poor dumb biatch - she didn't know it would blow up to this extent. And she didn't think that what she was doing would harm her daughter. Maybe she explained it to her kid thusly: "Mommy has to do whatever she can to feed you and buy you the things you want."

Honestly, people have done A LOT WORSE for money. This woman didn't have any intention of harming her child. She's guilty of bad judgment and being a horrible role model for her child. If, indeed, she is telling the truth now...which I think she is. That's the thing about these types of down-and-out people....when they realize they have messed up they quickly tell the truth...they are not good liars. Contrast this with people like Bernie Madoff....where we STILL don't know what actually went down. No way do I believe Bernie Madoff HIMSELF was responsible for all that damage. He's STILL hiding A LOT, even after all this time. This poor biatch? She's an open book. It's sad.

1250 days ago


Many people HAVE been in her sitch and didn't whore out themselves or their kids for a buck. She deserves 100 times more ridicule than what she's getting. Take the kid away and rip out her fallopian tubes.

1250 days ago


Did you also notice at the top it says Inetrview. Should have been interview, no?

1250 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Meanie: Yeah, the "many people HAVE been in her sitch" argument is even worse than the "if *I* were in her sitch" argument.

Who are these "many people"? Friends of yours? Or people you have "heard" about? Fact is, you don't know her cir***stances. You don't know HOW LONG she has been cash strapped. Again, people do A LOT WORSE for money....even people who are not cash-strapped. It's just too easy judging a scapegoat like her - she's an easy target. Mainly because she's so stupid and desperate and was complicit in scapegoating herself. I feel sorry for her more than anything.

The REALLY scary people in this are GMA and INSIDE EDITION and this SUN tabloid. They exploit people, lie, and do ANYTHING for ratings and money. The spread public HYSTERIA. Oh, and they are NOT strapped for cash. Let's judge them because they are the real pigs in this.

1250 days ago


I would not believe anything this woman says. Also, I would not trust any written do***ents from her. She is a perpetual liar and I believe she injected her daughter with something. She is a mental disturbed and troubling person.

1250 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Sheena is a horrible role model as a mother and made some horrible choices and put her daughter at an emotional risk but I don't think she intended to do so. Sheena needs parenting classes ASAP and some therapy (both Sheena and her kid). But, every parent who is a horrible role model and makes bad decisions and puts their kids at emotional risk unintentionally does not have their kids taken away from them by CPS.

I personally know of at least 40 people of questionable moral character who are HORRIBLE parents to their kids. I don't even think most people who are parents should BE parents. But CPS can't take all those kids too.

1250 days ago


Really, is it that big of a deal? Basically the two acted out a story and got paid. Wow! so harmful one at all.

1250 days ago


If this woman truly lied, I say remove the child even faster. Clearly this woman lacks the kind of character that should be raising a little girl.

1250 days ago


I will preface the following statement/question by saying that her credibility appears suspect. If she did in fact inject her daughter, her daughter needs to be removed because her Mom's judgment is impaired. The only thing I can see that might be in Botox Mom's favor is if the "Sun" photoshopped the pic. I wonder if there are experts that can tell if a pic has been photoshopped or not?

1250 days ago


What is with these fat, ugly pierced mom's, that hope to live vicariously through their fat daughters? Just do your job, and raise your child right! She deserves to lose her whatever the truth is in this story!

1250 days ago


Wow!!....That's insane. Take the kid away.

1250 days ago
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