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Botox Mom -- New Photos -- So Who's Lying Now?

5/20/2011 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained new photos of Botox Mom -- aka Sheena Upton -- holding a needle up against her daughter's lip, and the reporter who broke the story claims it proves Upton is a liar.

TMZ just obtained the photos from reporter Alley Einstein.  It's unclear from the picture you're looking at if the needle broke the skin. 

Einstein says she personally saw Upton inject her daughter's lip with a filler.  Einstein also says she saw Upton inject other areas of her daughter's face with liquid from a bottle labeled "Botox."

Sheena -- who says the reporter made up the story and she NEVER injected her daughter -- claims doctors at UCLA back her story because they found no evidence of Botox in her daughter's system.

So we gotta ask ...


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If you look, the plunger is pushed all the way to the tip... no solution in needle in this picture.

1221 days ago


Photos prove nothing. If the child was being injected with something, it wasn't with Botox, that's already been proven to be the case by doctors who've checked out the kid.
Maybe saline, but so what. The mom's a trailer park whore, trailer park whores do far worse to their kids and nobody gets their panties in knots over trailer park whore moms generally speaking.
The kid isn't beauty-queen material with or without injections of any type.

1221 days ago


Another buba POS trailer trash trying to live her fantasies of beauty, fame and fortune through her unfortunate offspring.

1221 days ago


Nobody comes out clean in this sordid mess.

Not the mother - who either injected her daughter or didn't, but lied and made her child lie.

Not the writer/photographer, who made a windfall selling the story to a magazine and a newspaper, and by licensing to ABC the photos they took.

Not GMA and not TMZ, which paid for the story in varying amounts to various people.

I hope to God DCFS is doing a thorough investigation into the welfare of that little girl.

1221 days ago


Just bring her daughter to the doctor to verify themselves. She could say that the doctors back her up. But where's the proof? Just go check her daughter from anther physician for clarification.

1221 days ago


The needle doesn't break the skin, and you can't push the needle that deep with that angle. And why are all the closeup photos out of focus, like all UFO photos ;-) It shod make you rely suspicious...

1221 days ago



1221 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

I don't know who's lying here. The Sun is an UK National Enquirer style tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, who's news organizations are called out for their dishonesty all the time, and knowing Rupert Murdoch's history of paying people to be dishonest and the whole "rag magazine" history of being sued for lying and printing photoshopped photos, this photo could have been photoshopped for all we know. Plus, the magazine publishers need lawsuit insurance to keep themselves from being sued out of business. Combine that with a greedy bitch, and you have a recipe for trouble.

1221 days ago


Harvey please find a better scandal BIG YAWN

1221 days ago


Fame whore. I esp like the pic of the mother puckering up for the camera. GAG.

1221 days ago

Flying Blind    

What's funny is 77% of the people out of 7000 think the Mother is lying yet no one gives a credible reason to back it up.

Yet what seems to be 2 nurses, a couple people who give shots with these same needles say that Alley is lying and they have the proof. And show you the proof in the photos like nothing actually in the needle tube, no marks that a needle leaves, the angle of the needles can't be done that way, etc. And mine that's there's no blood on anything.

It's so obvious that the reporter is lying, who the heck is doing the voting, "Alley's relatives.

1221 days ago


Suzanne 10 minutes ago

Just bring her daughter to the doctor to verify themselves. She could say that the doctors back her up. But where's the proof? Just go check her daughter from anther physician for clarification.


I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!! These photos could have been carefully staged and only a "reputable" physician can determine, if this poor child was actually used as a "pin cushion". The reporter's interview earlier didn't convince me that she wasn't hiding something. I have to wonder if the reporter actually turned these pictures over to CPS in February when she "alleged" to have contacted them. Botox Mom may still be telling the truth but The Sun reporter is trying to cover her "azz". No journalist wants to be associated with "fraud"! It's a career killer!!!

1221 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

as far as i am concerned....(yah, rite, aid....) the mom has every freakin right to botox her kid. even if i don't think it's nice, good parenting or pretty, she has the right to do it. imagine if her daugter is being bullied at school for her grimaces or whatnot. it would be in the parents rights to protect her daughter from harassment, by botoxing 'facial expressions' out of her childs face. i don't think she broke any laws here. she has every right to do what she did. if she did it, that is...

1221 days ago


they don't detect BOTOX in blood samples (and if they do, you're in pretty bad shape) so any blood work she provides is meaningless

that said, if the child had received BOTOX around her lips where the pen marks are, she'd probably look like she had a stroke. the places where those dots are, are not places you inject BOTOX for wrinkles (you may put filler in there but not BOTOX)

1221 days ago


The mom is telling the truth. The whole thing is staged. Look at pictures 14, 15, 25, and 27. The needle looks like it is in as deep as it will go in those pics. But a needle at those angles would likely cause serious pain or damage to the little girl. Obviously there is no needle present in those shots.

Not a single one of the rest of the pics show the needle piercing the skin.

1221 days ago
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