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Lorenzo Lamas: I'm Going For Custody

5/19/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lorenzo Lamas has had it up to here (visualize) with ex-wife #4, Shauna Sand, who was arrested for domestic violence last night ... and he's going to court today to get full custody.


Lorenzo tells TMZ, he'll ask the judge for an emergency, temporary order ... giving him full physical custody of the ex-couple's three daughters ... aged 10, 11, and 13.

Lorenzo tells us, "I am concerned for the welfare of my children. I will not allow them back in that household until Shauna and her husband receive anger management treatment."

This isn't the first time Shauna's had domestic violence issues -- back in 2009, one of her other ex-husbands was arrested for allegedly BITING her ... and Lorenzo claims she has an even longer history of physical altercations.

The three girls were with Lorenzo last night when Shauna was arrested -- after allegedly macing her husband in the face.



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EWWW. They look like aliens discovered in Area 51.

1253 days ago


His surname isn't Lamas any more.

1253 days ago


This is what happens when you chose trashy whores instead of women of substance to procreate with.

1253 days ago


Isn't her latest husband named "Lorenzo" and his latest wife is named "Shauna"??

Now THAT'S some funny ****!

1253 days ago


Sorry TMZ, but I'm not really interested in stories about Shauna Sands unless they involve drunken photos of her with her meat flaps hanging out.

@ Pat, pedantic much?

Mace - A trademark used for an aerosol used to immobilize an attacker temporarily. This trademark often occurs in print in uppercase or lowercase as a verb and a noun: "shouted at police after he was Maced when he rushed the fence" (David Shepardson).

@ Sammie, When your hubby's ex is Shauna Sands you probably should count on their kids coming to live with you at some point. Just sayin'.

1253 days ago


Lamas is a has been loser who hangs out with that dirt bag from the
They are creepy, everyone hates them and they aspire to be like Joe Francis. lol

1253 days ago


He knew how unstable Shauna has been for a long time. Just now he wants full custody? Go Lorenzo! Better late than never.

1253 days ago


lol, if i were really really turned on by she males but totally turned off by the thought of having sex with a chick with a ****, i'd totally want to nail Shauna Sand.

1253 days ago


HAH. Wonder if his douche bag son in law is the reason. That dirt bag Nik Ritchie's bad karma is coming back on Loser Lamas now. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

1253 days ago


Lorenzo, just because they're great in bed doen't make them great wife material. I know your pops told you that growing up.

1253 days ago


He should have taken custody of his 3 daughters years ago!! S. has been married 4 times and is looking to divorce this douce as well! Get help S. ``` you frigging need it `` you dumb bitch!! yo!

1253 days ago


At Pat: Your comment made me cry laughing. I had to reach for some facial tissue produced by a company that wasn't Kleenex.

1253 days ago


Please post nude photos of Lorenzo.

Also, why does Lorenzo waste all his time with those vile, icky stinkfish??!!

1253 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

She should be arrested for turning her face into a Halloween clown mask & Lamas for just being a clown

1253 days ago


i don't know who the hell these white trash people are. the couple down the hall from me who are crack heads look more trustworthy then these two yuppies do. my bet is they have neighbours like i do and do a lot of crack. ****ing dumb asses... fourth wife... stupid, stupid people.
(i just smoke pot)

((i choose to use caps therefore i am))

1253 days ago
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