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Botox Mom Reporter: Sheena SET ME UP!

5/20/2011 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter behind the Botox Mom story claims Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell FRAMED her in a diabolical plot to profit off her 8-year-old daughter -- and now, the reporter says Sheena ruined her life.


The reporter Alley Einstein -- who set up the original deal with the British tabloid The Sun -- signed a sworn declaration, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims the emails TMZ posted this morning were "doctored" to make it look like Einstein coached Upton and told her to lie.

Einstein claims the emails detailing the Botox story -- including quotations -- were intended to be used as a "media briefing sheet" to help Upton REMEMBER several key points ... it was NOT a script.

Einstein claims her reputation is now ruined -- insisting she's been "emotionally and professionally scarred" by the entire situation ... in fact, Einstein claims she even had to seek out medical attention.

As for the $1,000 Einstein wired Upton -- Einstein claims Upton demanded the money for "vital bills" ... but then splurged on a shopping spree instead.

Best part -- back when she was working the story, Einstein claims she asked Upton if she was "prepared to be the most hated woman in America" ... and Upton replied, "Hell yes, bring it on."

0520_tmz_live_mini_vid_launch2We just interviewed Alley on TMZ Live, and she claims she has pictures that she'll give us that prove Sheena injected her daughter, and she's lying.


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John the Lawyer    

Cough. Who cares. Cough

1249 days ago

Flying Blind    

it'a obvious the Alley woman was lying, she was looking down to the right the whole time Harvey was talking to her.

1249 days ago


So. Let's recap.

Sometime early this year, reporter Allison Epstein was working on a story that brought her into contact with botox mom's cousin. The cousin suggested to her that she write an article about her relative, botox mom. The botox article was written and published in March in the UK magazine, Closer. It was then picked up by the Sun, which has a big online presence (unlike Closer, which has a pathetic website).

Between March and May, the story slowly went viral until it got the attention of US media like TMZ and GMA.

GMA contacted the writer to arrange an on-cam interview with botox mom. Here's where it gets interesting. The photographer who took the injection pictures is the writer's partner, Claire Stephens. She was the 'broker' who licensed the photos to ABC for $10,000. That money was kept by them, not turned over to botox mom.

It wasn't until yesterday, according to what Epstein just told Harvey, that they wired botox mom $5000 - as a result of her claiming to blow the whistle, which by then she'd already done.

I think what this comes down to is that botox mom was pissed that everyone and their brother was making money off this horrible story except her.

So did she really inject her daughter? Let's see the pix.

1249 days ago


I already saw pictures of her injecting her child, which means she is either lying or shooting up her up with something else. Either way, injecting her with botox, or lying and injecting her with something else, coaching her to lie; she is a horrible mother.

1249 days ago


Lots of typos in that declaration.

1249 days ago

Hot Blooded    

If what the botox mum says is true, why didn't she tell that to CPS in the first place? This whole farking mess could've been avoided.
Oh well, she's getting what she wants, more money & time in the public eye.

1249 days ago


"As for the $1,000 Einstein wired Upton -- Einstein claims Upton demanded the money for 'vital bills' ... but then splurged on a shopping spree instead."

Ha! Now where are all those idiots who were defending this woman, getting on with all of this nonsense about how she supposedly only did what she did because "she was desperate and had to put food on the table" and blah, blah, blah. No matter how badly you need money, it's NEVER okay to exploit and abuse your child, but how much worse is it to do something like this when you only "need" the money for a shopping trip?! Are you fools ready to stop defending her now and stop getting so mad at everyone else for daring to criticize this horrible mother?

1249 days ago


Hey anonymous... do you believe everything you hear on TV? You believe a tabloid journalist that the mom spent $ on a shopping spree? You need your head checked if you actually believe a tabloid reporter and anything you read in a tabloid magazine. Do you also believe the world is going to end tomorrow?? HA!

1249 days ago


Really?? Alley Einstein?? This isn't from YOUR same magazine, the same magazine you work for? Too MANY coincidences for Kerry/Sheena to be lying and making up this whole story! Get real.

1249 days ago


The Sun has no cred on any thing ever ! What a joke even thinking that they did. I feel sorry that the girl is in this mess ,her mother well what can be expected ?
She did it for money that is clear. Who set it up and why is a different story . I dont think that it was the mothers idea . I just dont think she is that bright she was sold on it by someone .Seems she was a willing victim though . Every one in the story except the girl is suspect to me . Hope the kid comes out ok .

1249 days ago


Didn't UCLA say that there ws no Botox in the girl , never had been , So it would not matter what was in any pics .

1249 days ago


The Sun is a trashy british tabloid that has little credibility in the UK!

They are often sued and ruled against in court for slander!

This story goes 2 ways:

1.) They had all the facts and is trying to civer their tracks


2.) They didn't do their due dillagence and put the story up anyway

BTW, this is the tabloid that's always paying the Jackson extended Family for interviews! LaToya, Joe and Jermaine are frequent interviewees'!

1249 days ago


First off, it doesn't seem to make sense to me that any reputable reporter would have submitted a legal do***ent such as this without at least proof reading it!There are seriously bad typos in that do***ent.

I think they're all lying. That mom has no right mothering that child whether she injected her, participated in the scam or is making that child lie along with her. What kind of example is she setting?! What a loser.

She's getting her 15 minutes of fame, but it's not the kind she was hoping for, I'm sure....or maybe it is. I don't know.

1249 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

"do you believe everything you hear on TV? You believe a tabloid journalist that the mom spent $ on a shopping spree? You need your head checked if you actually believe a tabloid reporter and anything you read in a tabloid magazine"

Everything? No.

On one hand, we have a tabloid reporter who may have told lies but I don't think there's any proof. On the other, we have a woman who is UNDENIABLY a liar. Whether she lied for money or lied to avoid trouble is debatable.

Neither one is very credible but for the moment I'm siding with the unconfirmed liar.

1249 days ago


I am with Max on this...ovver it

1249 days ago
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