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More Trouble

On the Home Front

5/20/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess her sessions with Suze Orman didn't help ... because TMZ has learned Octomom is once again in danger of LOSING HER HOUSE after once again falling behind on her monthly payments.


TMZ spoke with the man who owns the loan on Octo's La Habra home -- Amer Haddadin -- who tells us Nadya Suleman missed her May payment and the bank has already hit her with late fees.

Amer tells us he's been in contact with Nadya ... who has made it clear -- she's broke-ass broke all over again.

Of course, it ain't the first time Nadya has been on the verge of homelessness -- last year, Amer let Octo off the hook when she failed to make a $450,000 balloon payment on the home ... and mercifully changed the payment structure so she could stay in the house.

But now, Amer says, his patience has run out ... and Octo better find a way to make the payment, or she'll be out on the street.


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Enough! Throw her out. I'm sure the poor neighbors are SICK to death of the noise, piles of trash and other problems this welfare leech causes them, not to mention the fact that nobody can sell a house in her neighborhood. Who in their right mind would move into her neighborhood knowing this wack job lives there with 14 kids???

She has no job, she cannot afford to live in that house. She cannot afford to live in Orange County for that matter. What's wrong with Bakersfield Octo? It's good enough for Arnie's kid, why is it not good enough for a s*** like you?

She needs to go somwhere out in the sticks where the cost of living is low and where she has no neighbors for miles and miles so the noise of her kids never ending fights won't distrub hard working, tax paying citizens.

Please, I'm so over seeing this leech and her never ending beg-a-thons popping up like clock work every six months.

Go away!!!

1255 days ago


This is the landlord getting some cheap publicity again. She doesn't pay, he threatens eviction and then an arrangement is agreed upon for the 100th time. He will never evict her because fools like TMZ keep covering this story.

1255 days ago

Anne B    

Yeah and who is gonna be the idiot who bails her out this time. Time for child services to take charge and give these kids a real home and not the circus they are in. Time to stop exploiting these children and give them a chance at a real live.

1255 days ago


meme 55 minutes ago
Why hasn't the doctor responsible for all these kids been made to pay child support?

Stop saying the stupid doctor should pay child support and support those kids! Why? He's not the father. How about SHE gets a job for once in her lazy azz life and supports the kids?

Geesh people. Yes, the doc was an effing idiot for doing what he did. Yes, what he did was wrong, wrong wrong but so what? Lots of poeple do things that other people want if they get paid. Look at the doc who mangled Michael Jackson's face. As long as Jackson paid him, the doc keep doing surgery.

The fact of the matter is that this nutjob went to this unethical doc time and time and time again and demanded to be impregnanted, so the dumb doc did what she wanted as long as he got paid. He is being punished for it by the Medical Board.

The only person who should pay to support all these kids is the nitwit who calls herself a "mother". She needs to stop buying herself luxury items, Starbucks, MAC cosmetics, Victoria Secret, organic meet, Coach handbags, Tory Burch shoes, $400.00 eyelash extensions, gym memberships and act like a responsibe adult and pay her bills and pay for her kids herself. She wanted them, now she can pay for them.

How is she living now? She has no job. How is she paying for food, rent, doctor visits, clothing, car insurance, gas, utilities etc? Yeah...the California taxpayers are footing the bill for this mentally unstable person.

1255 days ago


lol... The FAMEWHORE has no intention of paying a dime of her own money. She gets attention and some sucker pays up for a couple months and she does nothing to try and get ahead. Then shes in the news again. FORECLOSE already dude!

1255 days ago


Amy 3 hours ago
I know she did this to herself, but I feel really bad for Octo! Her life must REALLY suck! She's got a house full of screaming kids and no money! STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!

Why do you feel sorry for this leech loser? She wanted this and she did this to herself. She needs to understand a concept that she has never wrapped her moron head around, and that is that for every action their is a consequence. She is now suffering the consequences of her actions and I feel not one bit "sorry" for her stupid, dumb, lazy, lying azz.

How about the average California family. Both mom and dad work. Get up early, drop kids at daycare, drive to work, work 8 hours or more, pick up kids, cook dinner, go over homework, clean up house, do laundry, pay bills, fall into bed exhausted.

1255 days ago


Get ready to take care of her kids TAX PAYER'S

1255 days ago


Too bad she isn't Arnold's housekeeper

1255 days ago


She needs to move to a less expensive part of the country. Sadly, she's going to have money issues for the rest of her life. She should have thought of that before having a litter of children.

1255 days ago


Oh no, not another article about her loosing the house, I can´t count those articles over the years, but she has always ended up paying and haven´t moved anywhere else yet!

1255 days ago


The recent interview with The Sun (UK) shows pictures of the inside of the house - it is a wreck. The house will probably have to be burned down when he finally kicks her sorry azz out.

The reporter says the 'tups are non-verbal, most likely because she doesn't spend time with them. Jonah's lip is still not fixed.

1255 days ago


Same story every couple of months. Octo behind on payments and Towel Head owner screaming he is going to foreclose. Blah, blah, blah.
I think they both are in this together to garner both of them more attention and publicity. Enough already.

1255 days ago


Caligirl 4 minutes ago
Same story every couple of months. Octo behind on payments and Towel Head owner screaming he is going to foreclose. Blah, blah, blah.
I think they both are in this together to garner both of them more attention and publicity. Enough already.

"Towel Head owner".

O.k Caligirl...that was WRONG....but effing funny!

1255 days ago


It is so sad to read all the negative comments on here. I do not know this woman nor do I agree with what she has done but there are innocent little lives that are being affected. I hope she gets the help to pay that damn house off and live in peace. We need to remember there are those involved who had no say in where they are at or how they got there. My prayers will be for the young ones.

1255 days ago


Her choices:
A. Move out of California to a state where housing is a lot less expensive. Then get a job! Apply for whatever help you qualify for after you get your job.

B. Apply for California section 8 Public Housing. You aren't too good for it. Your kids need a place to live, it's up to you to make it a home.

C. Put the kid's up for adoption to loving, carefully chosen families that are able to provide them with a good, safe, stable home.

1255 days ago
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