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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Still Into Boys, Too

5/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan hasn't completely given up on men yet ... cause yesterday, LiLo told an Australian radio show she would absolutely consider dating a guy again.


LiLo went on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" ... when Kyle said, "We'd love to know whether you're like a lesbian or whether you're a bi ... 'cause boys wanna know if they still have a chance ... have we still got a chance?"

Lindsay's response -- "Yes."

Lohan also opened up about a range of other topics in her life -- including her dating life, community service, and that infamous white dress she wore to court in February.


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She is still a "fire-crotch" with a seven foot long beard and Hair diaper that smells like diahrheah--and dont forget about the freckles coming from inside her nasty ass

1260 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Same stalkers, Day in day out. How sad.

1260 days ago


My first thoughts after reading this was... Why don't all you guys and girls at TMZ just line up and do her already... get it over with so we won't have to read about her on your site anymore.

1260 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Nicole=john smith=lucky 130.........NO

No real stalker, so the stalker does not post

Lucky 130=nut case who drinks too much....FACT lucky & you know it


PR team hiding LL misbehaving stories.....of course they are, that's their job....

Off to class for a short while, have a good day John, and go wash your hands....

1260 days ago


Did they pay her or is she desperate for good PR?
With bin Laden and now Ahh-nold, she's faded into the background.

1260 days ago


Becky-I cannot wait to warp that sevn foot long Mane around my head--just give me gas mask first

1260 days ago

Red Cloud    

Hey hezzer19,

I'm surprised you can actually laugh!! I always thought haters were way too serious. A good laugh each days does wonders for your life on this planetoid. Check this out for a laugh.


Lindsay Lohan, fans.......59,500,000 searches

Lindsay Lohan, haters......3,060...,000 searches

I CANNOT WAIT until she is on that big screen!!!! The tears of laughter will be rolling down my cheeks. Do you have any idea how funny it is imagining haters with pissed-off expressions on their faces????????

1260 days ago


Haha, well guess what whore, we don't want you anymore.

1260 days ago

john smith    

Good Morning Ya'll I'm glad I have so many fans. I'm not Seeker, TMZ put some tracker or something in my computer and I have only been posting under John Smith. I am automatically logged in as him even when I use another ISP location. When I tried another browser I was not logged in automatically. Seeker put up The LA woman logo during Coachella......not sure who it is, my first thought was Lindsay because of the LA Woman.

1260 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Red Cloud, we would have to actually care about LL before we would cry about her.......

Not "haters" just the ones who find fault in her actions and ways.

No hate in the chat-room, just like thinking individuals getting together and sharing our thoughts, hopes and dreams and very occasionally chatting about what an a**hole LL is. You are just mad that we won't let a hater like you play in our sandbox.

1260 days ago


That was an interview? All I could hear were two jokers that didn't know enough to shut up and let their guest talk. Where is Larry King when we need him? At least he would ask a question and let his guest talk .. and talk ... and talk ...
There guy let Lindsay say what? "Yes" or .. "it would not be appropriate to answer" the host's stupid question.

Learn ask.... and LISTEN .... fools

1260 days ago


She has become totally irrelevant.

Hasn't done anything in years other than postponing a trial in order to avoid jail then screwing up while waiting for the trial date and collect mug shots.

Wouldn't want to be her.

1260 days ago

john smith    

As much as I hate to agree with Grandma, I agree with her that in this chat room it's about chatting with people and jokes ect. The Lindsay posts have a following of the same people for six months. If we had a party with haters and enablers we most likely would get along, except for th stalkers and there are a few. I went out with an ex Laker girl last night, it was fun.

1260 days ago


Hey Red Cloud

Alcoholism About 15,400,000 results

Addiction About 21,200,000 results

Death About 888,000,000 results

And hey, all I need for a laugh is TMZ. The abundance of stupid people is hysterical!

About 418,000,000 results

Remember to keep in mind people search for things they hate too.

1260 days ago


Heh I messed that last comment up! *proof read Hez, proof read*


I missed...

Cancer About 418,000,000 results

1260 days ago
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