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Botox Mom -- New Photos -- So Who's Lying Now?

5/20/2011 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained new photos of Botox Mom -- aka Sheena Upton -- holding a needle up against her daughter's lip, and the reporter who broke the story claims it proves Upton is a liar.

TMZ just obtained the photos from reporter Alley Einstein.  It's unclear from the picture you're looking at if the needle broke the skin. 

Einstein says she personally saw Upton inject her daughter's lip with a filler.  Einstein also says she saw Upton inject other areas of her daughter's face with liquid from a bottle labeled "Botox."

Sheena -- who says the reporter made up the story and she NEVER injected her daughter -- claims doctors at UCLA back her story because they found no evidence of Botox in her daughter's system.

So we gotta ask ...


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Harv, move on. The girl was examined no needle marks. Hell, you can photoshop anything. How many different fake photos are your going to put up?

1219 days ago


Looks like someone took a black Sharpie to her face. Those are not needle marks!

1219 days ago


I don't know about the Botox, but look at the little girl's arms. Why are there track marks on both of them?

1219 days ago

No comment    

I have to concur with an earlier poster. The needle is resting on the skin, and in a few photos where syringe is touching the face. Then there are photos where the gauze is over the tip of the needle. There is NO way she pushed the needle though the girls cheek as it appears in some photos. My gosh, if the reported allowed that she should be brought up on abuse charges too. The needle had to have been removed in those photos, and the photos show they syringe it staight into the face.

1219 days ago


The needle doesn't break the skin and has anyone ever heard of Photoshop? Took the reporter long enough to submit the so called "REAL" photos. Probably had to do some doctoring of her own before submitting the pics. Also, the pics of the syringe pushing into the skin shows no needle.

1219 days ago

Flying Blind    

I don't see a drop of blood in any photo. I've had a few shots in my life even just last week.

No blood, no one broke the skin ........ period.

Alley got some splain'n to do ..........

1219 days ago

K in Texas    

Those needles look like super fine insulin needles. Those do not necessarily leave a mark. Her lips look as if the mom injected something.

1219 days ago


Personally I am terrified of needles so I have not gotten cosmetic procedures nor surgery but that does look like a needle to me next to the child's upper lip. What I do not understand is those marks around the child's face looks like pen marks a black pen, and my question is did someone actually see her administrate the liquid into her skin? Also my last question is those black pen marks are suppose to be scabwounds from the needle or is that where she is suppose to inject, what is that?

1219 days ago


This lady may have Botox for brains..

1219 days ago


That poor little girl is in pain. I hope Botox mom never gets her back.

1219 days ago

Chun LI    

I'm with Jodie.Enough of this ugly famewhore..She's getting the attention she wants.

1219 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

OH NO, a needle never went into the girl. Give me a break woman. You should lose that girl now and forever.

1219 days ago


Regardless of the situation, the Mom is bad news.

What I don't understand is the shot of the needle in the child's lip. Botox is NOT used for on the lips or lip enhancement!! Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Could she also be injecting restylane or some other material that puffs out the lips?

SAD situation.

1219 days ago


Wouldn't there be some sign of blood, little spots?

1219 days ago


It was a scam and it is a funny prank on the sensationalist media. The lady is completely insane, as are most hoax perpetrators of this magnitude. She created the story for attention and money, but when the authorities came knocking she had to give herself up. This was a hoax, plain and simple. Many out there spotted the hoax immediately, but TMZ was fooled along with the traditional news media.

1219 days ago
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