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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Still Into Boys, Too

5/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan hasn't completely given up on men yet ... cause yesterday, LiLo told an Australian radio show she would absolutely consider dating a guy again.


LiLo went on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" ... when Kyle said, "We'd love to know whether you're like a lesbian or whether you're a bi ... 'cause boys wanna know if they still have a chance ... have we still got a chance?"

Lindsay's response -- "Yes."

Lohan also opened up about a range of other topics in her life -- including her dating life, community service, and that infamous white dress she wore to court in February.


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Bet her sex tricks would make that stalker run for cover!

1251 days ago


She looks stoned out of her mind. Look at her eyes and how she talks. If it's a case that she just woke up then don't do morning interviews. The goal is to look clean and sober not wasted. This interview did nothing to help her reputation.

1251 days ago

Charlie D    

First thing she needs to do is clean up her act and start acting like an adult. NO ONE WANTS TO DATE A DRUNK OR DRUG ADDICT (unless they are a drunk, drug addict, liar, thief, etc). Plus she has to much drama, she probly about broke thats why she doing these radio talk shows. She talked about community service how much has she done? What about her lastest inncodent in a night club (Whats up with that article I'm staying clean for life RIGHT)??? Know she say's she is being stalked and fear of her being sexually assulted, she stated this after her latest inncident in a night club. All she wants is sympathy and wants everyone to feel sorry for her but WAKE UP she is feeding everyone a line of BuLL. She has learned well from her mother and father. She will continue to manipulate anyone and the court system. I thought she was going to stay clean well first thing she needs to do" Say what you mean and mean what you Say". Stay sober and drug free, stop being a Liar and stand on your own 2 feet and be a human being. Also, if Lindsay was scared why would she be out in a night club wasted????????

1251 days ago


She's still into being an alcoholic too. Just saying...

1251 days ago


just about every one of you is a judgmental prick. i still like her, always have. so what if she does what she wants, i think that's awesome. plus, she's never done anything to me.. yeah, an amazing mindset huh?

1251 days ago

LA Native    

Enough of this hack already. Stick a fork in it. It used to be funny, now it's just plain pathetic.

1251 days ago


Is she on there promoting her call girl business?

1251 days ago


I so don't believe anything that comes out of Lindsay Lohan mouth. She is her own stalker...

1251 days ago


So Adam can I throw things at you? Steal your car? Call you a brain dead arsehole? So what if I do what I want eh?

1251 days ago


What a class act.
Of course she's "available". That's pretty much ALL she is.
And apparently, she's into anything with two or more legs.

1251 days ago


Her brain is fried from her constant ****tail of prescription meds, blow, and booze. She's obviously not a morning person.

1251 days ago


For ages I've been reading all these stories of Lindsay saying she's going to be in this movie or that movie but I'm not seeing any of the movies showing up anywhere. Really I could care less what she does with her life. If she wants to ruin it, that's her choice. Go ahead and do it but don't expect sympathy from the people. Lying about it constantly isn't going to get her work or an Oscar. It just gets so boring reading about how she's going to make a great comeback only to find out she's headed to jail again. She needs to put up or shut up.

1251 days ago

the Seeker    

Hello peeps,
She has 1 whole year to complete 480 hrs. of CS, give me a break with the misguided scorn.
She needs to get back on tv and film sets were she thrives and belongs .

1251 days ago


The 15 minutes are long over..........unless she starts showing her T!Ts.

1251 days ago


The girl is all but blacklisted in Hollywood. The only reason she still has an agent is just in case she gets lucky but very few production houses or Studios will work with her. The Gotti Movie if it even gets made will tank (Travolta as John Sr? Please!!) and all she has to look back on in her inflated career is...."Herbie Fully Loaded".
Thats not cred. and thats as far as this Train wreck travels.

1251 days ago
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