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TMZ Live -- A Wrinkle in Botox Mom's Confession

5/19/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox Mom tries to come clean in a TMZ interview. Plus, why Maria won't pull the plug on her marriage to Arnold ... And, Harvey rails on CNN ...

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(0:00) Big news -- Harvey just interviewed Botox Mom!
(4:00) How the Botox Mom situation got out of hand ... and how "Good Morning America" helped make it worse.
(8:15) Harvey points out inconsistencies in Botox Mom's story. Dax weighs in.
(15:50) Arnold's mistress was OBSESSED with Maria Shriver ... Mike has all the creepy details.
(19:00) Time for legal talk! Jason explains prenups.
(22:00) Maria hired a MAJOR divorce attorney ... whom we have a nickname for.
(26:00) Harvey breaks down the Arnold situation -- which Charles calls a "horrendous Lifetime movie."
(27:50) We have photos that make the Arnold situation even weirder.
(29:20) Patty ... her? Really?
(30:10) James from South Africa has a GREAT question ... who's to say Patty's niece isn't Arnold's kid as well?
(34:15) Shauna Sand and her latest husband were arrested last night -- Mike has the deets.
(36:45) The Osama bin Laden porn story ... take it away, Ryan!
(43:45) Harvey's beef with CNN -- CLASSIC.


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Is it worse if your husband cheats on you with a beautiful woman or an unattractive woman?

1231 days ago


CNN is horrible, your reaction was great Harvey, hahahahaha, anyway only CNN would hire former Governor Elliot Spitzer.....I wonder if they hooked him up with a good madam in Atlanta hahahaha

1231 days ago


After watching TMZ live and listening to the reporter about the arnold situation, the reporter said they would not name the child, she did not say she would not name the mother . So you might want to go back and listen to it more carefully cause to me that showed that you were not fully listening to the reporter.

1231 days ago


Randy i just came here looking to see if anyone else heard that. She clearly said that they're not naming the kid, not that they're not naming the kids mother.

1231 days ago


Harvey arrogantly does not focus on anything that does not interest him. He's in his 60's, has been on radio and television so he knows how a show should work. He just thinks we're all jackasses and will listen and wait for anything he wants to blab on and on about. Keep reminding him HE'S the idiot, not us. Then jump to another website.

1231 days ago


About the CNN thing, they said that they weren't going to name the child, NOT the mother!

1231 days ago


was that kim k with mike on his screen saver on his computer or was that his wife? Mike is so sexy by the way!!! lucky woman! lol

1231 days ago


What is a vow? Every couple should be required to define the meaning of the vow in front of each other.
The heart omits looks at time. Mildred's personality may have won him with a lightheartedness and dangereness. He probably knew she was wearing Maria's belt and scarves and jewelry, Harvey and Charles.

1231 days ago



In that clip, the lady said they were not going to name the CHILD and then went on to name the mother. Granted, it is still hypocritical to tell you not to say it the day before, and then turn around and say it the next day. Also, to pass it off to the NYTs as if they were not doing the same thing is hypocritical. However, in that clip - she said they were not naming the child, not the mother.

1231 days ago


do they know 2 brown eyes cant make a blue, when did they first discover that.

1231 days ago


if she just did it why would she take pictures

1230 days ago


I dont think this kid is going get over being botoxed if she in fact was...what are the terms effects of being botoxed at such a young age? Not only that but chances are when she gets older because of this she will most likely have lasting effects of not feeling good about her self image. Oh Arnold what an idiot! Maria or that ugly maid ummm yeah hard to choose!! Please!

1230 days ago
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