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Botox Mom Docs -- Don't Talk About Getting Paid

5/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox mom Sheena Upton, aka Kerry Campbell, has provided TMZ with documents that she says prove ... her whole spiel about injecting her daughter with the wrinkle remover was scripted.


In the stack of documents ... there is a lengthy rundown which Upton says she was told to follow when she did interviews for "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition."

Among the instructions on what to say ... "She's [her daughter] going to be famous thanks to me giving her injections so young."  And there's this ... "I have found a clinic that will do boob jobs in Mexico at 14, so if she hasn't developed by then we're saving for that surgery."

And another passage reads, "I admire Lindsay Lohan's mum ... for turning Lindsay into a child millionaire." 

Upton used a broker to arrange the interviews with GMA and "Inside Edition" and the broker is allegedly the one who provided the script.  And Upton claims the broker gave her some pretty specific instructions about not telling anyone she was getting money from GMA ($10,000) and "Inside" ($9,500).

Upton insists she never gave her daughter Botox, but was merely following a phony script for some quick money -- and GMA and "Inside" bought it hook, line and sinker.

The reporter who brokered the deal for The Sun, which ran the first story about Botox mom, tells TMZ, "She has doctored emails from me.  She has lied about the Sun.  She is attempting to extort money.  I saw her give the child injections."

Oh, one final thing.  The funniest part of the alleged script:  "Make up and hair done at studio.  Please don't chat to make up people about your interview."  Everyone knows, they have such big mouths!


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SHE IS TOO DUMB TO BE A MOTHER, save the children!

1232 days ago


@ Sad, worked with people who made bad choices in life. It shows there are 2 types... those who take responsibility for their bad choices and those who are just perpetual dregs on society like this skank.

1232 days ago


She must have contacted them, millions of women have children, why did she get picked out of all the mothers in the world? She is the biggest loser!

1232 days ago


Hey TMZ make a new game: Impregnation. Von A/hole and Arnold and shoot sperms and cash bundles at Octomom, Botoxmom and Arnold's Chica whore.

1232 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

At least whoever wrote those emails to her is using actual British spellings of certain words ie: 'colour', no American 'Z's thrown into certain words, using 'practise/practising' as a verb, using the word 'mum'.

1232 days ago



1232 days ago



1232 days ago


I think this woman would be wise to move. She's just subjected her daughter to some huge ridiculing at school and elsewhere. She's a horrible mother to do this to her child. People can say she's poor in her defence but alot of people have at some point been down and out and never resorted to this type of scamming and lying. If she can't make better decisions than this, I truly feel sorry for her daughter. She's going to have a lifetime of hell with her lying scheming mother who will use her for a quick buck.

1232 days ago



1232 days ago


if the email she is showing has been faked, it won't take long to prove.

1232 days ago


ketjo 4 hours ago

"I don't know about legal dom***ent or not but whowever write is has about as much education as some of TMZ writers.... If I was grading still he/she would get a D for dam messy in grammer ...

Don't care if shes lieing or not she's a charliton and fraud. Lying to the public for profit....hey maybe she should be a politican they do it all the time..."

I cringed almost as much reading this as reading the do***ent in question. How "ketjo" can question a writer's grammar (not grammer, ketjo) or education is beyond me. Clearly, lots of folks are sleeping in English class.

Ketjo, it's not "lieing", it's spelled "lying"
Not "charliton", but "charlatan"
Not "whowever", but "whoever"
Not "politican", but "politician"
Use apostrophes with contractions, please.
As far as the original do***ent, it was clearly written by a near illiterate. Could have been the trailer trash mom as it certainly fits into her idiom.

1232 days ago


I am unable to download the pdf file so can't read it. This happens a lot with pdf files posted to TMZ.

1232 days ago


I wonder if she understands that basically all she is claiming is "I'm not a terrible mother, I'm just a really bad one!" ?

1232 days ago


I sort of agree with you, Sociopaths are Sad, she is basically stupid and easy to fool and the media are certainly at least partially guilty here, and I hope the woman gets parental guidance and both she and her daughter counseling.

To Meanie: You really are mean. Should you be allowed near children?

1232 days ago


YOU ALL NEED TO GET THE RAFTER OUT OF YOUR OWN EYES AND GET OFF THIS MOMS CASE- first, when national media stoops to yellow and tabloid journalism nothing is true it is all tinged in layers and some of it is false. second- MEDIA SHOULD NEVER PICKED UP A STORY FROM TABLOIDS AND RAN IT WITHOUT CHECKING FACTS buy a tabloid you are buying it to be tantalized not for reality. 4. YOU all give CPS too much power now- they to have to follow the 4th amendment which means- THEY NEED A WARRANT TO COME IN. 5. Better start looking at what you do that you know would make others cringe and stop going after others (Judgement and vengeance does not belong to you at all and your dumb butt will pay hard for your not getting this at all Matt 7:21-23)6. STOP ACTING SHOCKED- there are actually some mothers doing such and though you do not agree with it does not make it you business- you all are going to anoy thousands of JD patients because a parent it injecting them- it is none of your business if you see a parent injecting their child- I really do not care if it is heroine- their child dies- master plan or a maker or survival of the fittest (god or evolutionary, atheist)the kid dies- they have loss- you lost nothing someone else will come up with that apparent missing technology you think lost- the family will morn. 6. In hard economic times- parents do much to get cash to pay to just feed their kids- including but not limited to lying (well as if you all do not all lie to your kids with satan claus), acting a part, prostitution, stealing- we have seen it for years- and if you actually gave a **** about your neighbor before hand- you would be sharing, helping, providing assistance way before such things happen for there would not be a need for parents to go that far if you did. So readjust your moral compasses people you are the cause of this trouble not the one mother -the media not checking source, the media paying for stories, you who buy these things, you who think the government should protect children when had you helped your damn neighbor they'd have no stress and the kids would be fine, (wow save tax money with the lake of that agency) you who think foster care is all that great when I would rather have stayed with an abusive parent then ever ever gone to a place that gets paid to house me and drops me the minute I turn 18- you all have no clue that very few foster homes are normal- many more are as bad as place i maybe out now- GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE, LOOK AT YOURSELVES stop jumping to conclusions and stop jumping on bandwagons- omg not a critical thinker in the bunch of you- TRY IT

1232 days ago
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