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TMZ Live -- A Wrinkle in Botox Mom's Confession

5/19/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox Mom tries to come clean in a TMZ interview. Plus, why Maria won't pull the plug on her marriage to Arnold ... And, Harvey rails on CNN ...

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(0:00) Big news -- Harvey just interviewed Botox Mom!
(4:00) How the Botox Mom situation got out of hand ... and how "Good Morning America" helped make it worse.
(8:15) Harvey points out inconsistencies in Botox Mom's story. Dax weighs in.
(15:50) Arnold's mistress was OBSESSED with Maria Shriver ... Mike has all the creepy details.
(19:00) Time for legal talk! Jason explains prenups.
(22:00) Maria hired a MAJOR divorce attorney ... whom we have a nickname for.
(26:00) Harvey breaks down the Arnold situation -- which Charles calls a "horrendous Lifetime movie."
(27:50) We have photos that make the Arnold situation even weirder.
(29:20) Patty ... her? Really?
(30:10) James from South Africa has a GREAT question ... who's to say Patty's niece isn't Arnold's kid as well?
(34:15) Shauna Sand and her latest husband were arrested last night -- Mike has the deets.
(36:45) The Osama bin Laden porn story ... take it away, Ryan!
(43:45) Harvey's beef with CNN -- CLASSIC.


No Avatar


What do all those staffers do for 8 hour pay that I see as we wait for the live feed? What is each cubicle employee doing/titles???

1222 days ago


Harvey, How do you know for a actual fact that this Baena, Arnold's housekeeper, was obsessed with Maria. How do you know this for a fact?

1222 days ago


Its sad....Not that this effects me personally its Just sad that we hear stories like this and make money for them.

1222 days ago


this wholen new angle on the mistress Mom for Arnold seems way too manufactured and tabloid style.

1222 days ago


Just figured it out Harvey. You can go after the ex-maid/housekeeper cause she is poor, and you won't go after Maria cause she is a Shriver/Kennedy, Oprah's 2nd BBF, and can sue your butt for libel. Arnold can sue you too. But Baena can't sue you for lies, libel, and defamation of character. Go after the ones who can't financially defend themselves.

1222 days ago


Saturation leads to desensitization - I would look at the company that profits from Botox to see who really paid Botox mom.
Think about it, by doing this, they release a statement saying "there is no risk to children, no more so than an adult" which leads to other pageant moms saying "hmmm, well they said it doesn't hurt" then bam, they slowly start using it for their pageant daughters.
Stir the pot, make it less shocking, profit.

1222 days ago


Has anyone checked in with Charlie Sheen lately? Is he still "sober" or is he on one hell of a bender? Maybe he really did go down to Haiti to help the needy?
Love you all

1222 days ago


Brazilian wax! What 8 year old girl has pubic hair that needs to be removed?

1222 days ago

Caleb Spilchen    

She exploited her child for $200? Disgusting. Whether she did the botox or not.. She still EXPLOITED her child.

Can you not do JAIL Time for abusing your child like this. Putting them into the PUBLIC EYE, and making money for doing weird photos.


1222 days ago


Harvey thinks we are STUPID to believe this new angle on the Arnold mistress. It actually angers me that he'd trash someone like that before fully exploring the truth of it.

1222 days ago


Why are you giving any credibility to Botox mom by repeating her newest story without obtaining any kind of independent confirmation?

Why are you repeating stories from unnamed sources about the Schwarzenegger housemaid's 'single white female' attributes without obtaining any kind of attribution whatsoever?

Since when is TMZ the Weekly World News?

1222 days ago

Renee Spears    

If Patty took Maria's cloths and Jewelry, can Maria sue for her missing things?

1222 days ago

Christine Brown    

update your website... you only update with this stupid botox thing of the affair about Arnold...
COME ON. Give us more.

1222 days ago


If TMZ can't prove that Patty took clothes and jewelry, think she'll sue TMZ?

1222 days ago


wouldnt this child have rights to arnolds money etc.????

1222 days ago
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