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The Sun: Botox Mom Is Lying!!!

5/19/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

U.K. newspaper The Sun is ADAMANTLY denying it scripted a fake Botox Mom story for Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell -- and claims they only published the story after a reporter WATCHED the woman inject her daughter.

Kerry Campbell Botox

A rep for The Sun tells TMZ ... the paper "strongly denies any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter."

We broke the story ... Upton gave a sworn declaration claiming The Sun approached her and paid her $200 to "play the role of Kerry Campbell" -- a mother who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants.

But The Sun says it didn't even break the story -- claiming they received it from a "reputable UK news agency" -- and the reporter from the agency "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

The Sun says it is considering legal action.


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I Chinee    

Well either way, I can't stand that piece of crap British tabloid the Sun. The people who run it are idiots.

1253 days ago


Whether she was injecting her daughter with botox or saline she had No right doing either.....Look at that childs face...look at it what ever the hell shes doing the child is hurting....I don't care whos' lieing ...a Good mother does not inflict deliberate pain on her child for money...

1253 days ago


WTF????? She did it...she didn't do it. Her name is her name is that. Well the truth will come out sooner or later. Either way that poor child was getting jabbed in the face w/that needle. That we know for sure. But if it wasn't Botox in that needle, what was it? What is she claiming she "really" injected into that little girl's face? I personally think she is lying. She is just back peddling now that her child was taken away. JMO

1253 days ago


I believe this mother did inject her daughter with Botox but I'll tell you one thing, the UK's Sun newspaper (if you can call it that) is infected with vicious, ignorant, third rate writers who work under the guideline 'make it up as you go along principle'. They are vile little rats who have their pints of beer in the sewer.

The Sun and the News of The World are part of the same group owner by Rupert Murdoch and are an absolute disgrace in the world of media.

1253 days ago


I believe the pictures!

1253 days ago

Allen Ridak    

I suggest those who don't believe her have a look at the past history of UK tabloids. They have no shame at all and this story doesn't surprise me in the least.
Well done mom, $20,000 is not a bad earn for a few days doing TV interviews. Imagine how much she's going to get from the opposition outlets chasing the "I stooged The Sun" story

1253 days ago


I think you guys underestimate The Sun. They're like America's Weekly World News. I wouldn't put this past them at all. I have no doubt they paid her to sell newspapers. And she's pathetic for doing it. $200 is a joke! I'd rather go to a food bank if I was that hard up for cash than teach my kid it's okay to go on TV and lie to everyone!

1253 days ago


The pictures do not seem fabricated. I think the mom changed her story after she realized she wasn't going to be famous but under scrutiny for literally endangering a minor.

1253 days ago


They are fabricated pictures. If you search "botox" on the Sun's website, you will see a nearly identical story with the mother posed the exact same way with her daughter. It's obvious a photog from The Sun posed them. It's likely there was no needle at the end of the syringe.

I've heard stories from these papers. When they're looking for a source, they'll ask someone in a doorway, "will you be my source?" and they'll agree and then they'll write the story and all have a good laugh. The National Enquirer would carry around a briefcase with $10,000 cash in it back in the 80s (I read a book a former editor wrote about it) in case they needed to pay for a story. It's tabloid wars. They will do what it takes to sell papers.

1253 days ago


either way the whole thing's disgusting, it makes me sick as well as Schwarzenegger's story god, what pple will do to get there name mentioned or to make money...

1253 days ago


80% of you believe the Sun?! For those not familiar with this paper it's Englands "National Enquirer -research" that has famous "Page 3" topless girls (no complaints) and 30 pages devoited to soccer.

1253 days ago


Neither of them is believable. We'll see.

1253 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what's the big deal? the mum was playin doctor with her kid. everyone does it...

1253 days ago


wow talking how bad The Sun is ..whew look at the Enquirer , and every other rag mag including this site and ROL, and Huff post, and on and on ...they are all the same , looking to sell garbage, and we buy who is to blame for their success....hmmmmmmmmmm

1253 days ago


fran, I don't read The Sun. The Enquirer has actually won some journalistic awards and worked hard to pull themselves from the gutter. They're much more strict about vetting their sources now. This site, I tend to take with a grain of salt, but they have been good with breaking news before more mainstream sources. I'm not sure why you're putting Huffington Post in with the tabloids.

1253 days ago
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