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Botox Mom Reporter: Sheena SET ME UP!

5/20/2011 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter behind the Botox Mom story claims Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell FRAMED her in a diabolical plot to profit off her 8-year-old daughter -- and now, the reporter says Sheena ruined her life.


The reporter Alley Einstein -- who set up the original deal with the British tabloid The Sun -- signed a sworn declaration, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims the emails TMZ posted this morning were "doctored" to make it look like Einstein coached Upton and told her to lie.

Einstein claims the emails detailing the Botox story -- including quotations -- were intended to be used as a "media briefing sheet" to help Upton REMEMBER several key points ... it was NOT a script.

Einstein claims her reputation is now ruined -- insisting she's been "emotionally and professionally scarred" by the entire situation ... in fact, Einstein claims she even had to seek out medical attention.

As for the $1,000 Einstein wired Upton -- Einstein claims Upton demanded the money for "vital bills" ... but then splurged on a shopping spree instead.

Best part -- back when she was working the story, Einstein claims she asked Upton if she was "prepared to be the most hated woman in America" ... and Upton replied, "Hell yes, bring it on."

0520_tmz_live_mini_vid_launch2We just interviewed Alley on TMZ Live, and she claims she has pictures that she'll give us that prove Sheena injected her daughter, and she's lying.


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The medical investigator's are the ones that should be believed. It is their specialty to conduct very "specialized" testing and make scientific determinations/ conclusions.

1253 days ago


After reading the sworn declaration by Allie Einstein, I seriously question the claim that she is a professional reporter. The do***ent is filled with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and all around poor writing. Some examples include: "pay us fir contacts" and "she was very nervous and very feeling very self important". The entire do***ent is littered with mistakes and writing so poor that even a high school student would be embarrassed...and she claims to be a journalist!
I'm also unclear on what Ms. Einstein's role in this affair is, because it is unusual for a journalist to take on the role of a agent for the subject of an interview. Why would she pay Sheena money to leave a bathroom? Why would a journalist spend her time prepping and doing work for other news agencies if she was uncompensated? Why would Ms. E think she could be extorted if her story was true, and how did she know what Sheena did with the money after being paid with Ms. E's own money?

Why did Ms. Einstein fail to mention the two other publications that ran the story originally? She said it was run in a national magazine and a national newspaper, but does not mention the names so I can check the source. Why did she not give dates and the names of the other witnesses? I find most journalists are meticulous with do***enting such information, and while it might not belong in an article, it DOES belong in a affidavit. Why did Sheena show a copy of her birth certificate, it seems an odd thing to show a journalist? Why didn't the journalist get the name of the filler; it seems an integral part of a story on the use of injections in an 8 year old?

I was also curious about her claim to create a "media training briefing sheet or dossier" since I am unfamiliar with that exact term. I am familiar with media kits, media briefs, story summaries, and other such terms, but "media training briefing sheet" does not sound like the words of a professional journalist. Nor does it seem normal for a journalist to provide a dossier to someone they interviewed to prepare them for interviews with other media outlets. TMZ, you are the experts here, does this sound right to you?

1253 days ago


Also: I can't write the word doc_ument without it being censored!?!

1253 days ago


Thanks for posting this. I still think that you are asking the wrong questions. Where did this idea come from? Who is the originator of this fraud, Upton or Einstein? That is the question.

Upton is clearly lying about something, but what? It seems like she let this thing snowball and snowball even past the point when Child Protective Services got involved while she waited to get paid on the GMA appearance and was ready to keep brazening it out until she made some serious bank (not just the initial $200). However, at this point I don't think that she actually injected the child; which is not to say that I don't think that she would have willingly done so for the promised $10,000, but that photo evidence does not convince me that she did.

That said, Alley Einstein seems to be an even bigger lair, and really who would have thought that was even possible? That declaration (or whatever it is, it certainly isn't some sort of binding legal statement ~ you as a lawyer know that) is really bizarrely amateurish.

1.) Her statement that Upton provided her with a “birth certificate” and identification as Kerry Campbell is not credible. Who uses a birth certificate for identification? [more]

1253 days ago


2.) Why does Einstein keep qualifying the amounts of botox used as “small” (she does that in her declaration and on the phone with you)? Liars always add mitigating qualifiers to their lies.
3.) She says: “Present were myself, another man, and Kerry’s cousin and a fourth person as well as Kerry and Britney.” Why doesn’t she identify who these people are? She already knows that “Kerry’s cousin” is named Upton because she’s paid her before (I would REALLY like to know what that story was and what was paid for it). In what world does she think that a statement with “another man and a fourth person” means anything at all to anyone?
4.) She says that the events described occurred during a “meeting.” Is she saying that they had a “meeting” and that she watched Upton inject this child and that later the same week they had a photo session and that she then did it again for the photographers? That’s absurd.
5.) She says that she met Upton (whom she persists in calling Campbell) “in February” and “in Los Angeles.” What date in February? Where did they meet?
6.) Why is she calling the child “Britney?” She knows that her name is Mikayla and she uses that name in her emails to Upton.
7.) Both she and Upton add the detail about numbing cream (like used in tattooing Upton says) after the fact to mitigate responsibility.
8.) She adds the stuff about two vials, one being lip filler, which is a new detail, meant to explain that the injection sites marked on the child’s face aren’t even logical botox sites, like lips. That screams “fiction” to me.
9.) There are no vials at all in any of the pictures.
10.) She then lapses into a long histrionic “she said, then I said” story bristling with ad hominem attacks on Upton (it is not of her business what Upton spends her money one for example) that read like a middle school girl’s fight over lip-gloss.

I don’t find Einstein entirely credible, though I do believe that she met her match in the creepy, manipulative and mendacious game that she plays for a living when she met Sheena Upton. [more]

1253 days ago


Einstein says that this incident has ruined her life; I for one am astounded that she could have any kind of career in journalism in the first place, even British tabloid journalism. She simply can't write a sentence in plain English, it's amazing. Some of the errors and syntax are also strikingly similar to the errors and syntax found in the emails that Upton provided to TMZ to support her claims that she was working from Einstein's script. Given that and the presence of the other child botox story in the UK Sun I am leaning towards believing that the fiction probably originates with Einstein.

Back to mom though, her attempts to position herself as victimized and manipulated also strain credulity. I believe that these two women colluded to defraud the UK Sun and subsequently Good Morning America. Given that both of these entities got nothing but what they deserve for sourcing “news” from Einstein I don’t care about them. I think that these grotesquely unappealing people (Upton and Einstein) fell out when the story blew up and people (like me on Gawker very early on) called foul on the whole story. The loser, of course, is Mikayla.

1253 days ago


@ Anonymous Doesn't it seem strange to you that if the SUN wired her $1000 (or $5000) yesterday that they would know exactly WHAT the mom spent the money on that quickly? Secondly, WHY would they wire money to the mom AFTER all of this has been reported. The Sun said a few days ago that were going to sue the mom. WHY send money if your going to sue the person? This reporter is LYING!!!!!!!

1253 days ago


Dear All
I told the truth to Harvey.
If you have the guts to slag me on comments then feel free to email me
I am standing my ground. A further certified affadavit will be provided in Monday.
If you want to take me on in comments then at least have the guts to do the same in email....I have nothing to hide - end off.

1253 days ago


Sorry Alley, your 15 minutes are up.

1253 days ago


Harvey, what does the broker say about all this?:

Claire Stephens Ltd
Westbourne, 117 Chester Road
Stockport, ENG SK7 6HG
01625 873 001

1253 days ago


Just as water finds its own level, so do other (bodily) fluids. These two have found each other. I find it repugnant that the reporter supposedly was so concerned about the little girl that she spoke to Child Protective Services, yet she had and still has no problem with making money off the little girl AND the story.

Shame on them both.

1253 days ago

Mike Duhrkoop    

She can swear all she wants, but thats not even a valid sworn declaration unless it is been notarized by somebody that was duly appointed as a notary by the Secretary of State of the state of California.

1252 days ago


It also might be interesting to know what story Upton's cousin, Michelle Cespuglio sold to Alley Einstein previously (or participated in, or whatever you call the kind of agreements that Ms. Einstein forges with people).

1252 days ago

Amanda Reece    

IF she did NOT really inject and she says she was paid to say so, WHAT is this.

This shows she DID.

1251 days ago

John Jacob    

this story is complete crap. The sun is totally full of it - as much as botox mom herself. First of all the photos -- when you are getting injected with botox the needle isn't planted all the way to the base of the syringe into your face - that would hurt quite a bit I'd imagine. The syringe that is in her lips is total crap too - the needle is so far planted in that it would be coming out the other side of her lip (or the photos show an entire needle that looks like it is just pressed near the skin). The reporter from the Sun (Ally?) She claimed that the Sun only picked up the story from another publication yet in their article from May 18 right after her daughter was removed, the Sun claims responsibility for "breaking the story" A lot of wrinkles in this story...sounds like the Sun is full of it to me.

1251 days ago
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