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Botox Mom -- New Photos -- So Who's Lying Now?

5/20/2011 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained new photos of Botox Mom -- aka Sheena Upton -- holding a needle up against her daughter's lip, and the reporter who broke the story claims it proves Upton is a liar.

TMZ just obtained the photos from reporter Alley Einstein.  It's unclear from the picture you're looking at if the needle broke the skin. 

Einstein says she personally saw Upton inject her daughter's lip with a filler.  Einstein also says she saw Upton inject other areas of her daughter's face with liquid from a bottle labeled "Botox."

Sheena -- who says the reporter made up the story and she NEVER injected her daughter -- claims doctors at UCLA back her story because they found no evidence of Botox in her daughter's system.

So we gotta ask ...


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Those are not the areas where one would inject Botox on ANYONE.

Also, the syringe is empty and she is nowhere near puncturing the skin. Needle is too big for botox, for which you use 31 Gauge needles.

1216 days ago


I waited to see these pics and I am appalled at this Mother. This so warrants her NOT to be a Mother, what kinda mother does this to there own child and thinks it's ok. I'm a Diabetic and take insulin so watching her stab her child with one of the needles pains me, even if she is faking the injections it's not right.
This is exactly how children learn the wrong kinda Vanity- can't be overweight , can't have a wrinkle , it's not even realistic. If this Women is found to be lying and such, please convict to the law for being a Imposter, abuse to a child, lying and whatever else. This just makes me sick. Hopefully another Child will be saved from there Monster Mom.
Thank You Harvey & Staff for getting on this quickly and getting the facts. That is why I like TMZ, they dig an dig to try and get the story facts and always ask the right question. Thank you again TMZ

1216 days ago


Will Harvey admit it if he finds out the reporter is lying? I'm waiting to see if he does!!

1216 days ago


The reporter even claims the mother is a good mother and has a very loving relationship with her daughter etc. She knows her gig is up and doesn't want to add to it by slandering this mother anymore. I think you'll see this reporter (Alley) go down for this nonsense.
The Mom needs to lawyer up and take the Sun for $$$. They soaked her in a huge way!

1216 days ago


Let's see the test results from another physician. Okay, let's say the mom did gave her 8 year old daughter botox but i think its a little too extreme as for her custody of her child to be taken away from her. I feel that she should perhaps be charged a higher fine or prevent her child to join any future little miss pageant. Maybe at most the mom should be fine for like a few thousand dollars and do community service or something?

1216 days ago


That is definitely botox that's been injected in the little girl. If you notice, her arms and hands (along with her face) is red and blotchy! She's having some reaction to the botox being injected in her.

1216 days ago


Back when we all thought she was injecting her daugher with Botox, I thought having her daughter taken away was a bit much. Parenting classes, yes, she needs them. Now that she is saying she lied??? She deserved her kid being taken away. If she is lying about the Botox, she is bringing her kid up to believe it is okay to lie and take peoples money. Either way, this poor child has no chance at life now.

1216 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Geez Harvey, for a guy who undoubtedly knows the meaning of the word penetration, I'm surprised you are claiming these photos show the mother injecting her child. Just admit you're wrong and be done with it.

1216 days ago


Come on Harvey, doctors have determined the child was NEVER injected so why are we still on this subject? Why don't you make your staff do their job and get us a REAL story!

1216 days ago

cynical me    

This lady is a whackjob, but there is no needle in the ones pushed all the way to her skin. You can tell the girl is puckering her lips and they're not actually injected with anything. The pics with the needle just shows her putting it up to her daughters skin not puncturing the skin.

1216 days ago

Kansas Tdoc    

The syringe is empty

1216 days ago


There is no medicine in that syringe and her face obviously hasn't been injected..The whole thing is a ridiculous set-up. Like we don't have enough ****ty things happening in the news now we are making **** up.

1216 days ago

Robin H    

Ok people calm down, I hate to tell you that her child was taken away but GIVEN BACK when a hospital conducted tests and deemed that the child had absolutely NO incisions or chemicals in her body. I have four kids, this is unimaginable but to really blame the mom (although she was irresponsible) and blame a corporate agency that's main goal is to generate viewers for more advertising is shocking. I believe the mom, however stupid her decision was, try taking a look to the shows you watch like Jerry Springer, Maury and even Inside Edition (which is a gossip mill via camera set)and ask yourself, are they really this messed up, or are they getting payed to do it?

1216 days ago


Who took the pics - anyone talk to them?

1216 days ago


forget botox on the daughter, she needs to run and get lipo!!

1216 days ago
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